Hey friends,

This is Anshu Adhikari, Blue group Access student. I am from Nepal and enjoying my life in AUW. I am sure you all will have fun while reading my blogpost. Please do make comments; it will help me to come through all my weekness and strength.

With love.


  Hi friends!

I am Samia, from ‘Blue’ group. May be some people know me here and those who don’t know me I want to introduce myself to them. You have already got to know my name. I am from Chittagong and my country is Bangladesh.

Though I have experience how to write a blog, but I am used to write in a Bangla blog, in my own language. For that reason, I think, it is going to be a challenge for me to write a blog in English! However, I will try my utmost to face this challenge successfully.

Friends, will you?

Hi friends!!!

      I am Srijana Shrestha from Kathmandu, Nepal. I belong to Yellow Group and hope to be good friend of all members of this blog including both Yellow and Blue Group.

hello friends..

I am Digya Shrestha from group yellow. I am happy that we are getting to know all the students from both yellow and blue group. I am looking forward to your comments.


hello friends! I’m Urmi. I hope, we will be able to use this blog successfully.


Hope we have a great time posting.

Wellcome everyone! I hope, we will enjoy  exchanging our thought and ideas!



Hello guyz!!

This is Farah. I hope you all know my group. Welcome everyone and myself as well to this blog. I think this is going to be an interesting activity introduced by our dearest ma’am Ms. Fatema. Thanks a lot to ma’am for this innovative idea!

Thanks everybody and have a great weekend!!!

Dorji Om

Hi friends,

Its me Dorji Om from yellow group.I am looking forward to see your post.Hope we will have a great time together in this blog.

hello !