Thinking About Gender

As you read and respond to The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, I encourage you to think about gender roles and what you have learned about “doing gender”. Last term, you learned that “gender” is not just about the genitalia you are born with; rather it is socially constructed, supported by family, education, and mass media. You explored the complexities of gender by “doing gender” and observing the reactions of those around you when you did not fit their definition of how a woman should dress and behave. Further, you read many things that informed you about gender discrimination. I want you to remember those lessons now as we read our second novel of the term, and apply what you’ve learned to analyze and understand The Joy Luck Club.

Testing the idea of what it means to be "man" and "woman"

Re-enacting a crucial scene from the play A Doll's House

Another scene from A Doll's House, this time exploring gender discrimination