The Road Not Taken

As the speaker of the poem “The Road Not Taken” written by Robert Frost gets confused about choosing the right path for the rest of life, we also sometimes get into similar condition (1-4). As being human, we get lots of choices in our lives. The selection of right choice leads towards happiness, while the selection of wrong path leaves us with lots of problems. It is obvious that we human are not capable of visualizing the future effects of all kinds of our decisions, but we can surely get some knowledge from the experiences of our elders.

It is often said that teenage is the right age of taking the main decision of our life. In teenage, we get two options: one option leads towards our bright future, while the other destroys our whole life. It is often observed that the negative path lure teenagers quickly as it provides temporary happiness which last for few moments. For examples, in current situation, large numbers of teenagers use drugs which may temporary relieve them from their anxiety, but these drugs make them susceptible towards number of diseases and make them incapable of thinking about their future for the rest of the life. In contrast, the positive path is hard to follow as it requires lots of devotions. Though we need to work hard to follow the positive path, if we have strong desire to do something in our life, and be a successful people, we can easily get into the right path. For that we should always follow the positive path as shown by our parents. Parents always show the right path to their children. So, we should never doubt on suggestions of our parent and follow them so that we never fail to choose the right path in our life, and suffer throughout the life.

” Lord Krishna, Do You Hear Me?”

Dear Lord Krishna,

Today I went to your temple to worship you; I could not even enter in the temple. The priest and the other present Brahmins did not let me enter. They were saying that as I was from the untouchable community, I had no right to step on the temple and worship here. What was my fault here, Krishna? I was not born in an untouchable family, but my devotion to you was not lesser than anyone. So, why I could not even enter to your temple?

Since my childhood, when I started to realize what was happening around me, I felt that something was wrong with my family. After some years, I realized that not only with my family, but also the other families of our community were going through this. It is because we are known as untouchable. It is because we are the people of low caste in our religion.  I do not think the people of high caste consider us human or not. Do you know, Krishna, they take bath if we touch them? Moreover, when I was in the school, I felt very bad when I saw that the first 5/6 benches were reserved only for the Brahmin students. All the time we had to seat on the last benches. We could not sit on the first benches even if they did not come.

You know, Krishna, it was a very hot day of summer. I went to take bath in the Chowdhury pond with some of my friends, but we couldn’t take bath. Some Brahmin women of our village were present there, and they scolded us too much. They were telling that as we were untouchable, if we bathed in the pond, the water of the pond would be impure. The Brahmin could not bathe in the pond anymore then. I was just astonished hearing this. They were human, we were also. Their blood was red, ours wasn’t white.  So what was the difference between us? Why did this kind of inequity exist in our society? I didn’t know. Do you know?

 I am in love with a handsome boy of our village, and he also loves me. I also know that we can never be together as he is a son of a Brahmin family and I am from an untouchable family. His family and also the society will never accept our love. You tell me, Krishna, what will I do now? Will we sacrifice our love for the sake of this irrational rule of the society? You loved all the people of the world, no matter what their caste were. Why do your followers do so? Why don’t they agree to give equal rights to everybody?

Doom Para (neighborhood)

  When I was reading Vasant Moon’s autobiography Growing Up Untouchable in India, I was reminiscing about an untouchable community beside my own neighborhood. The name of my neighborhood is “Moulovi Para.” There are another four neighborhoods around my own neighborhood, and in the west side of my neighborhood, there is a neighborhood of the untouchable people which is called “Doom Para.” The people of this community are known as “Doom.” Who are these dooms? Let me clarify.

From my childhood, I have been noticing that people of my community and other two communities hate the dooms. What’s their mistake? Their one and only mistake is that they were born in a caste called “Shudro.”  According to Hinduism, there are four castes of people, and “Shudro” is the lowest caste. There is a superstition followed by people years after years is that those people who are born in this lowest community might be  worst sinners in their previous lives, so in this rebirth, God has sent them in the lowest caste. As a result, they are considered as the impure people who are untouchable for the other people. If other Hindus touch them, it is believed that their caste will be impure, and their prayer will not be granted to the God (What a biased God!). However, I am not sure whether this superstition is true or false, but I heard about Hinduism from my family and neighbors.

Now, I want to share some of my own experiences with these people. The Doom Para is on the way of our school, and there is a shortcut road to the school through this neighborhood. It is needless to say that it was forbidden for us to go through the Doom Para, because they were untouchable. I can remember, when any man from Doom Para came to our neighborhood, naughty children used to irritate them saying slung languages. I can reminisce about the laundryman. Every time when he came to our house, he couldn’t enter. If any doom unfortunately entered into the house, my mother and my aunt used to sweep the floor of the whole house. There is a big pond in Doom para. One day my elder sisters and cousins went to swim there. One man from our neighborhood saw them, and he informed my uncle, who is very radical. As a result, my uncle punished my sisters and cousins ruthlessly. Can you imagine how much people hate the dooms?

Finally, I want to share one interesting thing. Most of these people maintain their livelihood as fishermen (Jailla as an inferior name), barbers, or laundrymen. Although people hate them, and don’t touch them, they eat fish caught by dooms, and go to the barbers and laundrymen as well. Isn’t it ridiculous????

The Poem Resembling My Past

Written by Robert Frost “The Road Not Taken” is a poem about a situation where a person has to choose the path to move forward in the life. In this poem, the speaker encounters two woods during his journey and he foresees the future of both of them. Consequently, he chooses the second one. On his way, he dreams that one day he will let others know about his way of accepting challenges and making decisions after deep analysis. The situation described by the poem exactly matches my present time.

The speaker goes through great confusion to choose the way which leads to success and satisfaction. I, too, had two choices before getting admitted at AUW. I had choices of either getting admitted to an engineering college or applying for AUW. Furthermore, the speaker analyzes both the paths carefully and chooses the second one. I did the same; I analyzed both the choices to move forward. Firstly, I analyzed my life in the field of engineering. The high cost of academic fees would surely stop me from completing my course. In addition, I really didn’t have much interest to get involved in science field. I just want to study because I don’t know a reputed sector to study other than science and technology. I would not be satisfied in this sector because I don’t enjoy being a part of this sector and my family’s economic condition would not favor me as well. On the other hand, AUW would allow me to receive international education at a low price. In addition, I want to work in the social sector helping others and AUW has courses to nourish my knowledge. Therefore, I decided to apply for the admission. According to the poem, the speaker doubts if the way he had chosen would lead to a better future or not. Nonetheless, he was satisfied during his journey and with his decision. I, too, was doubtful at the beginning of my journey. However, today, after being accustomed to life at AUW, I am confident that I will have a successful future and have made a right decision. Furthermore, the speaker looks forward to letting others know about his intellectuality. I also would be proud to tell about the challenge I accepted and the process I implemented to deal with it.

As I Look Back

I have found the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost very inspiring. The poem talks about the dilemma and confusion that every person faces in some point of their life. We make choices, more or less, in every phase of our life and each and every choice leads to another. And that is how, through making decisions, we reach to our destiny.

However, it’s not easy to make decision and reach to our goal. Most of the time, we get stuck in the web of confusion and dilemma. Nevertheless, those who follow their instincts and have the power to take challenges, find it easy to overcome those barriers of confusion and dilemma. As a result, when they look back, they find that all the choices that were made and all the decision that were taken actually worked like steps of ladder to help them to reach their goal.

Looking back in my life, I also see myself making some choices same as the narrator of the poem has done. After completing my twelve grade, I was supposed to take preparation for the entrance test to get admission into a good university. My parents left the choice upon me whether I wanted to go to an engineering university or a medical school as engineer and doctor are the two most popular profession in our country. However, I choose none of them because I didn’t wanted to be a doctor or engineer like thousand other boys and girls of my country. In fact, I wanted to be something different although I didn’t know what it was. I decided to take a chance and explore myself. Therefore, I got admission in a public university. In the mean time, I came to know about AUW from one of my friends and immediately said, “This is where I want to study.” Unfortunately, since it was almost the end of the year and the admission date was closed in AUW, I didn’t get the admission form that year. Therefore, I had to wait a whole year. The next year, I gave entrance exam in AUW as I had planned and got admission. I quit the public university.  As the public university was very far and the communication system wasn’t very good, my parents and family members were happy that I got admission in AUW and  would be able to stay close at home. However, I also know that if I were studying in any engineering or medical school, my parents and family members would not ever let me to quit that. So my decision of not giving entrance exam in engineering or a medical school worked as a plus point for me to reach to my destiny.

Now, as I look back I can see that all the decisions and choices I made were all meant to take me where I am now and don’t feel regret for any of them.


Like the persona in the poem, “The Road Not Taken,” by Robert Frost, I too have once faced a great perplexity. In the poem, the speaker stands on a fork in a road being confused which path to take. He takes his time to decide as he knows it is highly unlikely to return to the initial point. Finally, he chooses the latter one, which seems to be rarely used. This is what I did to overcome my dilemma.
After I accomplished my secondary level education, all I wanted was a full scholarship for my higher secondary education. I tried in three colleges including St. Xavier’s College. However, I could not get into St. Xavier’s College. Nevertheless, I succeeded in getting full scholarship in two of the remaining colleges, which put me in a dilemma. One college was in my hometown, and the other, in another district of my country. I was bewildered which one to choose as both the colleges are well renowned.
Firstly, I thought of choosing the college near to my home, that is, Bernhardt College, because it was convenient for me to go to from my home, and also I could stay with my family. Moreover, some of my friends were also planning to join that college. Furthermore, I thought that people from various parts of the country came to the capital city for their education, so I might seem to be absurd if I went to another district from the capital city for my education. Therefore, I had already made my mind up to join Bernhardt College.
However, as the time of enrollment came nearer, I again thought deeply about the issue so that I do not have to regret in the future. Eventually, I made a decision that is just the opposite of the former one – I decided to join Notre Dame Higher Secondary School. While I was thinking, I do not know why I happened to think that I should have an experience of being away from my family. Besides, I thought that as it is an internationally recognized college, it would be easier for my higher education and for my career. Hence, I decided to choose a very uncommon alternative, which a very few people choose. Thus, I gained an experience of staying in a hostel for a couple of years. Now, I am very happy that I chose the right high school.

A New End for the “Year’s End”

That night when we returned, we couldn’t see your car. Suddenly my body froze. I was blinded. I knew something has happened. I had always had a hunch that something will happen. I could feel it whenever you were looking at me comparing me with Parul. I knew you didn’t like to see me be walking in the home, that someday your mother had been. But at least I was a human and deserved to be respected. However, I could understand how hard it was to spend days with the woman and girls whom you had never seen before, yet they were supposed to be your family.

Chaudhuri rushed to the house and called for you and the girls. I dragged myself inside. No one answered. He ran to the girls’ room and opened the door hastily. “They have slept.” He whispered back. This news released the pain striking my heart. “But…Kaushik?” I asked, shocked. “He has left home.” he said. “Finally, he did!” Taking a deep breath, and holding his head, he sat on the sofa. We both had realized that you are not happy at home, but we had this right to choose our way and had given this right to you as well. I went to girls’ room. The moment I opened the door, I saw them pulling the quilt over their faces. The bad feeling returned to my heart. “Why did you come so late?” said Piu running to me crying. “I don’t like you to leave us.” Piu told me the whole story, the story that didn’t surprise me _ that I was waiting for.

That night I couldn’t sleep. I was cursing myself one second and consoling the other second. I don’t know how I passed that night, but I remember the next day when Chaudhuri went out I called girls and talked to them. I reminded them the life before my marriage with your father. I reminded them how hard it was when they had no one to say “Daddy” to him. I told them that now you feel the same, so they must try to understand you.I wanted them not to talk to anybody about the words that you had told them. That moment, I wasn’t sure that they can understand me but now I believe they had _ in the best way.

Zahra Saifey

My response to “Year’s End”

While reading “Year’s End” by Jhumpa Lahiri, I reminisced about my cousin. My cousin’s and Kaushik’s family has some similarities. Like Kaushik, my cousin also lost her mother when she was in grade 9. She was the only daughter of my uncle and aunt. After my aunt’s death, my cousin became so depressed that she didn’t used to talk to others and wanted to stay alone. My uncle used to work in office. He was also sad about his wife’s death. They both missed her a lot. After one year of my aunt’s death, my uncle married other women. At first, he disagreed to remarry but after seeing my cousin’s situation he agreed. Everyone thought that she needed a mother, and my uncle was also alone. After their marriage, she became more frustrated. She couldn’t study and eat properly. My new aunt was a kind person and she tried to convince her and make her happy. On the other hand, she was so indignant with her that she didn’t listen to her and her father. Now, she stays with her grandmother, her mother’s mother, in India. 

I really enjoyed reading this story. I felt sorry for Kaushik that he lost his mother and couldnot see other women as his mother in his house. I can undersatnd his feelings as I also lost my father when I was twelve. However, the sort of problems he faced in his life, I did’t have to face. My mother, I and my brother struggled hard for some years in his absence, but it was not as hard as it was for Kaushik’s family. In the story, Kaushik’s father removed all his wife’s memories from his life, but my mother saved all the memories of my father. We often talked about him and about the dreams he had for us. She wanted us to remember those times that we spent together we eachother. As my brother was small at that time, he hardly have any memories about our father as I do. he only knows those things that we had told him and talked about. If my mother had also removed all the memories of our father like Kaushik’s father, then he wouldnot have known anything about our father. I wonder why Kaushik’s father removed all his wife’s memories if he loved her. Today, because my mother saved all  my father memories, we still feel his presence of him in our life.

Digya Shrestha


“What is Poverty?” is written by a well- known writer Jo Goodwin Parker. I found Parker’s writing very touchy. It explains the sentiment which kills a man every day gradually. I want to focus on paragraph nine which seems most touchy part of this reading to me. According to the writer, poverty is one kind of invisible cord that grab people all the time. When people try to walk two steps forward poverty will pull them three steps backward. Moreover, whatever they do they will remain in the same position; theycannot change their situation. In this paragraph she talked about a significant effect of poverty. Poverty becomes acute when people don’t have a job; they overlook embarrassment and beg help to someone else; hide the truth for getting job. She also explains that poverty is stereotype. Some people inherited poverty by born; brings a black future them as well as their children. At times, they have to overlook their wishes and sometimes they have to sacrifice their beloved even they loved them most. I have seen this problem in my society. It reflects the stereotype practice of lower section of our society. In developing countries like Bangladesh about seventy five percent people live under the poverty line. Due to poverty people often married off their daughters before they reach at the age of marriage. Initially everything seems fine, but condition becomes severe when they give birth to their children. They cannot give their children nutritious food, required cloth, proper medical care and well education. On the other hand, society discriminate them in many ways.In school they are discriminated by teachers and classmates; often rich parents don’t want their child make friendship with poor children. They are also discriminated in job sectors; people prefer those who came from wealthy family. Not only lower class people suffer from this problem, but also middle class people suffer from it. Therefore, poverty become a curse for people and stays in every steps of their life. This curse passes to their children and then theirs children. In this way it goes on. Finally, i could say poverty diminishes all hopes of people. when there is a little light of hope and people walk close to that light theycan understand it was not true. Indeed it was a figment of their imagination.

What Is Poverty

The essay “What Is Poverty” by Jo Goodwin Parker, clearly describes what poverty and how poor feel and suffer due to poverty.

These describe the surrounding and the routine of the poor as they awake in the morning and go to bed in the night, with the same never cleaned, dirty and untidy place of residence, and the never leaving bad smell.  Poverty is working laboriously and being a chronic patient of several severe diseases like anemia.  Poverty is being hungry for several months. Still, feeding the children if you get something to make your tongue wet.  Poverty leads the poor children to skip schooling and compel to plan them to do any occupation that make you earn some money to fulfill your thirst and hunger.  Poverty separates the poor children from the wealthy ones in all aspects of life.  Poverty does not at least let you take the benefit of any public property: health clinics or government schools.  In short, poverty does not let the poor to do anything to proceed in life; rather simply compelling them to be silent and patient.

The elaborated essay of the above summery is from the perspective of first person which directly addresses the second person as the reader or the listener.  So when reading that particular essay, it sounds like the poor directly talking to the reader: complaining about the hopeless future waiting for him or her and their children and how they have suffered in the past.  The poor ask to look at them with an angry heart that will help the wealthy help to poor.

On the other hand, the wealthy people never turn their eyes or care about the poor in usual situations, perhaps, other than they get inspirations from these kinds of articles.  The wealthy people don’t even mind to feed the poor with a single parcel of food: instead they completely ignore the poor whenever they see the poor begging in a polite manner.

We all are supposed to take this seriously and find a solution to the poor who are also human beings like us and suffering without doing and evil act. This essay should call all of us for an action; to somehow lessen the bad situation that exist among poor, so that all of us can live in peace and harmony.  Hope everyone will think about this and take this to an action…