Response to “On Love”

Khalil Gibran in his poem “On Love” has written about the purity and essence of love. I think love can’t be explained in limited words. But the way poet has expressed his feelings in this poem, is really superb. Love is something on which we can’t have control. It makes life beautiful. Though I remember my family at the first when I hear the word “love”, I do admire the type of love the poet in this poem refers to. Love between two opposite sexes has been described in this poem. I totally agree with the poet and his thoughts regarding love. Love is not the bed full of roses. If you crave to get roses, you should also be prepared to be hurt by thorns that come along with them.
It’s true that love makes our life beautiful but its negative sides also can’t be ignored. You often see and hear lots of news regarding crime and suicide because of love problems. People who have been deceived in love start to hate the whole world. But not all the girls and boys are betrayer. Some love stories succeed while some don’t. Time, distance, and environment greatly affect the people in love. Having trust and respect for each other is very essential along with mutual co-operation and willingness to sacrifice some times. The feelings of poet in this poem are really cute and romantic. When love calls you should hug it tightly, handle it carefully and nourish it with care and respect. If you don’t have courage to face the difficulties in love, you shouldn’t love any one. Love asks nothing but to be loved so, it shouldn’t be self-centered and with lots of expectations.
Longevity of any relation depends on how much you value your relation and the one whom you love. The feelings of being blessed to have them in your life, going to bed with prayer in your heart, and waking up being thankful to the one whom you love is wonderful. The presence of someone who understands you better than yourselves, who can see the tears hidden behind your smile, truly makes you feel so special. Love is not always about betrayal, tears, pain but if it’s true, it becomes your inspiration, your guide and your pride. Not only me, not only you, but having someone special by their side in each bliss and misery of life is what all the people desire. So, if you love someone learn to respect and cherish them from the core of your heart and if not then god must have written someone in your fate too who will come with his love and make your life elegant. Give, get, and live in love.

In Pursuit of Love

While reading the poem “On Love” by Khalil Gibran, I felt like drowning myself in the ocean of love. Suddenly! I restrained myself from diving into the ocean when I remembered the pain that I am prone to get there. Then I was in dilemma, “What shall I do?” So, I quickly searched for the sheet and went through the poem. I read each line vigilantly. Then this thought strike into my mind that life is worthy with seasonal ups and downs. It would be a hollow life to laugh without happiness and to cry without sorrow. Knowing that the path was indeed painful, I determined to aspire to steal the delight of love that would cherish some moment of my life.

After resolving that controversy of my mind and heart, I began lingering up with the question that “Who is going to assist me in diving and when?” This question coerced me to go back to the poem once more. There I found the line where it was alluding that love itself would direct the course. For some time, I was relieved. Again, I started to wonder “How is love going to direct me?” I didn’t find any answer. However, I decided to wait for the love itself to direct me (not knowing how).

Having resolved these queries, I decided to read the poem again. This was the time when some eccentric fear ran inside me. I began worrying what if I was deceived by my beloved. Or if had to forego him because of some adverse situations. Will I be able to help myself out of that pathetic condition? Can I feel the same me inside me like the past? These questions started jingling into my ears compelling me to press my hands against my ears. Then I was bound to leave my mind blank for some time.

It’s after some rest that I was able to infer that no matter what happens, our life continues. We have to condemn the facts of time and get accustomed to new situations. The theory of “Struggle for Existence” introduced by Charles Darwin led me to see the laws of nature where one tries the best to fit into the changing situations. I understood that love is the essence of life and no one is left untouched of it. The only difference is in realization of it. Thus, I am looking forward for love to direct my course.