Modern Era

Last two weeks I have read three poems that are related to our second theme Youth and Age. From these three poems, I have found many similarities with my life and society.

At first, when I finished reading “The Fury of Overshoes” by Anne Sexton, I realized that every child has same types of feeling and is dependent upon grownups in their childhood. Like the speaker, in my childhood I couldn’t tie the shoes, I cried too when I fall off my bicycle and I felt angry when I couldn’t take bath of my own. Like the poet, I was too afraid in my childhood. I remember an earthquake took place one night. My Mom told me to get away from the bed, but I didn’t because I thought earthquake was a ghost who sat under my bed and he was shaking my bed. If I leave my bed, he’d eat me. However, that day I was a child and that’s why I didn’t understand what earthquake was. Moreover, in my childhood I couldn’t go out without adult persons. It seemed to me as if I am a lame who need crutches to walk and that time I would ask my Mom that when I would become an adult.

Secondly, after I finished reading “the Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein a deep sigh came out of my heart because the theme of this poem is the ruthless reality in today’s world. In this modern era, if you observe your surroundings, you will see most of the old people aren’t respected in their family and some of them are sent to old home. Nevertheless, these parents have given the opportunity to their children to see the world. In addition to, these children are established with the help of their parents. Moreover, these old parents looked after their children when they’re child and dedicate their lives to their children’s happiness. When these parents grew old and needed companion, they seemed burden to their children. Besides, to live happily in modern life, some of these children sent their parents to old home. This is the way, how old parents are treated by their children in the modern world.

Finally, after reading the poem “On Aging” by Maya Angelou, I could hear the voice of old people who never wished to be dependent on others. For example, my parents aren’t old enough; they always tell that they never wish to be dependent on me and my siblings. However, we think that old people need our companion, but actually they don’t. They love to lead their life of their own. According to them, their body may get old but their souls remain ever fresh. Nonetheless, from the side of Bangladesh, the number of this type of old people aren’t too much.

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