Response to “The Fury of Overshoes”

When I read the poem titled The Fury of Overshoes by Anne Sexton, I wondered a lot. Because, I found similarity with the theme of this poem as I passed my childhood. Sexton describes that she was afraid of wolf under her bed in her childhood. Like her, I was also afraid of some objects which were both real and imaginary. For instance, I was scared when I saw black shadow of anything in my window-glass at night. May be that shadow was merely a shadow of leaves of a tree, but, it seemed to me as if it was the shadow of a ghost! Now I can understand that it was imaginary. Actually ‘ghost’ is nothing just an imagination of mind. Children are usually imaginative. When I was child, I also passed the same situation through my imagination though it was fictitious. Another similarity which I have found while reading this poem is that I wanted to grow up so much like the poet. I used to wear my mother’s saree and make-up myself as if I was already grown-up. I also wear my mom’s sandal-shoe and wanted to walk by imitating my mother’s walking style. It was a great amusement for me then because of my firm eagerness to grow older as soon as possible! I remember another thing which I used to do in my childhood days was to put an extra cloth over my hair and pretend that my hair was so long like my mother! (Though my hair was too short then!). I wanted to mimic the gestures of elders and practiced it in front of the mirror. Everything I did just to grow older because I thought that only grown-ups were eligible to enjoy all sorts of fun and entertainment. My mother rebuked me when I watched TV at study-time. That’s why I imagined myself in the position of elders. However, now I can realize that childhood is the most precious and innocent phase of human life which is free from limited boundary and huge responsibilities. I wish I could hold my childhood as long as possible, but it is not possible. Sometimes I want to return back to my childhood, and enjoy fully those days again which I miss as a grown-up. According to my feeling, The Fury of Overshoes is not only a poem to me but also a way to reminisce of my sweet childhood memories and savor those days quietly in my world which is hidden in my heart where still I am a child, not grown-up.

“The Fury of Overshoes” is a poem by Anne Sexton in which we read that she was afraid of the wolf when she was a child. What an interesting stage childhood is! Sometimes we are afraid of real things that are never ever gruesome and yet some other times, we are scared of imaginary things, things that have never ever existed, things which are just imaginations. I was afraid of the huge, traditional musical drum which is a special part of musical apparatus in Gilgit, the city where I grew up. I still remember when I was a child, there used to be frequent musical shows in the open, beautiful and the lush-green garden in front of our home. There would be a storm of people to entertain from the musical program. A particular instrumental piece would be played with fourteen small drums along with one big, circular drum that needed a robust man to hold it on his belly and play. For me, those musical shows were really fear-provoking. I don’t know how and who had incorporated the delusion in my mind that the large-sized drum can rush at me at any time, and can swallow me in a single gulp, or it may beat me with its sticks until I fell to the ground paralyzed, wounded and badly hurt. My siblings and mother tried hard so that I do not fear the drum, but their efforts brought no hope of freedom. Whenever there used to be a musical show in our garden, I would not have the courage to step out of the house. I would sit silently in my mother’s lap while she would try to appease me by every possible tactic. My family members, many relatives and the huge drummer himself strived hard to bring me out of the trouble. Unfortunately, the delusion had so deeply prevailed in my mind that their description of the drum as an object unable to move was totally implausible for me. Well, it affected me a lot. I was deprived of the charms of the music. I could not dance and enjoy the music with my friends. The days of the musical shows in our garden would be among the worst days of my childhood. Being overwhelmed by the fear, I would not dare to step out of the home until the next day. I would be a topic of more special concern than usual for my relatives and neighbors in common and for my family members in particular on the days when music could be played in our garden. I would pray to God: “Allah papa, please make the drum afraid as it frightens me or take it away.”

I wished not to be an adult

The fury of the overshoes

The poem “The Fury of the Overshoes” written by Ann Sexton reminded me of my childhood. In contrast to the writer, I never thought that the world belonged to adults when I was a child. I enjoyed playing with my sisters and cousins a lot. I used to make wooden toys with the pieces of wood that I brought from my father’s workshop. They were my world. Also, there were a large number of abandoned bricks in front of the house we lived in. I used to build a small room with those bricks and play the role of the owner of it. I had a house that my parents couldn’t buy. I had fewer things to worry in those days. I just worried about which game to play with my cousins, or if the weather was rainy or sunny the next day.  I didn’t care too much about the problems in the world. I just knew I was an Afghan refugee living in Iran. I didn’t know what the exact reason for war in my country was. I remember the first time that I asked my father about the war, he said it was a war between Soviet Union and Afghanistan. Some years later, he told me the war, then, was among Afghan people themselves. He called it “war between brothers.” I didn’t understand why “brothers” should fight and kill each other.

As a child, I was very happy and enjoyed my life that I wished I would never grow up. I knew being adult brought responsibilities along with itself. However, I felt sad when I saw my parents had financial problems. I wished one day I could find a treasure in our old house and solve all the problems of my family.

Like the author, I had some fears from darkness. There was a dark basement in our house that I always felt scared to move around it at night. I though there are ghost living in the dark basement and might attack me at any moment.

 At the end, the author indicates that adult, who were once a child and wished to grow up quickly, do not enjoy their life. They take giant steps without thinking about them, but the author reminds herself of her own childhood in order not to forget it. I agree with her. There are lots of adults who get lost in their adult world, but I will never forget my childhood. I will help children to keep their innocent sprit with themselves as they grow up. I will ask them not to forget that once they hated bad people and were afraid of darkness. I will tell them not to give up their dreams.

Young or old???

              In the poem “The Fury of Overshoes,” Anne Sexton looked back and reminisced about her hope being an adult in her childhood. Reading the poem, I was surprised because of her dream. Most people, especially adults want to be young and mortal; as a result many kings, queens, and affluent people made use of a great deal of money looking for mortality. However, not only the author but many kids also want to reach closer to age, ugliness, sickness, and even death. I used to wish to be an adult who could have her own automony to buy anything she wants and likes, but today, I alter my opinion and hope to be always a kid who does not have to worry about what to do and how to do. Like the little prince, a kid rarely ganishes her speech before producing it; a kid rarely knows how to flatter others; a kid is rarely concerned about numbers; a kid usually believes in honest and long-lasting friendships. On the other hand, an adult easily gives up when he encounters obstacles on his ways reaching to his interests. Before doing something, he frets too much about consequences, other people’s opinions, or failure, so he does not have enough confidence to realize his dreams. Even, he cannot enjoy pleasure in his life. For example, although he knows how to drive a motorbike instead of having difficulties riding a tricycle, he cannot savor freshness of air and whistling of breeze, which “belong” to the person who sits behind the driver. He knows how to swim, but he cannot understand feelings of a drowning person, so he also cannot understand values of life. Even though he knows how to manicure his nail and keep it clean, he cannot enjoy sweetness of thumbs which reminds him of his mother’s milk. Being an adult, one can “cut your own meat,” “tie your own shoe,” or take “giant steps,” but he cannot find pleasure in simple and small things, so let’s appreciate every second of our childhood as long as possible in order not to feel bitterly remorse a year from now. (Tram)

scared !

Everyone fears one thing or the other. At every age, be it a child, teenage, matured or old age, fear remains with us.

Just as it is mentioned in the poem, “The Fury of Overshoes” by Anne Sexton that when she was a kid she feared the wolves that were believed to be under her bed. Similarly. When I was young I too feared a lot of things. To start, I feared my imagination (not always but in some circumstances). I imagine anything silly, funny or scary. For example, if I find myself in a dark place, even if no one utters a word or say anything. I start to imagine things and end up scaring myself. If I am lonely by myself at night or if I have to go out in dark for some reason , while moving out I used to imagine (and still sometimes I do) that some creature with big eyes and gruesome face is keeping an eye on my every move. Something is following me or it is going to attack me. Well, most of my imagination came from the movies I had seen; from the scary stories I have heard or read and the horrible things I have accidently seen before. Even if I don’t want to imagine any such stuff I couldn’t help it. My imagination would just start and scare me a lot! So I would do whatever I was supposed to do in a hurry and the work would be half done or incomplete.

 Thinking about it now, makes me laugh and I find my imagination very funny and silly but a few among them still scares me at times.