Response the introduction of The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates

The introductory fable of ‘The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates’ struck my mind in that way which made my new realization toward a mother-daughter relationship. The relation between a mother and a daughter is so profound that sometimes we fail to define it in real words. This relation is not only a blood relation but something more. It is such a bond that is invisible but often shows its existence in many different ways. This fable is about the question of children’s independence and the conflict between children and their mothers in that matter. The formation of this conflict is so perpetual that I think almost every time children refuse their mother’s words which seem superstitious to them. A mother has inner wisdom for her child which she intends to apply for her child’s well-being. This fable implies that fact. In that short fable, like other children, the girl also refused her mother’s warning to go outside with her bicycle. Her mother warned because she read a Chinese book titled The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates which was about twenty-six bad things that can be happened if a child went outside the protection of the house. In the issue of her daughter’s going outside let her to warn that she could be fall down from bicycle if she went outside.  The mother took the knowledge of this book for her daughter’s benefit. However, her daughter did not pay head to her words and went outside by defying her mother and fell down. Her mother’s words came true which seems awkward to her daughter.

I have also same experience regarding that fact. I am used to take my bath at night after my admission at AUW because of my day-long tight class schedule. My mother always warns me not to take bath at night-time because it opens the door of sickness. However, often I do same thing for consecutive days. One day, at my weekend when I am at home, my mother told me if you took your bath at night-time you might have caught by fever. After coming at dorm, suddenly I had been caught by fever and suffered a lot. I was so surprised then by realizing the result of ignoring my mother’s words.

This fable conveyed such a strong message to me that it is a supernatural quality of a mother to do some tasks which may be seemed to their children as superstitions. However, it is a mother’s deep concern to wish her children’s best luck and well-being so that she might do anything for her children’s sake. Sometimes it seems unreal but this concern is real which has an inner ability to make unreal things to be real.