Symbolism of Hairstyles

When I read the article “Symbolism of Hairstyles in Korea and Japan” by Na-Young Choi, I have come to know about the ancient hairstyles of Korea and Japan which were originated from China. Na-Young Choi wrote in the article about the hairstyles which symbolize one’s marital status, wealth, religious view and social status. Though many years passed away, the perception of people about the hairstyles is still not changed. People still consider hairstyles as the symbol of marital status, wealth, social status, and religious view, but sometimes the way of judgment is little bit different.
We see in the article that long hair symbolizes the wealthy status of the women as they do not have work, and that’s why they can easily keep their hair long. Nowadays, we see different picture in term of hairstyle. In Bangladesh, there are many beauty parlors which provide different kinds of haircut like bangs, layer, razor and bob cut etc, and if anyone wants to have the haircut, they must need money. We see that most of the poor women in Bangladesh have long hair as they do not have money to go to the beauty parlor and have a nice haircut. That’s why, as the people of affluent family get modern hair cut every month, they have shorter hair than that of the poor women and girls who usually cannot provide money to go to a beauty parlor to get a good haircut. Moreover, hair rebonding or hair straightening and doing hair color are the symbols of wealth. It is because these need lots of money if anyone wants to make her curly hair straight or highlight her hair with various colors as the products are very expensive. Now it is very popular in Bangladesh very much.
Men were usually supposed to get short haircut, and women long hair before, but now it is changed. Before only rock stars used to have long hair, but now men are free to have long hair like women, and also can get short hair like men. Now no one will think the women weird who get short haircut. SO, the haircut also symbolizes the independence of a person

Summary of Hair

Naturally, humans love to beautify themselves in various ways. Both men and women give the same preference on hair styles as like dresses. Without a proper hair style, their makeup seems not completed. People change their hair style according to their ages, choices, or fashion and season.

I think a hair style identifies a person. It can tell how the person is and what is going on that person’s life. If you see a person with a shabby hair, you can realize that the person is not concern about his time schedule. He wastes his time; therefore, he is getting late for his work and doesn’t comb his hair. On the other hand, if you see a person with a furnished hair, you can understand that the person always manages his time properly and have a smart personality.  Moreover, if you see a girl with two flats, you can easily recognize that girl is school or college student. On the other hand, university students are more fashionable and often keep their hair untied. Sometimes they try different hairstyles in their hair. Nowadays straightening hair becomes a common style for almost all the females. Especially those who are rich usually utilize money to make their hair more beautiful. Meantime, men are not behind women. They also try different cuts in their hair, and sometimes they spike it.

Hairstyle shows women’s profession also. In my country, Bangladesh, I see women who work in the offices and don’t need to band too much but usually straighten their hair and keep them open, whereas others who are housewives prefer keeping their hair folded and make a bun.

Having good hair gives human confidence and happiness; however, losing hair sometimes makes people embarrass, especially men. Their hair often falls, and they become bald. Many factors can be responsible for the irregular fall of their hair, including genetics, tension, malnutrition,
and physical formation, and scalp circumstances. Nowadays, new innovations have made in non-surgical hair replacements for men, an amazing revolutionary solution for hair restoration, and there are lots of hair replacement companies offering several technologies for hair replacement at a cheap rate.

Men Hair dos

Most of the women think that men are left behind when it comes to hairstyle. However, it is not the case; for example, we might have seen the hairstyles of the famous football player, David Beckham. He has worn all different kinds of hairstyle including short trimmed hair, punk, formal and long curly hair until now, and above all  his hairstyle is liked by many people, and some of them have  copied too.  Therefore, today I would like to mention some of the famous hairstyles that many men possess.






Spikey hair: Spikey hair is considered to be a fashionable and new hairstyle. Men of all ages prefer the spikey hairdo, and it is often well-liked. This hair style has become popular among men because it is easy to make spikes with hair gel within few minutes. Moreover, as spikey hair appears wild and sexy, it is liked by many women.







Long hair: Mostly rock stars keep their hair long. Whether the rock stars of 60s or of present days, most of them possess long hair. One common reason for rock star to keep long hair is to head bang; also, their hair can swing with the music adding fun to their theatrics. On the other side, the men who aren’t rock music idols keep long hair either to show their affection towards the rock music or just to be with the fashion of hippies and freaks.







Braids : Men make braids because they want to give a desgin to their head. Mostly African are seen with braids. The African having thick hair make braids in order to manage their hair easily. However, if a man is applying for some professional jobs, then he has to cut the braids off. Moreover, man with braids are rarely found in any office or reputed work institution. On the other hand, Bob Marley, a famous ragee singer, is world wide famous for his braids. He has become the inspiration for many African as well as other countries boys to do the same hairstyle. Therefore, music lovers especially reagee fans keep braids.






Curly hair: Men usually do not prefer curly hair, but many of them are born with it. Many men cut their hair and make it short while others make it wavy. Wavy look is considered as sex appealing look. Therefore, many men prefer to make hair slightly curl when they go to party or club if they have intensions to approach a girl for a date.

What does a Hairstyle tell about a Person.

Everyone of us has our own way of keeping our hair. Some have their hair tightly pulled back, whereas some have their hair untangled. No matter in which style people keep their hair, we always presume certain notion about that person.

Firstly, if a person has highlighted or colored hair, we have the blatant thought that the person belonged to a rich family. This is because hair cosmetics are usually expensive in all the places I know so far. Also, we tend to assume that the person is very stylish. This is because most people dye their hair with different colors in order to make themselves look punk or look attractive. Secondly, if a person keeps her hair tightly tangled, we believe that she is a very well- organized person. This is because most girls are being distracted by our hair while working. Sometimes while doing any kind of work, our hair falls over our face and distracts our concentration. In order to prevent from being diverted from their work because of their hair, they tie it. Also, having their hair tightly pulled back symbolises cleanliness. They look very neat and hygenic when their hair is tied. For this reason, girls student in Bhutan are made compulsory to tie their hair while going to school. Thirdly, if a peron changes her hairstyle daily, then we speculate that she is a inconsistent person. Just like her changing hairstyle, her character and behavior also chages. I don’t know how far it is true, but I heard from my friends that when a person changes her hairstyle, her behavior ,way of thinking, and personality also changes.

In Bhutan, people in the past had certain culture of keeping their hair. Men kept short hair no matter whether he is a farmer or an officer. However, for women, some office goers kept long hair, whereas farm workers kept their hair short. Nontheless, with changing time, people leave behind the culture and tend to cross the boundaries. Presently, both men and women, in order to live updated with fashion, keep their hairstyles in different designs. For example, some boys keep their hair long, which was not practiced in the past. Conversly, some women keep their hair short no matter wether she is a farmer, a student,or office goers. Some curl their hair while some straighten their hair. Therefore, I would say that no matter in which style or design we keep our hair, it always symbolizes something like the hairstyles that symbolised wealth, gender, sex, and marital status in the article “Symbolism of Hairslyle in Korea and Japan” by Na-Young Choi.