My Response to “On Self-Knowledge”

Kahlil Gibran’s poem “On Self-Knowledge” shows us that we all have infinite treasure in the depth of our souls, which most of us haven’t realized.

“The hidden well-spring of your soul must needs rise and run murmuring to the sea; And the treasure of your infinite depths would be revealed to your eyes.” When I read this sentence, a scene was shown in my mind: A little boy was playing on a balcony, where there was no any guardrail though it was on the 15th floor. At that time, his mother, who had bought a lot of food, was walking back home. Seeing his mother was coming back, the boy was so happy that he wanted to hug her immediately. Then, he move forward and fell down. When everyone thought that the boy was dying, his mother, who was around 50 meters away from the building, saved him before he touched the ground! That is a real story that I was told by one of my teacher several years ago. In terms of the story, there have been many people curious that how the mother could run such fast. After a lot of discussions, some people gave their conclusion: human beings can do something that seems impossible in a particular situation. In other worlds, human’s abilities are infinite.

I really agree with the point about human’s infinite abilities. However, to find out our own abilities and knowledge that hidden in our souls, a very important thing we have to do is to know ourselves. We have to know what do we want, and why we want it. Because our “hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights,” we have to listen to our hearts. As long as we know in words that which we have always known in thought, we can find out the way that leads to the treasure of our infinite depths. In other words, we can learn something that we can never learn from others by looking our own souls, which may help us to make impossible things happen in our lives, just as what has happened in the story above.

Things about human beings are always complicated. I may not know what knowledge and abilities I really have inside, or what knowledge and abilities I’m going to have in the future. However, I know that there is no measurement or boundary of these things. The only thing I can do is to listen to my soul, and always encourage me to have a try, by which I may discover what I have known and what I can do.