Without Wood

After reading, “Without Wood”, I was surprised to know that husband and wife needs to keep the record of the payment of bills of basic requirements of home so that they could divide the payment among themselves. Maybe I belong to eastern culture so I was surprised to hear that, and maybe it is common in western society, but I totally disagree with the idea that a couple should keep the record of expenses so that they could divide the payment among themselves.
Whenever I see a couple, I visualized that they are the one who share each and everything, from great qualities and capacities to the worst disabilities, from the top most revealed things to the top most secrets, from the most attractive thing to the most irritating thing. I have never thought that a couple has to divide anything between them. I think when there requires the distribution of anything in the relation that relation no long lies as the relation of husband and wife. The same condition repeated in the story between Rose and Ted when they continued to have the division of payment among themselves.
I have learnt or made this concept from the relation of my parents. My parents have never divided the payment regarding basic needs of home. It’s true that they sometime quarrel with each other, but the best part is that, when my mother gets angry, my father never gets angry. He just smiles at my mother no matter what my mother goes on saying in anger. After few hours, when my mother becomes calm, my father use to consult about the issues of quarrel. This is same with my mother when my father gets angry. This is the best part I have learnt from my parents. In my home, my mother and father use to collect all the money in same place and use whenever we required. My father and mother never develop the sense of my money and yours money. So, I think this is the thing that has bound my parents together from a long time and will be binding them together forever. Similarly, if Rose and Ted had shared their incomes and expenses with each other, their relation would not have turned out.