The book that I am reading for the book review reveals a family who are just like nomads. The book is named THE GLASS CASTLE, written by Jeannette Walls.  The family never stays in a fixed place. The children are not sent to the school. Moreover, the children do the house chorus instead of going to school and the parents encourage them in doing so. As far as I have read the book, it shows that the parents are not concerned about their children’s future. They think about the present situation only. They don’t have any plans for the future nor do they have proper house to live in. I wonder whether this kind of family exists or not? Is far as I know, I have seen such families in movies or I have heard of them in some stories. If a child is orphan the step parents don’t treat them well. Another example from this book is where the little girl of three years burns herself while cooking hotdogs. She is admitted in the hospital for 6 weeks but her parents don’t like to keep their children in hospital, so they take her before she could recover fully. Later the father explains to the child saying “You are in safe hands now.” Just a few days later her brother gets badly hurt; instead of taking him to the hospital they tie a bandage at home only!

This family is very strange to me. The parents share everything to the children despite their age. There should be some limit in their talks but they speak whatever comes in their mind. The father speaks all those slag languages. It seems like he never bothers to think that the child will learn it from him. The children learn at home rather than going to school. Their tutor is their parents and what they are taught are the things the parents knew. Mother taught the house jobs and the father taught his girl how to shoot with a gun.

 Though the children are not cared so much the they don’t bother to complain to others about their situation. It seems like they like the life they have.