My response on “The Giving Tree”

      “The Giving Tree” is a poem written by Shel Silverstein in which he describes about the youth and the old age. According to the poem, youth is when we have new desires, wants, and willingness to fulfill our desires no matter how. In contrast, old age is when we are tired and we want to take rest abandoning all the desires and wants. The tree symbolizes the giving character of the nature. The nature keeps on giving on what we want as much it has. Similarly, it also symbolizes the forever giving nature of our parents which children take for granted and misuse it.

     While reading the poem, I felt very sad for the tree that it got nothing in return. It was very happy when the boy was small and used to play with it. But, later on as the boy grew older, he no more wanted to play with the tree. He had new desires and wants, and he needed a source to fulfill it. So, he went to the tree to ask what he wanted and the tree also went on giving what it had. The boy’s desires prolonged and the tree gave everything whatever it had till the last. The boy didn’t even think about the tree and kept on yearning.  It is like our parents who keep on giving us what we want till the end and in return we forget to reciprocate them. Many young children leave their old parents after getting what they want. They do not even look behind and think of the sacrifices what their parents had made for them. It reminded me of my own behavior towards my family. When I was small, I used to be mad at my mother when she asked me to do household works and when she did not give me what I want. I was small and did not understand why she asked me to do those things and why she cannot give me what I wanted. But also, she tried to give me what I wished as much as she could like the tree in the poem.

     It is a heart-touching poem which reminded me my own mistakes what I had done in the past and also alerted me to think twice before being angry on people.

Digya Shrestha

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