Who is the best?

        Last Thursday night I watched The joy luck club movie. That night I went to my bed and thought about which one is the best novel or movie. I couldn’t remember when I slept. At midnight I woke up by hearing a conversation. I heard two voices were coming from my drawing room where I kept my The joy Luck Club novel and movie. I walked to that room. When I reached, I saw no one was there and no one was talking. I left the room. After I left the room, again conversation started. I became curious. This time I silently entered the room and sat behind a sofa hiding myself in the darkness. Now I could hear their conversation clearly, but they couldn’t see me. Then a voice said, “You skip so many things. You insulted your writer by changing the ending. I enlighten everything undoubtedly as the writer want, so I am the best.” Then another voice said, “Readers cannot understand you clearly. By hiding the meaning, you make them confused. I bring everything in front of their eyes; so, they can understand what writer wants to say.  Now can you understand? I am not insulting Amy Ted. I am the best.”

        I was totally confused and afraid. I was thinking what they were talking about. Then a third voice said, “Relax, stop quarrelling. Both of you are good. If you are together than you will be best.” I became thundered by hearing the third voice. Then the voice continued, “Listen novel! When I read you I can imagine the situations, but the parables was not clear to me. When I see the movie, parables became clear to me.  It doesn’t mean you make me confuse and insult Amy Ted. Both of you are great in your work. Actually, it depends on ones thinking and understanding ability. Amy Ted wrote everything so clearly, but it has deeper meaning.  If the reader uses their critical thinking power, they can realize the meaning.”

        I became restless to see who they were and I raised my head. In the dark, I could hardly see them. One of them was my novel, the other was my movie and another person was me. Now we could see each other. They became very angry because I disturbed their conversation. They were trying to catch me. Then I became afraid and tried to run, but I couldn’t because someone put her hand in my shoulder, shook me and said “woke up.” I felt relief that I was dreaming.


My Joy Luck Club

           Last Thursday when I saw the movie, The Joy Luck Club, I quickly recognized the differences in the movie and novel scenes. The differences were prominent which made me to concede that the novel provided more inner meanings than the movie. In the movie, Ying-Ying killed her son while bathing him; whereas, in the novel Ying Ying did not give birth to any son; instead, she had aborted him during her pregnancy. Also, the ending was somewhat twisted, Jing Mei was supposed to land on China by air, but she took ship to move to China to meet her twin sisters. Moreover, I realized that the intricate details which enhance the beauty of story were lacking in the movie. For example, in chapter, “Scar” when An-Mei sees her mother in Popo’s house, she watches her mother carefully and describes the beauty of her mother comparing the facial structures of her aunt and Popo. These types of minor details helped the readers to understand she still had a positive attitude towards her mother in spite of hearing many bad things from her aunt and grandmother. Furthermore, the rituals of the red candle were not shown in the movie which have reflected the most essential theme in the novel for women discrimination. As expressed in the chapter, “The Red Candle,” any woman was not allowed to remarry even if their husband had left her or died.

            On the other hand, the ending of the story was quite boring. If I were the director, I would definitely show the moments when the twin sisters would see the precious gift and imagine their mother’s love. I would further extend the movie to show how Jing-Mei was treated in China; was she appraised indifferently, or as a foreigner who looked like a Chinese? My aggrandized movie would also visualize the culture of China to show whether the culture was modernized or not from their mother’s past time to the daughter’s present time. Furthermore, to make the ending more interesting and attractive, I would show how Jing-Mei would fall in love with a typical Chinese man, and they would also communicate in “Can you spouse me?” type of communication. Moreover, the story directed by me would end with Jing-Mei getting married to a handsome Chinese man, and her mother-in-law would be her new mother, new Suyuan, to pass her the feather which carries all of the mother’s good intentions.

The Joy Luck Club movie vs. novel: Which one I like most?

We were reading the novel The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan since the January. At first, I felt so afraid that the book would be difficult and boring. As I continued reading, it seemed that I become a character of the beautiful novel. The book represents Chinese mother and American daughter, whereas my mother and I are Bangladeshi. In spite of this, I could compare and contrast my own life and mothers experiences with the mothers and daughters of The Joy Luck Club. As I was going to the end of the book, it attracted me much. I kept thinking that what would happen next. At last, I finished it last week and had a mixed feelings, happy, unhappy, sad, joy, or emptiness. I could not have recognized. Finally, I felt that the book was one of the best books I have ever read. Then I watched the movie as Ms. Fatema promised to show it. I thought that I would not enjoy the movie as I have already read the novel. Then I assumed that as the book is somehow critical, I could understand the movie entirely. However, the movie was good and most of the Chinese women in the movie were beautiful. I really liked them not only for their appearance but also for their acting. I felt that the book’s pages were passing in the screen. When I finished the movie, I was confused. Which one is best? The movie or the book? Though there were some changes in the movie and it was not detailed like the book, I enjoyed it a lot. It shows that Lindo killed her son or Lena had another boyfriend, which was not mentioned in the book. However, the entire film has the same massage the book has. For that reason, I liked it. To be candid, the film made me cry. I could not help crying, when I watched the scene, Suyuan left her twin daughter. How pathetic the situation was! I will not forget it. Finally, I want to say that I enjoyed the movie literally, as I read the novel before. Though analyzing the book, giving tests and having questions even from the movie (tomorrow) make me tensed and restless, I want to thank Ms. Fatema to give us the chance to read and watch wonderful The Joy Luck Club.

The Novel and the Movie, The Joy Luck Club

     The novel The Joy Luck Club was written by Amy Tan and the movie The Joy Luck Club was, too, directed by Amy Tan. It was a very exciting moment to watch a movie of the novel that you have read. It was the time when all the fiction characters would be seen in the movie. The movie made the stories more clear. One can compare the story with the story of the novel.

     Here is the comparison between the novel and the movie. The movie contained the stories in the novel, most of the parts were exactly the same; however, the movie covered fewer stories than it was included in the novel. The incident which I found new and interesting was when Jing-mei’s father hands in the album to Jing-mei to give to her half sisters. The album contained the photographs of Suyuan when she was in China. Her father wanted her to give the album so that her half sisters would get to know how their mother looked like in past because their sisters could not see their mother since the time when they were abandoned in Kweilin. I really liked this part because the dialogues delivered between Jing-mei and her father gave nice meaning to that particular scene and we get to know that her father, too, was somewhat being responsible to them. This novel is much more intricate and comprehensive than the movie. Watching movie created more sense to the story. The scene which was very heart touching and I feel which gave more meaning to the story is the story of the chapter “A Pair of Tickets,” where the suspense is revealed about how and why Suyuan abandoned her twin daughters and what happened to them. This chapter is the most interesting chapter in the novel and interesting scene in the movie as well. The visualization of this incident adds up to the meaning of the story. I enjoyed watching as well reading the book. However, the movie would have been more interesting if all the stories were included in the movie though it would be a very long one. I wanted to watch all the stories. It is really exciting that we can see the fiction characters in reality.

Would you like to share your opinion after watching the movie?

The Joy Luck Club movie

The only movie that I’ve ever watched for the first time in my life is The Joy Luck Club.  This movie left a great impression on me, especially in the situation when Suyuan Woo carried her twin daughter while she left from Kweilin and reached Chungking.  Her hands were bleeding that she hardly managed to carry them so far.  Finally when she was not energetic, she left her daughter behind and went away.  I really felt sad and sympathy for that mother.  Tears rolled from my eyes.  When that scenery was displayed the second time, my feeling rose double times that the first time.

I wonder if this was the way how my mom carried me when they were moving out of Mannar, my native village, during the war in Sri Lanka.  My mom has told me the manner how they moved and what happened on their way.  I know that they travelled by boat from Mannar because the area that we lived was a little island.  However, I din dare to ask my mom how she felt when they were internally migrating.  All what I know about the war, the way they managed to overcome this ordeal and etc is the fact that I got to know from my mother.  I have not seen my own area directly until now: neither had I seen it before the war nor after the war.  So I can imagine how the area might be by looking at the movie scenery.

I still wonder if my mom was in Suyuan Woo’s position, would she have left me behind like this mother did because of the difficulty in carrying me.  Sometimes when I become naughty, my mom tells me that she should have put me out of the boat!  But I don’t mean to find fault on Suyuan Woo’s action.

Since this scenery was displayed once at the beginning and again at the end, and since this is somehow related to my life, that made a great impression on my mind.

How Was the Movie?

So far in my life, I have seen many movies based on novels that I have never read. Moreover, after watching the movies I have always lost the interest of reading the novels. The Joy Luck Club is the first movie that I have seen after reading the novel. I have heard people saying that reading the novel always feels better than watching the movie. However, my perspective is different about that. I have always thought that watching movies better than reading the novels as I don’t have to imagine and think about how the scenes and situation would be like.

However, the movie The Joy Luck Club has changed my perspective to some extent.  Although I still prefer watching movies rather than reading novels, now I also beliefs that reading novel is a totally different experience.

While reading the novel The Joy luck Club, the way I had imagined the characters in my mind didn’t quite match with the characters in the movie. For example, I found Jing-mei’s character very amiable which I didn’t thought she would be. On the other hand, Waverly was more arrogant than I had thought. I found Lena and Rose very respectful to their mothers than they were in the novel. However, the mothers’ characters somehow match with my expectation.

 I also found some situations totally different than I had pictured in my mind. I thought that the misunderstandings and conflicts between mothers and daughters would be very extreme and intense in the movie as I had read in the novel. To my surprise, in the movie, the relationships between mothers and daughters weren’t portrayed very intensely which was quite satisfying for me to see. Also, the parlor scene between Waverly and her mother in the chapter “Double Face” was more interesting and emotional in the movie where they cry and smile together as they started to understand each other. Moreover, I also found the ending of Rose’s life very satisfying when she and her husband Ted became together again, which wasn’t mentioned in the novel. It was also very interesting to see that Lena got a new boyfriend after her broke up with Harold. However, the only thing that bothered me was the way Ying-ying killed her own child because I had read in the chapter “Waiting Between the Trees” that she aborts the child after being cheated by her husband.

In conclusion, I think the movie has given more satisfying endings to all the characters’ life than the novel. Although I have found the movie more pleasant and interesting than the novel, I have to agree that the novel was more detailed and thoughtful than the movie.

“The Joy Luck Club”: Movie vs. Novel

If anybody asks me which one is the best: movie The Joy Luck Club or novel The Joy Luck Club? My answer will be the novel because the novel includes lot of details more than the movie. It helps us to get more detailed picture of the characters and situations.

 The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan is a fascinating novel that focuses on the life’s experience of four Chinese mothers and their four American daughters and conflicts between these mothers and daughters. Beside this theme, it also portrayed superstitious beliefs of China to demonstrate the real picture of China and also how it has affected the Chinese mothers’ life.

When I have watched the movie of The Joy Luck Club, I’ve found many differences between the novel and the movie. Hence, I haven’t enjoyed the movie that much. The novel provides deep feelings to the readers and helps readers to get mixed with the characters. In contrast, the movie is made only for recreation, so it hasn’t included many important scenes. For instance, the movie doesn’t show viewers the importance of a red candle which plays significant role in every Chinese girl’s life. That’s why; after watching the movie all viewers will have lots of questions such as why does Lindo have to make a plan for leaving her first husband? Why can’t she tell her mother-in-law directly that she wants divorce from Tyan-yu? Why does An-mei’s mom bring shame for family? What’s wrong if she is married for the second time? All these answers are inside this red candle, which the movie hasn’t demonstrated. However, when viewers will read this novel, they will certainly get all these answers. Hence, I think this movie has become unexciting and at the same time vague for omitting such important stories.

Moreover, the movie has changed some short stories of the novel and it also affects on our feeling and way of thinking. For example, in the novel, I’ve read that when Ying-ying has realized that her husband is doing monkey business with others she has aborted her baby to erase the last sign of her husband. On the contrary, the movie shows that she has killed her two-month-old son unconsciously by drowning him in the bath tub. Thus, when I’ve seen the movie, I haven’t felt that much bad as much I felt while reading the novel because the novel describes how she has punished herself for terminating her pregnancy.   

In conclusion, I believe that because of its vagueness, movie The Joy Luck Club can’t quench viewers thirst as well as novel The Joy Luck Club can.

Portrayal of a Novel as a Movie

After completing the novel The Joy Luck Club, I was thinking how this story would be in the movie because the writer of this novel Amy Tan portrays all the characters in an intricate way. I saw some movies which use the stories from various novels and I noticed that they just took the essence or important things which they needed. I kept it in my mind when I sat to watch this movie and eager to see how this novel turned itself into a movie!

A novel is a big canvas to analyze the characters than a movie, but a movie is probably rather stronger medium to visualize the written characters, and realize their acts vividly. However, what will it be when a novel is portrayed in a movie especially such a complex novel? When I started watching that movie I was eager to find out the answer of this question. I liked the way how all the main characters were introduced in a party of the “Joy Luck Club”, and told their stories by maintaining a sequence. I think this movie clearly showed that why this novel’s name was The Joy Luck Club than the book did!

I missed one symbol of this book when I was watching the movie and that was the red candle. It was a very important thing to symbolize the pain of sexism. The parables of the novel were used a bit differently in the movie. Especially I understood the fourth parable of the novel by watching this movie when Rose told that she was died 60 years ago by taking opium as if she was her own grandmother. It showed that how the spirit transferred generation to generation before it was too late. I was surprised when I saw that Jing-mei’s father gave her the swan feather, the symbol of hope of a mother. It was really a heart touching scene and presented the first parable in a different way. I think some themes of the novel were missed in the novel, for example, the idea of abortion. In the novel Ying-Ying aborted her child, but in the movie it was shown that she accidentally killed her child.

I never thought that I wept after watching this movie. However, I did not know when the drops of water rolled from my eyes at the end of the movie. I realized the pain of a mother, I realized the pain of a daughter, and I realized the pain of not seeing one’s own mother who was founded after many years, but dead. How heart touching it was to visualize all those things. This movie also helped me to realize that The Joy Luck Club became one of my favorite books which taught me to figure out the past conflict with my mother.

Movie Analyzing: The Joy Luck Club

 I read the novel, The Joy Luck Club; I watched the movie, The Joy Luck Club. Although the movie is based on the novel The Joy Luck Club, I felt a quite different feeling after watching the movie. I know that it’s hard for the producer to portray the author’s feelings exactly in the movie; however, in this movie, the producer has made some changes that have influenced my mind differently.

            The most pathetic scene of the movie that watered my eyes is the death of Ying-Ying’s little baby. When I was reading this story in the novel, I didn’t feel so much sorrow because I thought it was her wise decision to abort the unborn child for revitalizing her own life. However, in the movie, I saw how Ying-Ying killed her son accidently when she was thinking of her bustard husband. I felt a strong pain for a mother. I think it’s the producer’s wise decision to change this scene because it’s more heart-touching than the idea of abortion.

            Two important things from the novel that the producer omitted is the story of “The Red Candle” and “The Moon Lady”. I think these are the most important things to show the audiences because these stories bear a great message of the gender discrimination stereotypes. These two stories also symbolize the old Chinese traditions.

            Finally, the producer portrayed the stories of the parables in the movie very wisely. We see the swan’s feather in Jing-Mei’s hand from the parable “Feather’s from a Thousand Li away.”` Also, when Rose says to her husband Ted that she was died 60 years ago taking opium, we find the idea of rebirth as it is portrayed in the parable “Queen Mother of the Western Skies”.

            In conclusion, in comparison to the novel, the movie shows happy endings for each of the daughter-mother’s story. However, some of the main themes of the novel such as emigration problem, language problem, superstition, and Chinese tradition are not clearly portrayed in the movie.

The Difference between the Movie and the Book

When I watched The Joy Luck Club movie after reading the book, I realized that it is very hard to make a movie based on a novel.  In the book the writers can explain about the characters, but they have to be very concise in the movie. Therefore, the movie is very intricately and succinctly composed by the director. It is overt that the movie left out some plots of the book; however, it also adds a little information. Thus, we can say that the movie is not exact a copy of the book. There are a few differences between the movie and the book. Some are listed below.

Firstly, I want to discuss about the things which are missing in the movie but present in the book. Some chapters are missing in the movie. For example, the chapter “The Moon Lady” is missing in the movie. Secondly, the movie doesn’t tell us how Ying-Ying’s first husband died and how she spent her life in a village and married with another person, but these are written in the book. Thirdly, it is not mentioned in the movie that Mei Ching and Mei Han saved the lives of the twin babies of Suyuan. However, it is mentioned in the book. In addition, the movie doesn’t tell how Lindo went to America and encountered with An-Mei in the fortune cookie shop. After that she married with a Cantonese friend. The movie also doesn’t show Waverly’s first husband, Marvin, and her idea to abort her child, Shoshana.

Now, I want to discuss about the things which are missing in the book, but are present in the movie. Firstly, the movie talks a lot about the feather of the swan. The movie says that Suyuan kept the feather for her daughter, but in the book the feature is only present in the first parable. Secondly, Rose had told her husband that she is her grandmother. She died 60 years ago because she poisoned herself with opium.

Another difference is that, in the book, June went to China with her father by an airplane. However, in the movie, June went to China alone by a water ship. Anyway, I enjoyed both the book and the movie. However, after watching the movie, I clearly understand the story of the novel.