In the chapter “Wrath” of the autobiography of Vasant Moon, we get to know that Ambedkar and his followers somehow tried to oppose the Quit India movement against British headed by Mahatma Ghandi by telling Hindus to enter the British army, demanding an independent country, and many others (102).

I believe that Ambedkar and his followers were right to demand for their rights. They had right to fight for their position in society, but as soon as I read about their opposition to the Quit India movement, I felt that it was wrong time to fight for their position. I think it was the time when they need to be together so that they first could get freedom from British government. It was fortunate that they got freedom from the British government at that time. I think it was quite possible that British government could trick on their politics, and let them fight with each other rather than setting them free from their control. I am not a politician to interfere in the decision of great politicians, but I think they should have been together when Congress party was fighting for the freedom of India.

Some may think that if Ambedkar and his followers had accompanied Congress that time, they would not have gained their own country as Pakistan. It is true that they gained separate country in which they made their own policy. However, we can’t forget the terrible war between two countries which lasted for several years, some may believe that the war was certain even they had not demand for the separate country at that time, but I believe if they had worked together for certain period of time, they would have solved their problem through negotiation rather than breaking up into the war.

Religious Hymns

Vasnt Moon in the chapter “Religious Hymns” of his autobiography Vasti talks about the process of change of Hindu religion to Buddhism and Muslim religions. From the chapter, some of us felt that the ways of Ambedkar and his followers regarding changing religions were not the right ways. They follow the way of violence, and force people to follow Buddhism and Muslim religions. However, I felt that it was necessary to bring out revolution in order to make big changes in social structure.

I respect the thoughts of people that everyone should have right to follow the religions according to their will, and people should not be forced to follow certain religions, but it was not only concerned with the rights of people to follow religions, it was concerned with their freedom. From the autobiography, it is clear that all the people of Nagpur were trying to bring out the equality among all castes, which was only possible by abolishing the caste system. Abolishing the caste system in the Hindu religion was not possible as the people of Nagpur believed that Hindu religion was the main cause of division of caste system. So, it was necessary to change Hindu religion to other religions like Buddhism and Muslim religions, which do not practices caste system.

Some people may also think that old people should not have been forced to leave the Hindu religion as they were emotionally attached to their religion, and all the young people were ready to change their religion. Hence, the minority of old people could not affect the entire plan of changing Hindu religion to Buddhism and Muslim religions. However, we cannot avoid the old generation because they are the one who shape the young generation. All the young people may not change their thoughts by the influence of old generation, but still there is probability that some can change their mind, and continue to follow the Hindu religion. So, I think it was necessary to call all people to change their religion for their own long-lasting benefits.

Furthermore, I think it is ok to slap a person if it can change the whole life of that person towards the positive way. We do not object whenever our parents scold or slap us though we may get furious at the instant time. We do not take it as a serious issue (except some exceptional cases), and take it as a positive thing since we believe that it was necessary to show us the right path. Similarly, Ambedkar and his followers were a kind of parents of Nagpur and entire India who were trying to make a big change for the right of low caste or untouchable people.

So, I think Ambedkar and his followers were right to call all people to change their religion though it was somehow forceful.

Callousness and Clouds

The story “Callousness and Clouds” in the autobiography Vasti of Vasant Moon give us an idea that our family members, and wealth may not accompany us throughout our lives. We may have to live without them at anytime.

In the story, Vasant, the main character of the story had a troublesome life in the beginning of his life as his father was drunkard. His drunkard father used to beat his mother every evening. It continued until his mother called her father for help. Then, Vasant went to leave with his grandfather along with his mother and a little sister. After that, his life turned to be good. He was well treated in that new home. He was given well education, he started to leave among good people, and his mother also started to be happy. However, his happiness could not last for a long time. After his grandfather died, his so-called maternal uncle, Laxman suddenly appeared with his family and claimed for his grandfather’s property. Laxman and his family slowly started to torture them. After that his grandmother also died of illness. Laxman and his family took advantage of helplessness of his mother and forced them to live in a small room in the lane behind the house. In this way, Vasant passed through various events that caused him to leave his all the belongings day by day. First, he lost his father’s love, then his grandfather, and finally his grandmother along with his comfort life. (18-23)

This story is very often in our society. We can see many people who lose their property within a day. The reasons behind this may vary from person to person. Some may lose their property on business; some may lose their property because of habit of drinking alcohol and playing cards. However, it is often true that wealth rarely accompany us in our difficulties. In case of our relatives, it is a universal truth that everyone born on this earth must die and leave everyone behind. So, I sometimes think that is worthless to fight against with each other for property and other things in our lives as it is certain that all these things can leave us behind at anytime.