Feeling unhappy? Tired? Frustrated? Want to be happy? Try It!!!

             In my “Academic Reading and Writing” class, our teacher is teaching us about happiness. We have read a time magazine article titled as “Health and Happiness”, where the author has given some tips to be happy. According to the article, counting your blessings in life, hearing music, nurturing your spirituality, moving your body, laughing big, doing something nice for someone else, making more money than your peers, seeking positive emotion, identifying with your heritage, using a happy memory as a guide, play the part of an optimist, trying new things, telling your story to someone, balancing work and home, making time, smiling etc. There is no doubt that these tactics can necessarily make a person happy.

            Today, I am writing this blog entry to introduce another exceptional way to be happy that I learned last term from the novel The Joy Luck Club, and that is fung shway! It is a Chinese tradition of bringing peace, happiness, balance and harmony to your life by rearranging elements and objects in your home or workplace. Although there is no scientific reason behind this idea, I personally believe it really does work. I want to give the tips to my friends how you can be happy using the idea of fung shway, and I can guarantee that you will feel happy.

            Are you devastated after breaking up with your boyfriend? Felling bored with tedious class work? Felling frustrated after getting bad grade? Do you want a change in your daily life style? If your answer is “yes” for any of the above questions, fung shway is for you!!!

          What you have to do first is to choose a day. You can choose your week-ends. On the fixed day, get up earlier than you do in your typical days. It’s better if you start the day saying your prayer. Then, take your breakfast, and start arranging your room. First, keep all the furniture out of the room, and then clean the whole room. Clean every corner including the ceiling, window, and the fan too. Also, clean your wash room and the veranda attached to your dorm. Next, arrange the furniture in the room in a different way than it was before. Now, keep your things in the shelf or locker in an arranged way. Spray air-freshener if you want to. You can also hang a few paintings on the wall, or you can buy a flower vase, and keep some colorful flowers in it. Don’t forget to use a clean colorful bed cover on your bed. Make sure that you keep your furniture in a way that there are enough light and air in the room.

             Now, you have finished your own fung shway! Don’t you feel happy now?  You will feel more happy taking a cool refreshing bath after all these hard work. Also, dress up yourself nicely for the day. How are you now? Let me know. 🙂

The Definations of Happiness

Happiness is something when you are not wealthy, but you are satisfied with what you have. Happiness is something when you make a cake for your mother on Mother’s Day, and she smiles towards you. Happiness is something when you have a high fever, and your parents and all of your friends are beside you. Happiness is something when you fed a little poor child, who is starving for two days, rice or bread from your pocket money. Happiness is something when you can marry the person whom you love. Happiness is something when your friend misses the class, and you take notes for her; when she sees that, she smiles to you. Happiness is something when birds chirp on your veranda and you wake up. Happiness is something when it’s your birthday and nobody wishes you, but when you sleep with a sorrowful mind, a group of your friends wake you with a birthday cake. Happiness is something when you buy a fountain pen for your father and gift him; the next morning you see that your father is carrying the pen in his pocket. Happiness is something when you enjoy the rain in your veranda, and a cup of coffee is in your hand. Happiness is something when the SIDOR has occurred, and you have collected a lot of money and clothes from your community. Happiness is something when you donate your blood to the person who has met an accident, and only your blood group matches with him. Happiness is something when you pray to your God with devotion. Happiness is something when your roommate falls asleep while she is reading the book, and you take the book for your hand and turn off the light. Happiness is something when your younger sister, who is in 2nd grade, calls you and says, “When are you coming home, apu?” while you have just come from home two days ago. Happiness is something when your teacher is proud of you as you are very honest and don’t do any plagiarism.
Who says “I am not happy, and no one is happy”? One can easily find out her happiness from her surroundings. You must have satisfaction to be a happy person.

My thoughts about Happiness

What makes me happy? Many things make me happy. When I listen to music, it makes me happy. I am happy when I listen to the songs that my friends think are “not normal.” Chocolates make me happy. My family and friends make me happy. Honestly, everything makes me happy. I am happy even when I am alone. I enjoy being alone and the feelings that I savor while I am alone make me happy. Most of my friends consider having friends around. They say sharing and talking make them feel better and happy. I do not want to disagree, I do agree, but being alone is not always a “bad thing” either. You can do many things when you are alone. Things that your friends consider “weird,” but which make you happy. I feel it is not necessary to have people hover around you 24/7 to make you happy.

Furthermore, whenever I use the famous old quote, “Health is better than Wealth,” I am filled with guilt. I think, maybe, it is because wealth makes me happy. Not always, but it does to some extent. I guarantee everyone feels the same way. Come on, once you have money, you can buy things that you desire. When you get the things that you desire, it makes you happy. It is human nature. I am aware that wealth does not stay with us for a longer period, but it makes us happy when we take pleasure in the little we have. Of course, I am not saying that health does not matter, it does. I am filled with happiness when I am healthy and strong, for I do not have to take those chemicals and pills.

Do I think happiness is achieved? Well it depends. If you choose to remain happy, you will achieve happiness in everything you do. You will see everything around you beautiful, bright, and happy. However, if you choose to be miserable, you will see the whole thing around you blue and sad. It will make you abhor everything. For example, if you see someone smiling, you will dislike him or her for smiling. It sounds very unnatural, but trust me it happens. It happened to me. If you opt to stay unhappy, the world will not favor with you no matter what you do. Therefore, be happy and choose to be happy no matter how hard life gets. Listen to some good music, go see an awesome movie, and laugh even though it is not funny (do not overdo it though; everything has a limit, right!). These are what I feel like the article “The New Science of Happiness” mentioned, “happiness is inherently subjective” (3).

How to look Happy?

It amazed me when one of my friends in AUW asked, “Why are you always sad?” When I first heard her question, I couldn’t answer at instant because I did not know what kind of answer she was expecting. Some days later, another friend of mine told me that I look “like a robot”. When I first heard that, I could not stop myself from giggling. I asked her about the reason for saying that. She said that I never seem happy. She said that I look like as if I am not happy at all. At first I didn’t think about both of the compliments, but one day I really wished to know by myself if I was really unhappy. I looked myself on the mirror and tried to find out if the feeling of sadness is obvious on my face.

I had never thought about the meaning of happiness in my entire life. Till the day my friends commented on my expression, I had never thought that people can read my face. I did not know what kind of happiness I was searching for. Some days ago, in the library, I found a book called The Art of Happiness by HH Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler. I was curious to find out the happiness that my friends were trying to search on my face. I thought, after reading the book I might be able to learn something regarding happiness so that I would always be the epitome of happiest person in front of others.

When I first read the book, it didn’t hold my interest. For me, it seemed to be written for old people who are sick of their lives. Anyhow, the interview of Dalai Lama by the writer was somehow interesting. The book mostly talked about the meaning of happiness in Buddhism. At the end, I came across with some important skills to adapt with for a happy life. For example, I learned that happiness is achieved when there is no suffering, but as it is impossible to escape from suffering, we can’t be happy each day. Similarly, we can identify whether we are happier than other people or not by comparing ourselves with those who have been suffering through poverty. If we compare ourselves with them, we could identify who is happier. Furthermore, it is always helpful to train our mind to think positive and adapt the human nature around us.

After reading the book I really didn’t get what I was looking for, but it really helped me to enhance my knowledge regarding happiness. However, when I got to read the article about the 20 ways for happiness distributed in our Reading and Writing class, I found the thing that I had been searching for, the thing without which I looked like a person with no happiness. The thing that was missing in my face was ‘Smile’. Yeah! Now I’m damn sure that those friends will never ask me whether I’m happy or not.Thanks to Miss. Fatema for providing us that article, it really helped me.


Happiness is the state of being happy.  It can have different connotation to different people. Something that makes me happy may not make you happy.  For example, my friend associate happiness with eating ice cream, but her concept doesn’t apply for my definition of happiness. For me, I feel that happiness is when I am free of anxiety, stress, tensions, and depression. In short, a peace of mind is happiness. Sometimes, making others happy also brings happiness. For example, I got a beautiful bracelet, and my friend got an unattractive bracelet. When I gave her mine, she became happy, which made me feel happy as well.

People often equate happiness with wealth. Can wealth be regarded as a way to acquire happiness? No, it is not. Even if you are a billionaire, you won’t enjoy the delight of happiness. Ironically, cynical people believe that all rich people are very miser and self indulgent. Their greediness never leaves them to rest at peace. They always ascertain for a strategy to increase their richness.  The more they become wealthy, the less happiness they get in their lives. However, some people seem really happy because of their wealth. I see them enjoy every bits of life. As long as they have money, they are indifferent to problems and troubles. However, quite often, they lose their happiness due to some chaos in friendship and love affairs. So, this indicates that no matter how much rich you are, it doesn’t mean that you are happy.

Happiness is what we make out of ourselves. Happiness is something that isn’t tangible. Here is an anecdote I got from the Indian Newspaper called The Speaking Tree. “Once there was a kitten that chased her tail all the time. One day, an old wise cat saw her. He watched the kitten for some time and then asked her why she was chasing her tail so much. The kitten gave a shrewd answer saying she was finding happiness because her mother told her she would find happiness in her tail. Upon hearing it, the wise cat advised her not to chase the tail because the more you run after your tail, the faster it will run away from you. Don’t chase your tail, it would follow you. And the old cat walked away with wagging his tail.” This tells us that happiness is not something that can be caught and kept with us forever. Be happy and cheerful, you are sure to get happiness.

“Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you”

“Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you” (Hafiz).

When we discussed the meaning of happiness in class, students unanimously said that happiness is the result of satisfaction. However, satisfaction can be in two forms. First, people may lack something and make effort to get that. By reaching to that point and goal, they will become happy. For example, as the humans in the new world that almost every success and achievement is linked with money, many people try to earn money, as much as they can. They work their fingers to the bone to make their ends meet. They go to work early in the morning and return home late at night, while they do not have energy enough to share their feelings, thoughts and dreams with their families. They get tired of work, become exhausted; consequently, they cannot bear anything at home, even their children’s voice playing and laughing. Sometimes they might be so tired that shout at their children when children ask them to play. In this situation, how can they be hopeful to find happiness? Their lives go on when they have thrown their happiness far from themselves and then chase it to catch. Just some years later, when these young couples become middle aged, they will regret for not spending their past life happily. They will have spent their lives seeking for happiness when their lives were the epitome of happiness and they were not aware of that. They loose their youth, the moments that they could laugh and be happy. As a result, I believe that the second way of satisfaction, being happy for what they have now,  is better and more logical. The proverb “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Can show this idea very well. People should try to look at their current lives. The good things they already have and the bad things they do not have can be the good reasons for being happy. This idea not only does not defer people from having dreams and making efforts to achieve them but also by giving them happiness, reinforces power and motivation to find the great and greater happiness. In short, what I believe is that happiness is around all only if they be more careful and sees it. If people imagine their happiness far-fetched and go to find them, happiness will go further and further. Therefore, they will lose their current and future happiness.