The Magical Little Prince

The magical Little Prince

Before coming to AUW, I knew a teacher who was such a strict and arrogant person that not only the students, but also his colleagues couldn’t dare talking with him. After coming to AUW, I saw him in facebook. It was quite shocking that he had put a cartoon characteristic in his ID picture. I was absolutely surprised when I saw that –a picture of a smiley little boy. What a paradox! We had never seen him smiling! He watches “cartoons”! I was so curious to know what kind of cartoon it was. Later, one of my friends said that the name of that boy in ID picture is Shazde Koochuloo.  Two months later, our reading and writing teacher, Ms. Fatema, said that she wants to introduce the new reading books. She showed one of those books. It was The Little Prince. Suddenly I realized that The Little Prince is the thing I was looking for; it was Shazde koochuloo. I had found it! Now I could read that “magical” book! And I did it. However, surprisingly, after reading that book, I found it more difficult to find what it was! It was only a story of a pilot with a broken down plane and a little boy with his planet.  Every day, the pilot tries to fix his plane, the little boy (called the Little Prince) takes care of his planet, rose, and volcanoes; the little prince travels to other planets, meets a king, a lamplighter, a drunk man, a landlord, a fox and some others; then, he returns to his planet, he and the pilot look for water and in the end the pilot repairs his plane and the little prince dies. But, now, I am confused more than before! So what? Was this story for kids? Should we draw a conclusion from this book? Is the author trying to imply something? What are the objects of the story stand for? Has the author tried to make everything complicated or the entire story is as simple as it seems? Aren’t the authors supposed to write clearly and easy to understand? Keeping up asking these questions, I could finally find one commonality between the teacher and Little Prince. The two of them had taken a dislike of their current situation and those around them. This dissatisfaction had made them go and discover the outer worlds. Like the little prince that learnt the meaning of taming and beauty, the teacher, also, knew many things on different fields like math, literature, computer, and art.

The Little Prince

 The Little Prince was proud of his rose on his planet but when he saw lots of rose on earth, he was bitterly disappointed. He thought that his rose was not only the rose in the world; there were lots of roses throughout the world. It was obvious to feel like that. It’s human nature. When I read through this part, I suddenly remember my childhood. During my school life, I used to be in top three; mostly I used to be first in my class. I used to be so proud of that. I didn’t use to be proud about my ability to top the class; I used to be proud as my father used to be proud of me. Whenever, there used to be discussion about study, my father used to give my example to initiate my brothers to study better. I used to feel so happy.
One day, I was sent to interschool mathematical quiz from my school. I was supposed to do well in that quiz. I was doing well in first and second round but in the final round, I could not do well. It was a buzzer round and there was also a negative ranking. My score fell unexpectedly and I lose in the quiz. I was extremely disappointed as I had lots of hope with that quiz. I felt like I was not the only good student. There are lots of good students than me; not only good better than me. After that, I did not feel proud when my father used to talk about me to praise my brothers to study. I started to feel like I was the best student for my father as I belonged to him but when I used to think about the people in that quiz I used to feel that I was just a normal student, even a poor student who could not even compete with them. It was a far thing to me to win among them. But later on, I got to know that what we had in our life is the best thing for us. My father is still proud of me as I am in one of the international university of Asia representing my whole nation. So, I have learnt to be happy with what I have. It does not mean that I am satisfied with me and I will not work hard to achieve better future.

Has the Sheep Eaten the Flower or Not?

 “The Little Prince” is a fictitious novella written by Saint Expiry which is about a boy belonging to some other part of the universe.  It is a narrative story where the narrator is the pilot. One day, the pilot’s plane crashes to the Sahara desert. The survival in the middle of the desert, where the settlement of humans is extremely far away, was a great challenge to him. In such a dry place where there was no sign of human settlement appeared a boy, “The little prince”. Though their first encounter was absolutely unexpected, they slowly established a bond with each other. The pilot became more curious about the boy as he learnt that he belonged to another planet, whereas the little prince got a companion in such a lonely land. Their companionship was for a short period of time but still there existed some intimacy between them. It is well known that nothing lasts forever.

As time elapsed, the day came when the little prince decided to return to his planet via a snake bite for he was missing his rose a lot. The pilot didn’t want him to go but he could not help him. The little prince made his death a mystery for he didn’t want the pilot to drown himself in a agony. The little prince then left some hope to the pilot that he was alive somewhere telling him to guess whether the sheep had eaten the flower or not.

The little prince’s love was the rose which grew in his planet. As he was returning to his planet, it was unsure where he would land to. The little prince said the pilot to look up at the stars and then imagine whether he was alive or not. The little prince was happy in his planet if the flower is imagined alive blooming gloriously, but there would be no sign of the little prince if the rose was imagined to have been eaten by the sheep. Therefore, the existence of the little prince depended on the pilot’s own thought.  

This interesting story enables us to elaborate our thinking skills as we can decide the state of the prince after he disappeared from the hill. 

What do you imagine of?

Questions on “The Little Prince”

I am really confused about the novella The Little Prince. The reason is that I can’t understand many allegories the speaker has used in the book. For example, why does the speaker choose many different planets to describe different characteristics of people? A number of kings, vain men, drunkards, businessmen, lamplighters, and geographers are also living in the earth, but why does the writer Saint Exupery chooses other planets? Moreover, when the little prince arrived at his seventh planet, the earth, why doesn’t he find any person? My another question is what is the reason that every character in this story is solitary creature, who needs a friend? In addition to these, there are also some strange things; for instance, dangerous creatures like a fox and a snake become good friends of the little prince. We generally consider foxes to be cunning animals who always want to grab something from someone, but here the fox teaches the little prince how to be tame. Furthermore, the snake, who always does harm to everybody, wants to help the prince to meet his own flower. As the little prince had gone to many planets, why he can’t able to return to his own planet after coming on the earth? He wants the snake to bite him so that he can return to his own planet and spend a happy and prosperous life with the flower. In the last chapter the narrator was worried about the flower because the sheep might eat it, but how can the drawing of a sheep eat the flower? One more thing is that the salesclerk said that after taking his thirst-quenching pills the little prince could save his time that he wasted in drinking water. However, why did the little prince said to the salesclerk that in that free time he will go to a source of water? If he spends his time in going to a fountain, then it will be better not to take those pills and drink water from that fountain.

            On the other hand, the book is very interesting and full of knowledge. I have learnt a lot from this book. The main moral is we should never ignore a person who loves us. When I was a child, I heard a thought, “Love the person who hates you, but never hate the person who loves you. If you do so, one day you will realize that you had lost a diamond while you were busy collecting stones.”

Response to The Little Prince:Where Complex Philosophy is in Simple Form

Have you ever thought that how your ‘special’ thing or person becomes ‘special’ to you? 
Have you ever discovered the reason behind your feeling which you cherish for your loved one? 
Maybe these questions seem vague to you. Actually these questions might seem to me so if I did not read the book The Little Prince by an amazing writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery. We never think that why our favorite thing or favorite person becomes dear to us. We also do not know what traits attract us to choose that particular thing or person from several different options. The writer of this book seeks the answers of these questions throughout in this book and eventually finds and explains it in most simple form. As a reader, the protagonist of this novella addressed as ‘The Little Prince’ attracts me very much for his continual self-exploration to gain knowledge as if this fictitious character is a reflection of the author. The little prince wanted to find his beloved ‘rose’ as unique one, but it was a shock for him when he had found a rose garden in the planet Earth where the roses were alike his ‘rose’. However, the little prince came to know a philosophic secret when he met the fox, an important character of this book, and realized that one could not understand everything at first glance; there was something more which was invisible. This philosophic secret widens the outlook of little prince as well as mine. 
 Now we are all living in a hectic world where we tend to find the materialistic meaning from everything which narrows our mind and limits the boundary of our knowledge. We are no longer exploring ourselves or learning anything that would be essential for us to broaden our outlook and perception. Like the little prince, we do not know in prior that what is the deeper meaning of anything. However, if we explore anything without looking only its surface, but the invisible and precious value, it seems more attractive to ourselves which we never imagine. May be then we can understand the secret as the fox said to the little prince, “Here is my secret. It’s quite simple: One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”

My opinion to “The Little Prince”

In the end of the novel “The Little Prince” of Antoine De Saint-Exupery, the little prince felt remorse because he had decided to leave his planet to go to explore others. In the Earth, after encountering many roses which had the same appearances with his flower, he cried because he missed his flower and found that his flower had been a liar. Also, through the fox, he learnt real values of lives: “One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.” On acknowledging that he owned an ordinary flower and three volcanoes, he was proud of his affluence because the flower and volcanoes belonged to him, only him. They “tamed” the others; indeed, the flower was the only one in the world to him and vice versa, he is the only one to it. Reading the paragraph, I was sad and upset. I could not share the little prince’s sorrow, but at least I could understand his feelings. I used to want to escape from my house, family, and beloved people because I wanted to become notable and affluent. I was ashamed of their poverty and conservativeness. However, I did not feel happy at all when I could realize my dreams. I could not adapt to the new environment; I usually reminisced about my home where my beloved people are living. In my memories, they were strict, selfish, and even miserly. They could not give me luxury gifts or exorbitant meals which I hoped. They scolded me, got indignant with me, which I was fed up with. However, it was not until I came here I realized their love. They did all those things because they loved me, cared for me, and thought about me. Now, I want to return to the past to hear their reprimand, beat, but I know that dream is only dream. The entire things I can do are to endeavor to study and live well so as not to disappoint them.