The Secret Garden

After reading few parts of the novel “Secret Garden”, I came to know that the nature of the child depends upon the nature of the family members. In this novel, the central character, Mary never got a chance to be closed to her mother as her mother was more conscious on her beauty rather than her small innocent child. This made Mary arrogant and violent nature. In the story, all her family members and workers including her ayah were died due to cholera and she was taken to her uncle’s house. There, she never cared about other people; she never remembered her family members. She even didn’t cry when her mother and father died due to cholera.
This makes me to remember my childhood. When I was 6 years old, I was send to boarding school. I used to wait desperately to go to my house during vacation so that I could spent time with my family members. When I used to see others parents leaving them to school, I used to dream my parents doing same with me but that was never fulfilled during my childhood. I used to think as I was never cared by my parents and they only loved my brother who was 2 years younger than me. I was well known that why I was sent to boarding school. At that time, my father used to travel a lot even for a month and my mother used to be alone in home. I was very aggressive child. Once, I felt from the window and got a serious wound below my chin while I was playing. I was admitted in hospital for a week and my father was not with me as he was out of home. When my father returned home, I was still lying on bed. After that my father decided to send me to boarding school, so that I would not be hurt more. I cursed myself a lot as it was my own fault that coerced my father to keep me far from home. But when I used to think that my father did that so that I could not get more injuries, I used to feel happy and think that my father was really conscious about me. I was not kept in boarding school for a long time. When I was 14 years old, I was again brought back to home. So, I didn’t suffer a lot as Mary and I got a chance to be close to my family members as I had always wished to be.