Family Is Family

“Our Perfect Summer” is a narrative story written by David Sedaris which reflects the traits of family such as living with each other’s behavior and sharing each other’s feeling. The narrator expresses the hope of getting a house for their vacation. However, their father takes away their happiness and hope by deciding to repair and live in their own home without buying a new one. This incident acts as a medium for the rest of the members to convert their internal conflict to external conflict. They end up living in an old house after hoping for a new house. This reminds me of my past.

I used to have a hard time convincing my father to buy something which I wanted. He always tried to minimize my proposal and give me the least I could think of, like David’s father. One day, my father told me that we were building a new house in a place which was surrounded by fields. I was very excited to live there. The day came when my sister and I went to visit our new house. When I saw the house, I was completely disappointed to see the house smaller and more congested than what I had imagined. I thought that my father tried to save money even in building the house which we had so much hoped for. I expressed my disappointment suddenly after I viewed the house. The house took more than three years for its completion. It took a long time because my father used to buy bricks from each extra income that he made. I didn’t understand this at first but later I realized how precious that small house was as it was the outcome of my father’s hard work.

I feel that I am lucky to get to live in a house which has so much of hard work hidden in it. However, Sedaris couldn’t live their hope and had to accept their father’s decision. Nonetheless, in my family as well as in Sedaris’s family there is a bond between each of the members. Both the families are like the family defined by Helen Bottel in her essay “What is Family?” which defines that the family is when they can’t live without each other but sometimes it becomes difficult to bear them.

Have you ever felt it so difficult to be in your family?