Hi friends!

I am Samia, from ‘Blue’ group. May be some people know me here and those who don’t know me I want to introduce myself to them. You have already got to know my name. I am from Chittagong and my country is Bangladesh.

Though I have experience how to write a blog, but I am used to write in a Bangla blog, in my own language. For that reason, I think, it is going to be a challenge for me to write a blog in English! However, I will try my utmost to face this challenge successfully.

Friends, will you?

Hi friends!!!

      I am Srijana Shrestha from Kathmandu, Nepal. I belong to Yellow Group and hope to be good friend of all members of this blog including both Yellow and Blue Group.

hello friends..

I am Digya Shrestha from group yellow. I am happy that we are getting to know all the students from both yellow and blue group. I am looking forward to your comments.


hello friends! I’m Urmi. I hope, we will be able to use this blog successfully.


Hope we have a great time posting.

Wellcome everyone! I hope, we will enjoy  exchanging our thought and ideas!



Hello guyz!!

This is Farah. I hope you all know my group. Welcome everyone and myself as well to this blog. I think this is going to be an interesting activity introduced by our dearest ma’am Ms. Fatema. Thanks a lot to ma’am for this innovative idea!

Thanks everybody and have a great weekend!!!

Dorji Om

Hi friends,

Its me Dorji Om from yellow group.I am looking forward to see your post.Hope we will have a great time together in this blog.

hello !


My dear classmates from  True Blue and my new friends from  Mellow Yellow,

Hi. I am really happy that still I am able to share my ideas and hear from yours through internet. I am exited to start this new, exciting experience. Welcome to the AUW Academic Reading and Writing blog. Share your brilliant ideas with the world and show what is in your mind.

Good Luck all,