Response to the “Death of a Salesman”

Seed is one of the symbols in the drama entitled “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller. Seed is a symbol of possibility, and chance of getting something from it. Although Willy Loman, one of the major characters of this drama, was failure both as a salesman and as a father, he had a hope of doing something for the welfare of his offspring. He took seeds as his last hopes for doing that. Seeds were represented in Willy’s life as his last hopes. Willy worked hard all his life-long, but got nothing except betrayal. He was self-deceived by himself. At the end of his life, he understood all he had done was just nothing but like planting seeds in a field where there was no sunlight. How could one yield anything from that type land? It was the harsh truth which Willy Loman got to know at the end. That realization led him to plant vegetable seeds in the adjoined field of his house, but it was just like the task which he had done before through his life. Seeds symbolized the failure of Willy’s American dreams. Those dreams just showed the abstract picture of material success. People ran though for this; some people could get this, some could not. Willy belonged to the second group. He aspired to gain the material success, and tangible achievement. When he got to know that he failed to do this, he loose his mental balance. Was it the definition of ‘material success’ which lead a person to the imbalance position? This question caused me to think that what was the actual solution? Material success made people impatient to get ‘something successful’ as soon as possible. People forgot the ethical values to get that. Will Loman was the example of this. However, his neighbor Charley never let his son aspiring to the material success which brought nothing but just frustration. That was why maybe his son was able to make him as a successful person.

The writer clearly shows that what the consequence of being impatient to achieve material success is. It is not the solution of being successful in this world. Patience and intelligence make a person successful in that perception.


Another Ending of the Play

Willy – I am going to commit suicide (holding seed packets in his hand).

Ben – What?? What are you saying?

Willy – Oh Ben, I am kidding. Actually I am frustrated that Biff didn’t get money from Oliver. Therefore, I have a clever plan to give him money to start his business. I am going to crash my car over the bridge. Then, I will jump on the water of the river, and escape from there. In this way, Biff will get the money of the car insurance and my personal insurance to start a business.

Ben – No, you are not going to do anything like this. You know that you may lose your life.

Willy – Ben, I know that nothing bad will happen to me. I have already made all arrangements.

Ben – Do, whatever you like, but I am not with you. I have to go. If you do so, I will never come back. Good-bye. (Ben exits.)

Willy (In very loud voice) – Ben, please listen to me.

(Hearing the voice, Linda comes out to the home.)

Linda – What’s the matter Willy? Why are you shouting?

Willy – Nothing…, I have to go. One of my friends called me for dinner.

Linda – OK, but please come soon after taking your dinner. I will be waiting for you.

Willy – OK. Bye. (Linda goes inside.)

Willy (Starting his car)(in very law voice) Sorry Linda, I am not going to come back. This was our last meeting.

(After a few days, the police report to Linda that her husband had a car accident over the bridge, and they found the evidence of his car in the river, but can’t able to find her husband’s dead body in the river. In addition, she also gets the insurance money of her husband.)

Biff – (in a sad, crying voice) Due to me, he died. Now, I will work hard to fulfill his dream. Mom, I will open a food restaurant, and achieve material success.

Happy – I will also help you.

Biff – Mom, Please give me the insurance money of the car. Today, I will start the business.

(After five years)

(Willy and the woman, Miss Francis, enters into a restaurant)

Willy – It looks like a big restaurant.

The woman – It is the best restaurant in the city.

(Mistakenly, a waiter pours cold drink on the cloth of the women, and the woman becomes very angry at him. When she shouts at him, the owner of the restaurant, Biff, comes there, and apologizes for the waiter’s mistake. Suddenly, Biff s sees his father sitting beside her.)

Biff – Pop!!! You are alive! Why did you leave us? Why haven’t you come home? Let’s go home. Mom is still waiting for you.

Willy – No, Now, It’s too late. I am leaving with Miss. Francis since five years. Now, it’s not possible to go back home.

Biff — Pop, Don’t take tension. She will also go with us.

(Biff compels his father to come back home then Willy with the woman goes to his home. When he enters in his home, Linda became very happy, but suddenly her happiness demises by seeing the woman with him. Lastly, she can’t tolerate his husband with another woman, so she commits suicide.)  

How Does the Feeling of Discrimination Emerge?

    Arthur Miller’s play the “Death of a Salesman” presents a family of the 1930s where the members struggle to increase the income of their family so as to live a comfortable life. Willy and his wife, Linda, have two sons: Happy and Biff. Willy appreciates Biff for his popularity as he is well known football player. Willy always encourages Biff and bear positive thoughts about his son’s future. His attention towards Biff made Happy keep doing things in order to grab his father’s attention. This known or unknown negligence of Willy compels Happy to remain indifferent about his father’s condition and life. I have seen such behaviors or differences created between siblings and their parents in many families.

 For an instance, my aunt has two sons — one is older than me and the other is younger. My elder brother is an extrovert; on the other hand, my younger brother is an introvert. As my elder brother has been sociable since his childhood, my aunt shares all family matters with him. However, my younger brother never responded to what was said when he was young. My aunt’s greater focus on my elder brother has made my younger brother feel that he is being avoided by his mother. I wonder, is it my aunt who is discriminating between her sons or is it my brother who is feeling discriminated against? My aunt feels that her younger son doesn’t enjoy talking or listening about family matters for he is very reserved by nature. However, my younger brother feels that he should be informed about everything which is informed to his older brother being a part of the family. The only difference is he will speak only if some important idea or feeling needs to be expressed. Now, my younger brother is 20 years old and he is completely unconcerned about what is going on in his family the same as Happy turned out at the end of the play. I feel that parents tend to get inclined to the one who is followings their principles. In the play, Biff, was more prioritized than Happy was. Willy always believed that being well known is a part of success.  Likewise, my aunt prefers to elicit responses to what she says, so she shares with her elder son. I don’t think this is discrimination; however, parents should always be concerned about their children’s feelings though they are not moving along the path they prefer.

Willy’s Suicide Note!

Dear Linda, Biff, and Happy,

When you are reading this note, I am far away from you forever. Before leaving from this cruel world, I would like to tell you something that I never told you before, and for my whole life, I had been feeling guilty for that.

Sweetheart Linda,

I don’t know how I can express my love, my gratitude to you. You are the one who was always by my side during my rainy days. Our family was surrounded with a circle made of your love and affection.  Perhaps, to you, I was innocent like an angel. The way you loved me could only be compared to the way people worship the god. But…….oh poor Linda! I can’t tell you……but I’ve to …..darling, please stop crying for this stupid husband who betrayed with your innocent love. Believe me, I am not the god whom you worshipped. I am a devil, Linda! Yes, I am! You don’t know, I had an extra marital affair with a woman, and I used to give her stockings when you had to mend your own stockings. Oh Linda! I deceived with you! Can you forgive me, Linda? I couldn’t bring material success for my family; my whole life was an empty vessel- full of self-deception and false pride. I couldn’t lead this vain life anymore, so I made the decision of committing suicide. After my death, you’ll get the insurance money, and Biff can begin his own business with that amount. I hope that will be enough for you to lead a solvent life. Take care of yourself and my sons, darling. May Jesus take care of you. Bye.

Your Willy

Biff, my son,

I know you hate me very much. I always treated badly with you, but Biff, this is not the character of a father. You never tried to understand my love for you. I always insulted you for your failure to be a successful person because I wanted my son to be the best in the society. I wanted you to be famous, Biff. I know how much I hurt you by cheating with your mother. I am guilty for that, Biff. Can you please forgive me, Biff? I was responsible for your life, wasn’t I? How frustrating it was seeing my own son destroying his life for only my faults! Now, Biff, your pop has made a good decision. I destroyed your spirit, and I am giving you another spirit sacrificing my own life. After my death you’ll get the insurance money. Please, use the money to begin your own business. Take care of your mom and Happy. May you be successful in your life. Bye.

Your Pop

Happy, my boy,

I admit that I was indifferent to you, and I was always more concerned about Biff than you. Do you know why? Because I knew if Biff could be a famous man, he would never abandon you. I believed he would also make your life successful. Now, your pop is leaving you forever, but Happy, do obey your brother Biff, and never hurt your mother. May Jesus bless all of you. Bye.

Your pop

Mr. Willy Loman

In the play “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller, I really
love the character Willy Loman. He plays the role of a father to his two sons
Biff and Happy. At first, I had the thought that he was very dominating and exploiting
his masculine superiority over his passionate wife Linda. Moreover, he appeared
to be a person always complaining about everything. He complained about his
sons not having a proper vocation. He also seemed to be crazy and a very short
tempered man. He also had extra-marital affair besides his wife Linda. He
provided stockings to his mistress, whereas his wife used the old mended stockings.
Conversely, after having read the play, I came to realize that Willy was a very
concerned and dedicated father. Well, I can say that he was wrong for having
affair with another woman, but he felt guilty for what he had done.  Additionally, he got angry with his elder son
Biff because being a father; he was concerned about his child and his future. When
Biff wasn’t settled even at the age of thirty four worried Willy so much. As a
result, his affection and concerns turned into anger. One of the biggest things
he did was sacrificing his life for his family. Some says that committing
suicide was an act of being a coward, but I believe that he was not a coward. Death
is something that cannot be played with and everyone fear death. However, Willy
was very determined and strong enough to die for the benefit of his family. His
main intention was to get insurance for his death and let Biff become a
salesman.  We might think it was foolish
of him to commit suicide. He could have worked for Charley who offered him a job,
but his pride didn’t let him to accept the job. Most often, pride can lead us
to different way. Moreover, it was during the time of the Great Depression, so committing
suicide and getting insurance was the only way to fulfill his dream of making
Biff a salesman. After knowing the rationale behind his death, I really
appreciated him. His action showed how much he cared for his family. Now, my
image of Willy has completely changed from a proudly and wild man to a
dedicated and an ambitious man willing to face death in order to fulfill his
dreams and hopes.

Self Deception:True or False?

Reading the play “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller, I discern the obsession of self deception
covers the whole life of the main characters, particularly Biff and Willy. In
the work, Willy and his son Biff often think that they have a good position in their
life, and everything around them is going to flow smoothly. Then, after
realizing the painful reality that he is not an officer but an ordinary worker,
Biff becomes so desperate and indignant (Miller 38). Self deception seems to be
a bad thing for the characters, but I think that it also has good affects
besides the negative attribute. In fact, it is only bad when we blindly abuse
it in our lives without consideration or limitation.

Indeed, we can exploit it when we face obstacles and hope something special happens. It
is just like a prompt to endorse us to persevere and move forward in our lives.
There is more than once when we have to trick ourselves to make our lives more
beautiful. For example, when we are in a bad mood, and we find everything appear
to be in a wrong path. I think in these cases, “Everything will be ok,” “I can
do this,” or “I will have a better choice tomorrow” are really useful. It seems
that the spiritual medicine is going to be so effective. Different from Biff,
we shouldn’t go far away from real life. However, it does not mean that we are completely
sure about what is going to happen. Besides filling our minds with such
optimistic ideas, we need to work hard and

Other people may disagree with me because they may think that thinking about the good side will
be prone to overwhelm us when the result is contradictory to what we
anticipate. Yet knowing that we have tried our best to do it, we will not feel
any regret because it is our effort. Certainly, we will not lose our will just
because of that; conversely, it is like an incentive to help us try more the following

Nonetheless, I am a little skeptical about the idea that we can do everything we wish if we make
efforts. In fact, to accomplish what we expect to do, diligence is one of the
most indispensable factors including luckiness, knowledge, and chances. Yet I
prefer to believe that I will inevitably get betterment if I endeavor to
accomplish what I want.


The Moment of Farewell

Linda is sitting in front of Willy’s grave, she cries and repeats Willy’s name bitterly. Willy, who is about to leaving the world, is staring at Linda, sadly, from the depth of this heart, saying:

                Linda, don’t cry. Even though I know that you can’t see me now, I still have a terrible feeling when I see your tears. You know what? I’m not the man who is worthy of your tears. I’m really sorry, Linda, really. I married you without the guarantee of a peaceful life. I exploited your patience, your kindness, and even the loyalty of our marriage. I don’t know what made me do so, but I did feel very bad when I gave your stockings to that woman. The more you treated me well, the stronger feeling of guilty I had; then, I used to shout at you and be angry with you to drive the guilty of betrayal away. I can’t think anyone else who is fool like me in the world, Linda. However, please trust me that you are the only woman I love in my whole life. I’m sorry that I have to leave you, but it is the only way I can think to make you free from suffering. I want to thank you for your company and understanding, and I want to let you remember that I will do whatever you want me to do if we have the chance to meet again in the other life. I swear I will never let any sad tears come from your eyes anymore, ever.

Noticing Biff and Happy are disappearing from his sight, Willy wipes his face, continuing:

                Linda, please tell Biff that I’m sorry for all the things I have done to him. I cared too much about success and pride. I always wanted to make him prodigy since I was stuck in the dream of being a successful salesman like the 84-year-old man I met, which was terribly wrong. I was proud of Biff when he was a great football player; now, I am still proud of him because he is a great son who lit the light to show me the dark side of my expectation and hopes. As for Happy, I don’t know what I should say to him. He should be angry with me since I have already abandoned him somewhere. But believe me, I didn’t intentionally ignore him, I just…I just expected Biff to be a good model and then Happy would follow him. I felt hurt when I saw Happy crying for my leaving; I’m really sorry for the things I did. Linda, tell them, even though I was not a good father, they are great boys, my great boys…Farewell, darling. Farewell, my sons.

Willy turns around without hesitation. “We’re free… We’re free…” Linda’s crying is gone with the wind. Willy gives a hug to Ben, who is smiling to him, saying, “Yes, we’re free. All of us are free…” 


When I was reading Death of a Salesman, written by Arthur Millar, I was thinking about some kind of values of a person. I think that whatever Millar trying to say by the characters of the play was obviously true for most of the people.
In the play, Willy believes that appearance is very important if one wants to be successful in his life. He thinks that if one is charming and well-liked, everyone will know him, he will be famous, and there will be no hinder to be successful in life. At first, I thought that Willy was wrong, and there is no value of appearance in society. Later, the thing came to my mind if appearance really had no value in society.
I saw many people who shout that they only value the qualities and hard work of a person. If people really do so, how can the fairness cream companies and other cosmetics companies make a big profit every year? If people don’t value appearance, why are they buying the fairness creams every month? Moreover, whenever we turn on the TV, we can watch many advertisements of the fairness creams which show that one is being neglected in the interview board and not getting a job as his skin color is dark, on the other side the other person easily gets job as his skin is fair as he uses the cream. Here, what do we see? We see that the advertisers want to prompt people to buy the cream for convincing the employers and getting the job. Surprisingly, they are successful, and most people value appearance consciously or unconsciously.
Another interesting thing I notice when the World Cup game was being held, most of the people were great fans of Kaka, Villa, Messy, and Cristiano Ronaldu and the fact was that four of them were the most charming football players. People like them not only for their good performance, but also for their charming appearance. There were many players who played very well, but why weren’t they as famous as the four players? The answer is clear.
Here I understand Willy’s perceptive and agree that people values good appearance consciously or unconsciously.

A Dialog and a Thought

Father and his son are talking.

Father: What’s wrong with you, dear?

Son: Please, don’t ask me anything. I can’t tolerate you anymore.

Father: What?!? Son: Yes, because you are pretentious.

Father: How dare you to say like this?!?

Son: You gave me the lesson of humanity. You gave me the lesson of honesty…but, you did not follow these. How can I respect you? You just pretended to be an honest man, but you took bribe, you used other people for your own need. How do you expect me respect you?

Father looks at his son with an amazed look.


What will happen when the trustworthiness of a father and son relationship on the verge of break? We all know in most of the cases, our fathers are the role-models to us. From the childhood, our parents give us the lesson how we can lead ourselves in the way of our lives. They teach us honesty, humanity, altruism, and so on. We expect that our parents also practice these virtues. However, sometimes we see that they advise us not to tell lie, but they often tell lie. How can we take the lesson of telling truth when our parents do not practice it?

I know one of my friends who do not respect her father at all. It is surprising fact that he loves his father a lot in his childhood. However, his view towards his father has changed when he got to know that his father took bribe. It was a great shock for him to tolerate because he always respect his father for his honesty. Dear reader, I have imagined the abovementioned scene which may be applicable for them to make understand their situation. I know it is possible. Often time the clash among the children and the parents burst when the expectation towards each other cannot be fulfilled. Probably Biff, the character of the drama “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller, is one of the examples of that type situation who disrespects his father for not fulfilling the expectation of being the epitome of honesty which he knows as a truth from his childhood.


Father: I am sorry my boy. Really I’ve never realized that the lesson I’m teaching you which I’m not practicing. It is my fault. I promise you I never do this. I want your respect my boy. It will be the most valuable treasure for me.

Son: Please, don’t tell anything in that way….. (crying). I didn’t want to hurt you papa. Please forgive me! Please……

Why Should They Suffer?

The woman knocked the door and asked for a glass of water. Her face was tired and upset. She seemed to be new in this neighborhood. None of us had seen her and were surprised that why she has knocked our door. She said that she was tired and asked if we could let her come home. The wrinkles on her face were telling us of a deep pain in her sun burnt face. After drinking a cup of tea, she took a deep breath and started telling us about her story. Her 16-year –old daughter, who had been the most beautiful and intelligent member of the family were suffering from schizophrenia, the cruel disease that causes the patient see and hear things that are not real (something the same as Willy in “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller). As the woman said, the girl used to start shouting at others and call them bad names. Anyone who wanted to calm her down she would beat and fight with him or her. She used to think that everyone wants to harm her. After taking seducing drugs and a while of crying and roaring, she would fall asleep and everything would return to its normal. The woman said that her daughter thinks neighbors and some other people are watching her from the window cursing her. The imaginary characters used to tell her, “You are a bad girl, no one likes you!” That day was the first day that we heard about such a disease and after that, this woman used to come to our home and share her problems about the poor girl. Before leaving Iran, we went to her home for farewell. We found the mother’s face livid; she started crying because her daughter’s mental situation had deteriorated. She had punched her mother’s face and painted the face blue. Seeing this scene made all of us so depressed, and made us ask how and why someone who had been the best student in high school, the kindest and cleverest girl in the family, should become like this, someone whom everyone was scared of.

Reading “Death of a Salesman” reminded me of that girl and again it made me think why people should suffer from these kinds of diseases? Do these types of mental disorders rise from pressures and hardships or do they have another reason? Have scientists been able to discover the main causes for such a great pain? Have they been able to find a permanent cure for them?