A Letter from Bangladesh

Dear Nazneen,

My dear wife, I hope you are doing well in your work and having a good time with my daughters. Finally, I reach in my own village and I am well. I can’t explain how I am feeling after returning my mother land. Everything has been changed. Streets, cities and people are totally amended. However, one thing doesn’t change which is love of my relatives. Here everyone welcome me warmly. For them, I am a man of esteem. You know, they all are asking me about you, Shahana and Bibi. Today I have lots of fun. I walk through the paddy fields, gossip with my old friends and swim in the river with little children as I did in my childhood.

I want to tell you that I know you love Karim. I didn’t tell you, but I noticed pleasure in your eyes when you look at Karim. Your love for him makes you indifferent about me. At first I think I’ll bring you in Bangladesh, so you can forget him. However, then I think that is not fair. Till now I never let you speak up your own hopes; only throw my decisions on you which is not right. It is time to live your own life.

I think, I am not a good husband and never express my love to you. I understand that because of our age gap, a wall creates between us. Therefore, even though we live together, we never come closer to each other. This experience teaches me a good lesson. Now, I have decided not to marry off my daughters at an early age. They will choose their own husbands.

Nazneen, you need to know that you are not an ordinary village girl; you are a gift of god. I apologize for realizing it so lately. Your heart has strength to take your own decisions and your eyes have confidence to accomplish your desires accurately. Now I am an old man and done with my life, but you have your whole life. Nazneen, you are free from all pressure. You can do whatever you wish for. Even you can marry Karim if you want.

ALastly, give my love to my daughters and no need of coming here. If you would like to stay there, you can. I will visit you when I get time.

Your Chanu


Summary of Hair

Naturally, humans love to beautify themselves in various ways. Both men and women give the same preference on hair styles as like dresses. Without a proper hair style, their makeup seems not completed. People change their hair style according to their ages, choices, or fashion and season.

I think a hair style identifies a person. It can tell how the person is and what is going on that person’s life. If you see a person with a shabby hair, you can realize that the person is not concern about his time schedule. He wastes his time; therefore, he is getting late for his work and doesn’t comb his hair. On the other hand, if you see a person with a furnished hair, you can understand that the person always manages his time properly and have a smart personality.  Moreover, if you see a girl with two flats, you can easily recognize that girl is school or college student. On the other hand, university students are more fashionable and often keep their hair untied. Sometimes they try different hairstyles in their hair. Nowadays straightening hair becomes a common style for almost all the females. Especially those who are rich usually utilize money to make their hair more beautiful. Meantime, men are not behind women. They also try different cuts in their hair, and sometimes they spike it.

Hairstyle shows women’s profession also. In my country, Bangladesh, I see women who work in the offices and don’t need to band too much but usually straighten their hair and keep them open, whereas others who are housewives prefer keeping their hair folded and make a bun.

Having good hair gives human confidence and happiness; however, losing hair sometimes makes people embarrass, especially men. Their hair often falls, and they become bald. Many factors can be responsible for the irregular fall of their hair, including genetics, tension, malnutrition,
and physical formation, and scalp circumstances. Nowadays, new innovations have made in non-surgical hair replacements for men, an amazing revolutionary solution for hair restoration, and there are lots of hair replacement companies offering several technologies for hair replacement at a cheap rate.

Say Yes for Lie

Everything in this world can be used in two ways: good or
bad. Even good things can be used in wrong way. It depends on one’s intention
of using it and how they use it. The same thing happens in usage of lie. I
think telling lies is not always bad. When people tell lies for a good purpose
such as keeping trust or protecting others, that lie will not be considered

In my childhood I heard about a true religious story about a
poor mother and her hungry children. Long time ago, there was a sultan named
Hazrat Umar Radiallahuta-ala-anhu. He was a very kind and amiable ruler. Every
night he came out in disguise to see his subjects whether they were happy or
not under his rule. One night, while he was passing a hut, he heard that two
children were crying and asking their mother to serve food. Every time they asked
their mother, she appeased them by telling them to wait for a few minutes and
that food was still cooking. For a long time she was doing same thing.
Actually, she had nothing to cook. Putting stone with water in the pot, she was
pretending that she was cooking food. After waiting for a long time, her children
slept, and she was crying beside the stove.
Her children didn’t understand that their mother was lying but Hazrat
Umar Radiallahuta-ala-anhu understood. He went to his house and brought a sack
of rice to that woman. He also told that mother not to tell lie to her

Skimming over the surface, it is true that the mother was
telling lies, but if we closely observe the intention of that mother to tell
lie, we can understand that she was not cheating her children. Judisth Viorst
wrote about the classification of lies in her essay “The Truth about Lying”:
Social Lies, Peace-keeping lie, Protective lie and Trust-keeping lie. I think,
it is Trust-keeping lie because she didn’t want to break her children’s trust
that her mother would give them food. She just didn’t want to hurt her little children
because she loved them. Therefore, I believe all lies are not bad. Even parents
can tell lie when it is necessary.

Willy’s Last Note for Linda

Dear Linda,

In my childhood I have learned hope is the oil of life.
Without hope life does not move. Though I have already known that nothing good
will come, every morning when I wake up from my bed, I fill my heart with hope and
expect that something better will be happen. In some way, I deceive myself
every day because I want to live and bring happiness for our family.

When I think what I have gained in my whole life, I find nothing, nothing. No fame, no respect, and
no money. I tricked you, Linda. I am a liar. Linda, I just want you to say
sorry to you. I am really sorry. You don’t know that I had an extra marital
affair. I am not a good husband. I am not eligible for your faith. . I should
have not done this to you. Even I am not a good father also. I destroyed Biff’s
faith on me. He came to hate me because I cheated his mother. I demolished his

I want to let you know another thing that I can see those
people who do not exist at present. I know Ben isn’t alive, but he always comes
and talks to me. I think something wrong is happening to me.

Tell Biff and Happy that I love them more than I love myself.
I want them to succeed in their lives, but they need money to start their own
business, Loman Brothers business. How can I arrange money for them? I have no
savings. I am feeling guilty, so I don’t want to show my face to you and them anymore.

Lastly, please don’t misunderstand my rationale of demise. I
am not escaping from my duties, but I choose the best way to accomplish it. I
know suicide isn’t a good idea to solve our problems. Actually, I am also
confused whether my decision to commit suicide is good or bad, but when I think
about what I’ll receive by doing so, I find completion of my unfinished duties.
I don’t want to create any other problem for you; therefore, I choose a car
accident to commit suicide. After my death, take the insurance money and tell Biff
and Happy to start their new business with that money and fulfill my dream. My
soul I’ll be satisfied while I see them succeed in their life.

Forgive me if you can……………………….

Your Willy

My Summer

Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. It has lots of characteristics to adorn its nature. One of them is its attribute of seasons including summer, rain, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring. As we all know, summer comes with the scorching heat of sun. In Bangladesh, it continues from March to May in the company of a little rainfall. It seems that everything is burned in the earth. Water label goes down in the ground. Rivers lose their water. Bangladeshi people usually call summer modhu mas, the month of honey. It does not mean that in this month lots of honey produces. Actually, during the summer several fruits ripe. Mango, jackfruit, papaya, banana, pineapple, watermelon, guava, litchi, black berry are the fruits that grows in summer. All these fruits are sweet in test as honey. Therefore, people equate this month with honey.

After reading Vasant Moon’s autobiography Growing up Untouchability in India, in chapter “Heat and Rain”, I find some similarities between me and him in our characteristics. In that chapter he describes his past years when he passed his summer. I believe he loved summer as I do. However, many people don’t love this season for its very hot weather, but among all the seasons, summer is my favorite season because it comes with lots of happiness. First of all, it brings many delicious fruits. Secondly, it gives me a vacation from my daily monotonous life. Throughout the year, I eagerly wait for the summer to enjoy my vacation. Furthermore, Vasant Moon’s summer days seems so lively to me. Jumping and running here and there with his friends, stealing fruits from others garden, grading crabs from the river exemplifies that he was very naughty and restless in his childhood. These events remind me my summer vacations. In my childhood, I was so restless. When my mother reminisces about my childhood, she always says that I didn’t stand in a place for a second. During the summer vacation, I usually went to our village with my family. There I enjoyed my vacation with my grandparents. In my village there are lots of mango trees. I and my friends usually ran throughout the village, stole mangoes from others tree and ate them sitting in a shade of a big tree by sharing them with my friends. Those days of my childhood are so meaningful to me that I can never forget them.

Dreams, Happiness and Health

        The definition of happiness differs from one person to other. The thing that makes me happy may not make others happy. It depends on ones taste.  For me, accomplishing my tasks , preparing myself  for  my goal, and dedicating myself for my parents brings me happiness. Actually, I believe the other name of happiness is satisfaction. I have seen lots of people who have everything including money, higher position in the society and reputation, but still they are not happy. I think, the only reason for not being happy is their dissatisfaction. Correspondingly, dreams are also varies from person to person. Planning for my future is my dream.

       I think that Dreams and happiness are closely related to each other. In the poem “Dreams”, Langstone Hughes compared life and dream with a bird and its wings respectively. When bird has wings it can fly, but when it does not have it can’t. Similarly, dreams works as winks in human life. Dream motivates human to move forward to fulfill his goals. Without dreams no changes come in their life. People lose their interest to live and lead their life without any excitement. On the other hand, by fulfilling their dreams people acquire satisfaction and happiness.

         His other poem clarifies this idea more clearly. In the poem “Dream Deferred” the poet shows the consequences of ignoring dreams. According to this poem, when one ignores his dreams for a long time, they became dry. They no longer remain fresh; in other words, they lose liveliness. As time goes dreams become burden in their life. At any time, they forfeit from their dreams and by compromising with their life, they try to be happy. However, dreams never die. They only hide somewhere in their hearts.

          Happiness is also interconnected with health. There is an old saying that “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”.  Scientifically, it is proved that a happy person can have a good health. According thing the article “Health and Happiness”, laughing loudly that brings tear is good for heart (2). That article also mentioned that smiling alleviates the pressure upon human mind and makes them feel easy (6).

           Lastly, it is clear that how dreams, happiness and health are indispensible element in our life. Therefore, don’t let your dreams go because if you have dreams you will learn to live.

Caste discrimination

        In Hinduism people believes in caste system. They have four casts: Brahmans (the highest caste people), Kshatriya (the warrior caste), Vaisya (agriculture caste) and Sudras (the lowest cast people). In past this caste discrimination was so sever. People in Hindu society gave the highest position to Brahmans while Sudras were treated badly. They consider them as the people who deserve less priority in every sector of life such as job, honor, education etc.

        Once upon a time there two baby boys were born at the same time, Yobraj and Nandu. Both boys were born in the Hindu families, but their caste wasn’t same. One baby was born in a Brahman family and another baby was born in a Suudra family. When they saw the light of the world, they had already categorized in two labels.

        Yobraj’s family was a Brahman family and his father was a government worker. On the other hand, Nandu’s family was a Sudra family and his father worked for Yobraj’s father. Therefore, Nandu’s family lived beside Yobraj’s family. Nandus father was a good student, but caste discrimination forced him to drop his educated.

        In childhood, Yobraj and Nandu didn’t know which family they belonged or what their caste was. They were good friends. When they were at four, their parents decided to admit them in schools. Yobraj got chance to admit in a well known, government school whereas Nandu didn’t. He read in an ordinary school. After passing their school they admitted in a government college. Gradually, they started to understand their caste because people treated them in different ways. Yobraj was taking the advantage of it. Within a short period of time Yobraj got many friends whereas students started keeping distance from Nandu. With them Yobraj also started to keep distance from Nandu. As a result one day their friendship broke.  Later on, Nandu finished his education with a good result, but Yobraj passed with a poor grades. Unfortunately, Yobraj got a government job, but Nandu didn’t. In fact, he didn’t get any prestigious job for him only because he was Sudra. His future was pre-decided by his birth.

        It is true that Nandu is an imaginary character, but like him several people are still discriminated by caste system in some parts of the world. Therefore, people doesn’t derive the prestige what they deserves. I think, it is a matter of great regret that one doesn’t honored by his deeds, he is honored by his birth. We should break down this discrimination.

Who is the best?

        Last Thursday night I watched The joy luck club movie. That night I went to my bed and thought about which one is the best novel or movie. I couldn’t remember when I slept. At midnight I woke up by hearing a conversation. I heard two voices were coming from my drawing room where I kept my The joy Luck Club novel and movie. I walked to that room. When I reached, I saw no one was there and no one was talking. I left the room. After I left the room, again conversation started. I became curious. This time I silently entered the room and sat behind a sofa hiding myself in the darkness. Now I could hear their conversation clearly, but they couldn’t see me. Then a voice said, “You skip so many things. You insulted your writer by changing the ending. I enlighten everything undoubtedly as the writer want, so I am the best.” Then another voice said, “Readers cannot understand you clearly. By hiding the meaning, you make them confused. I bring everything in front of their eyes; so, they can understand what writer wants to say.  Now can you understand? I am not insulting Amy Ted. I am the best.”

        I was totally confused and afraid. I was thinking what they were talking about. Then a third voice said, “Relax, stop quarrelling. Both of you are good. If you are together than you will be best.” I became thundered by hearing the third voice. Then the voice continued, “Listen novel! When I read you I can imagine the situations, but the parables was not clear to me. When I see the movie, parables became clear to me.  It doesn’t mean you make me confuse and insult Amy Ted. Both of you are great in your work. Actually, it depends on ones thinking and understanding ability. Amy Ted wrote everything so clearly, but it has deeper meaning.  If the reader uses their critical thinking power, they can realize the meaning.”

        I became restless to see who they were and I raised my head. In the dark, I could hardly see them. One of them was my novel, the other was my movie and another person was me. Now we could see each other. They became very angry because I disturbed their conversation. They were trying to catch me. Then I became afraid and tried to run, but I couldn’t because someone put her hand in my shoulder, shook me and said “woke up.” I felt relief that I was dreaming.


Husband-Wife Relationship

              A husband-wife relationship is a very sensitive matter. It is like elastic. If you pull it too hard from the two sides, it becomes narrow in the middle. As a result, one time it will tear. Similarly, if anyone is not happy in his or her relationship, always pulls it by compromising with own expectations only to continue his or her relationship, the affiliation between them becomes narrow. As a consequence, that type of relationship doesn’t remain too long; either it will break one day or there will be no sweetness in between them. A good relation grows between a man and a woman when respect, love and understanding exist. If any of them is missing that relationship has to suffer for a long time. However, god has created man and women with different physical structure and mentality. Sometimes their thinking style differs. They express same thing in different ways and that’s why a relationship requires understanding. Unfortunately, sometimes though husband and wife love each other, their marriage breaks only for misunderstanding.  If a husband and wife can understand what they expect from each other, then it will be easier for them to be in a lovely relationship. Actually, women expect care and involvement from their husbands. When their husbands fulfill their wants before they have asked them, women feel that their husband cares and loves them. On the other hand, men love to do anything if they asked. After passing some time they feel there should be no hesitation between him and his wife. Moreover, to take any decision women love to take their husbands opinion, whereas men like to take individually.

             In Joy Luck Club we see several relationships. One of them is relationship between Harold and Lena St. Clair. They love each other and shared everything, but they don’t understand each other. Lena always compromise her all hopes only for being in a relationship. Another is Rose Hsu Jordan and Ted. Ted always made all decisions. He never understood her and gave any chance to take any decision. As a result, Rose almost forgot how to make own decisions. Lastly, their marriage had to face the problem of  divorce. However, it is seen that only love is not enough for a relationship. Understanding each other is the most essential part of a relationship. If understanding is missing, then one day love will disappear.

Is sharing happiness and sorrows harmful?

We all can see two parts of life. One is bright and another is dark. The brightest part reflects the happiness of life and darkest part reflects the sorrow of life. Happiness and sorrow always walk side by side. Indeed, human life is full of happiness and darkness.  Everyone have to compromise with them.

We often share our happiness with our friends and family members, but we never share our sorrow with others. Everyone believes that if we share our happiness, it will make it double and replace the sorrow. Therefore, there is no place for sadness. It helps human to create interest to live and make much more. I believe like sharing happiness, sharing sorrow is effective for human life. It helps a person to release those bad events that hurts you silently. Sharing sorrow means dividing our sorrows in several pieces and throwing outside of our heart. On the other hand, if someone instead of sharing keeps those inside it will grow bigger and bigger day by day. And when it replaces the happiness, one day it will burst with a bad consequence.

The chapter Magpies, in the novel Joy Luck Club -written by Amy Tan- An-mei’s mother taught her not to show her tears to anyone. From her childhood she learned how to hide her grief. Her mother never shows her sorrows to others. She accepts every sorrow as her fate and remained her pain unknown to others. Her pain killed her every day. Lastly, she died by committing suicide.

I heard a true story of a boy who was a medical student. His name was Madhusudon (prothom-alo). He was the only son of his parents. In character, he was quite and an introvert student. He never shared his sadness to his friends. Madhusudon was born with a problem of speaking. He was a stammer. In medical college his teachers always discourages him to be a doctor because he can’t speak as a normal person can. Sometimes, friends also tease him. He never told these things to anyone. Lastly, he committed suicide.

These two stories provide the same massage that never let your sorrow to rule over your happiness. If so than the consequence will be terrible. When you have something painful in your life, you should not hide them. Speak up and let other people know why you are upset.