Response to the Greek Myth of Persephone

The Greek myth of Persephone introduced me with different perspectives of human being. I can see love, betrayal, deception, affection of a mother, power of wealth, lust, and tragedy in the story compiled by Clare B. Dunkle. At first, I observed that Zeus was the most powerful among his brothers because of his wealth. His wealth might have allowed him to sleep with other women. Before reading the story, I used to believe that Gods are supposed to be virtuous or spiritual. They are not supposed to be lustful and use their power in a wrong sense, but the story changed my point of view.

Again, Hades, the God of death and brother of Zeus fell in love with Persephone. Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, Goddess of grain. Though Persephone is Hades’ niece, he didn’t hesitate for a moment to kidnap her and coerce her to be his queen. After her kidnap, her mother Demeter starts to mourn and stops bestowing the nature with grain and fruit. It resembles the affection of a mother that can make her forgetful of her duties. When people and animal started to starve for not having food supplements, he ordered Hades to set Persephone free so that Demeter forgets her mourn and concentrate on her duties. It seems to me that Zeus had no affection towards her daughter. He ordered Hades to set her free because of the welfare of his objects, not because of Persephone’s wellbeing or Demeter’s grieve.

Next, I discovered that Gods can be deceptive too. When Hades pretended to set Persephone free, he made a plan with his friend Hermes, the cleverest God. Hermes made her eat pomegranate of the underworld which kept her in the Land of the Dead forever. It means, God can deceive for their own benefit too. All these things seemed to me very weird.

In the end of the story, we see that whenever Persephone visits her mother, crops grow and flowers bloom. Except those days, there remains a bare look of nature. Here I found a slight similarity with my mother. My mother also can’t visit her parents’ home very often but once in 2-3 years. Whenever she visits, there used to be a festive mood in the house of her parents, and they grieve at her departure too.

Finally, I used to think that there is a huge difference between human and God, but after reading this, I got to know that there’s no such difference; especially in Greek myth!