Response to “The Giving Tree”

When we love someone more than ourselves, we want to do everything for him or her. We want to sacrifice everything, but never think of getting something from him or her in return. These are only because we love him or her. We never think about ourselves then. We become happy and think that our happiness lies on his or her happiness.If he forget us and our love we never mind and always pray to God to keep him or her happy all time. Shel Silverstein also said about these emotions of us in her poem “The Giving Tree”. In this poem, we see that an apple tree loves a little boy. She plays with the boy, give her fruits to the boy when he is hungry and gives shadow when he sleeps. When the boy grows up, he wants money, house and boat. The tree does not hesitate to give him fruits for arranging money, branches for making house and at last trunk for making boat. She sacrifices her all things to make the boy happy and becomes happy because she have done something for him. The boy forgets her after that and goes away and again comes when he becomes an old man. The tree does not refuse him and give him shelter.

When I was reading the poem, I was thinking about the relation between parents and children. Parents are just like the tree. They always fulfill children’s demand, but never want anything in return. When a child is born, he cannot do anything. Then his parents give him shelter and feed him like the tree does for the little boy. When the baby grows up, he needs money to start and continue his study. Then the parents arrange money for his education. Not only education but also everything what he needs, they present before him. When he becomes self dependent the parents become very happy though they do not want reciprocate from him. If he forgets his parents, they never complain and if he can understand that he has done mistakes by forgetting his parents and comes back, they accept him happily.

We have been taking help from our parents since our childhood, but do we also do or the same for them? Or can do?


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