The Road Not Taken

As the speaker of the poem “The Road Not Taken” written by Robert Frost gets confused about choosing the right path for the rest of life, we also sometimes get into similar condition (1-4). As being human, we get lots of choices in our lives. The selection of right choice leads towards happiness, while the selection of wrong path leaves us with lots of problems. It is obvious that we human are not capable of visualizing the future effects of all kinds of our decisions, but we can surely get some knowledge from the experiences of our elders.

It is often said that teenage is the right age of taking the main decision of our life. In teenage, we get two options: one option leads towards our bright future, while the other destroys our whole life. It is often observed that the negative path lure teenagers quickly as it provides temporary happiness which last for few moments. For examples, in current situation, large numbers of teenagers use drugs which may temporary relieve them from their anxiety, but these drugs make them susceptible towards number of diseases and make them incapable of thinking about their future for the rest of the life. In contrast, the positive path is hard to follow as it requires lots of devotions. Though we need to work hard to follow the positive path, if we have strong desire to do something in our life, and be a successful people, we can easily get into the right path. For that we should always follow the positive path as shown by our parents. Parents always show the right path to their children. So, we should never doubt on suggestions of our parent and follow them so that we never fail to choose the right path in our life, and suffer throughout the life.

My Own Feelings on Taking That Road

           After reading the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, I closed my eyes and let myself to be in that situation with my own imaginary feelings.

            I felt puzzled and bewildered not knowing how to choose the better between the two roads. As being taught to think credibly, I decided to consider both sides before making any decisions. Then, I randomly looked at the right one and found out it was curved. “Will it be okay to me if I pick this path while I cannot see far away what will be going on?” I asked myself. Then, I saw it was a weary road that many people had chosen. Not always being decisive and bold, I have always followed others’ ways of thinking, but at that moment, I wanted to do a different thing. Although I felt a little bit scared of what would possibly happen to me, I was still certain of what I was going to do. And I made myself calm by telling that I was going to walk on the first road some day in the near future, or if I felt regret with my first decision, I would come back and chose the latter one. “However, will it be the same as I came back, or do I have chance to come back?” I wondered.“Maybe I should choose the safer one.” “No, I will be fun if I choose the new one,” I answered myself. I inhaled and exhaled, and the feeling of desire to venture something new held on me. I picked up the other one mumbling it would be ok. In fact, it was not a bad choice because I came to realize that it was more vigorous with a lot of grass, even though I found out many people also went on this road. I pondered, “Between two of the seemingly same ways, I has taken the better one for myself. I know it is not as perfect as I expected, but I am happy with my alternative.” I dreamed of my future when I spend time telling my children with satisfaction that I have made my life differently. I will be proud of my option with a high voice, “I am the one who dared to choose the more adventurous way and I have never felt regret for my decisions”. I will be so excited to tell them my experience. I will teach them to be confident with their choices, not to feel remorseful for their options, and not to depend on other but consider what is good for them, because they are the only ones who understand their own paths.  

Thu Nguyen

The Poem Resembling My Past

Written by Robert Frost “The Road Not Taken” is a poem about a situation where a person has to choose the path to move forward in the life. In this poem, the speaker encounters two woods during his journey and he foresees the future of both of them. Consequently, he chooses the second one. On his way, he dreams that one day he will let others know about his way of accepting challenges and making decisions after deep analysis. The situation described by the poem exactly matches my present time.

The speaker goes through great confusion to choose the way which leads to success and satisfaction. I, too, had two choices before getting admitted at AUW. I had choices of either getting admitted to an engineering college or applying for AUW. Furthermore, the speaker analyzes both the paths carefully and chooses the second one. I did the same; I analyzed both the choices to move forward. Firstly, I analyzed my life in the field of engineering. The high cost of academic fees would surely stop me from completing my course. In addition, I really didn’t have much interest to get involved in science field. I just want to study because I don’t know a reputed sector to study other than science and technology. I would not be satisfied in this sector because I don’t enjoy being a part of this sector and my family’s economic condition would not favor me as well. On the other hand, AUW would allow me to receive international education at a low price. In addition, I want to work in the social sector helping others and AUW has courses to nourish my knowledge. Therefore, I decided to apply for the admission. According to the poem, the speaker doubts if the way he had chosen would lead to a better future or not. Nonetheless, he was satisfied during his journey and with his decision. I, too, was doubtful at the beginning of my journey. However, today, after being accustomed to life at AUW, I am confident that I will have a successful future and have made a right decision. Furthermore, the speaker looks forward to letting others know about his intellectuality. I also would be proud to tell about the challenge I accepted and the process I implemented to deal with it.

Making The Right Choice

The poem “The Road Not Taken,” written by Robert Frost, portrays the confusion that we certainly face in a stage of our life. Life gives us several choices to choose, which makes us confused. We don’t understand which way to take and which way would be better for us. At first, when I read the poem, I felt like the poem says, “It’s better to choose the way that is not chosen much by others.” But as I read again and again, I guess I got its meaning. “And both that morning equally lay/ In leaves no step had trodden black” (8-12). These lines made me realize that both roads are the same. It is not like one way is better than the other. It is just making a choice rather than standing in the forest forever. In the end of the poem, the speaker says, “I shall be telling this with a sigh/ Somewhere ages and ages hence:” (16-17). This sigh seems superficial to me because it doesn’t express the exact feelings of the speaker or whether it was out of happiness or regret. So, it doesn’t mean that if we choose the way not usually taken by others, we will succeed.

In my opinion, making an unusual choice is interesting. The poem reminded me an incident of my life. When I was in the 9th grade, I was studying in a prestigious school of my area. After studying there for one and a half year I found out that the school has got a corrupted principal and several biased teachers. I was too frustrated to concentrate on my studies for this reason. Gradually, my parents also got to know about this and they proposed me to change my school in the middle of the academic year. They advised me to get admitted into a different school which was very new and had not many students.

I was in such a dilemma that time. Some of my friends and senior brothers told me to stay in that school because it is a famous one and it will be foolish of me if I leave. On the other hand, because of inattentiveness, I was having bad grades. I also didn’t know anything about that new school and its quality. Finally, I just quit the “prestigious” school and got admitted in the new school. I won’t say that it was clever of me because I didn’t know whether the decision was good for me or not. However, now I say to myself with a happy sigh that the decision of changing the school was the best decision ever taken by me. I passed with the best result and it was possible for the caring teachers of that new school.

Response to “The Road Not Taken”

         I found the poem, “The Road Not Taken”, written by Robert Frost truly inspiring and practical. Everyone in his or her life faces this kind of situation or dilemma where “one” has to be chosen over the other. This “one” can be either path or people and often our choice makes a huge difference on our lives. As shown in the poem, the speaker has to choose one of the two paths and believes in the future he will be in relief for choosing that path that has make the difference in his life. When I read this poem, I reminisced about my own days when I was pondering about my career. I still remember that day when I was left confused in my room without knowing whether leaving my place, my family, and my country to come to Bangladesh is right decision or not. After my intermediate, I knew that my family would not be able to pay for my higher studies. My family wanted me to come here, but my friends didn’t. I was not sure what would be the best for me and which way my career would be good. Listening to my people and my friends made my choice even more difficult. Then I took decision of coming to AUW. Today, I don’t regret for taking this decision and I feel good studying at AUW in multi cultural environment with my lovely friends and caring teachers. I now know that my future will be bright.

           Life is never easy and choices always affect our upcoming days. Taking right decision on right time is very important. But in my view, while taking decision, we should not comply with others. Instead, self satisfaction should be involved so that we won’t be regretting in the future. From this poem it can be learned that always choosing the easy way is not necessary. Sometimes, the way which people rarely take should be tried in order to get the difference in our lives. Every time searching for the easiest way is not good. Moreover, rather than listening to others, I believe, we should listen to our heart and take steps because by doing so, I have never regretted so far in my life.

My Choice

Reading the poem, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost reminded me of the time when I was in a state of dilemma. I had a hard time figuring out which stream to choose for my further study I had completed my grade ten. Similar to the speaker of the poet, I too had two options in front of me. I had a choice whether to study Business Studies or to hear my inner call and join Humanities stream.

I did as the speaker of the poet did. I looked the both options more closely. First I saw where I would land taking Business Studies. May be I was dragged by this field because of easy access to employment after my graduation. Then suddenly, I looked what I would become if I chose to join Humanities. This was the subject that had interested me since a long time. I was threatened by my elder cousins that I would land being a teacher, if I chose this field. Then I  researched and knew that I could be what I had dreamed about, media personnel, if I chose Mass Communication and Journalism Studies as my major. I was relieved then. At that moment, I felt like I had made a big victory by the simple act of deciding which course to take.

However, it was not as easy for me to answer everyone who had assumed that I would be a Science student. Sometimes I even did not have any word to answer their repetitive questions like, “What will you do studying Humanities?” The thing was similar to what the speaker of the poem has said: “Because it was grassy and wanted wear; / Though as for that the passing there / Had worn them really about the same,” (8-10).

I was the only one to choose Humanities among the pass outs from my school. So it seemed to me as if no one studied this subject. However, I later found out that the number of students studying Humanities were the same as Management or Science and sometimes even more.

Today, when I look at myself, I feel satisfied with the choice I made three years before. Similar to the speaker of the poem, I can say people with pride that choosing to be a student of Humanities was a milestone for me to be a part of AUW and land in this affluent learning environment.

The Roads I Have Taken

In the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, the speaker, who is a traveler, faced a dilemma – he had to choose one of the two roads in front of him to continue his journey. Finally, he chose the one that few people had traveled, which made his journey differ from others’.

In the process of making the decision, the speaker seems confused, apprehensive, and perhaps, a little sad, which is shrewdly described by Frost with the scenes of nature.  When I read the poem, I could not help thinking the decisions, most of which are related to education, I have made in my life. When I was seven, being the only child who attended primary school in my village, I chose to continue my studies, although there were some difficulties. Five years after that, I arrived at another fork – whether attend the local middle school or one far away from home. Then, I chose the latter one. After graduating from high school, again, I got another dilemma; I received the permission of AUW as well as the one from Yantai University in China. Finally, I walked on the road to AUW. It seems that I am a lucky girl, and the choices I have made seem to be wise. However, I also have paid a lot for the choices I made. The felling of loneliness, sadness, and helplessness has created the most difficult time on the way of my journey. Sometimes, I turn around and look back. All the footprints on the road have contained my sweats, tears, and even blood. Then, I would spend a moment to think that if I didn’t choose those roads, what would happen. However, I have never regretted any decision I have made, as I know even though I can go back to the forks again in my imaginations, I will never go back in reality, never.

Therefore, I will continue exploring my journey and making decisions with my own judgement, although I may stop to look at other people sometimes. Hopefully I will have a happy time on the roads I have chosen or I may choose in the future. Just as what Frost says, “I shall be telling this with a sigh” (16), and “that has made all the difference” (20).





The Career Not Taken

The poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost described that the speaker was confused while choosing a path between two roads. He chose the second path, which was less traveled by people, and he was content with this decision. Similar to the speaker, many people face this dilemma in their lives. I also faced this dilemma in my life before coming to AUW. I want to share that story with you.

When I passed my 12th standard, I appeared in three entrance exams. Two of them were engineering exams and the other was the entrance exam of Asian University for Women . Fortunately, I was able to pass all the exams. Therefore, I had two options. First was getting admission in AUW, and the other was in the rest two engineering institutes in India. In those days, I was facing trouble which career would be better for me. As I was more interested in taking science courses, of course, I wanted to go in one of those engineering institutes. However, AUW was also luring me since it is a well-known international university. Finally, I chose AUW, and I am very content after coming here. I never feel sorry that I didn’t choose the engineering college.  I know that I am learning more here in comparison to an engineering institute.

Now, I want to write a poem on above condition in style of Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken.”

              The Careers Not Taken

Two careers offered after I passed intermediate,

And sorry I could not take both

As it is necessary to choose one course

I looked at my future life with both careers as far as I could

But I can’t foresee them after five years;

I took the second because it’s more renowned,

And perhaps it lures me, and better for me and my family,

Because it is new and wanted to admit me;

Though as I got admission in it

I found that many girls are studying here.

And both were equally attractive

My future is bright in both fields.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing I can’t return back to the first,

After getting into the second career

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere, after one or two decades:

Two careers split when I was seventeen, and I—

I took the one less taken,

And that adds more stars in my glorious life.

My response to”The Road Not Taken”

“The Road Not Taken” is a beautiful poem by Robert Frost. The use of the natural environment in order to explain the mood of the speaker is praiseworthy. Moreover, this poem is relevant to most people’s lives because it presents a dilemma while making a decision that almost everyone has faced once in their lifetime.

In the poem, the speaker stands in front of the two divided roads; he becomes confused which one to take. These roads bewilder him; similarly, I can remember the day when I had to face a similar situation. On that day I was talking to my father, after having failed to get a scholarship in Institute of Medicine, in Nepal. My father was continuously querying about my decisions for my career. Since I was successively failing on every endeavor I took, I was gradually getting despaired. I had only two options left: either to return home and contrive for my next step or to keep on trying for the upcoming entrance exams. It was difficult for me to choose either choice because I was away from my home in order to achieve my goals, and I would be ashamed if I returned fruitless. Nevertheless, I thought a lot about it and I felt it was not prudent enough to waste my time seeking opportunities in only one field. Therefore, I chose to return to my home, where I had ample amount of time contriving about my future plans. Meanwhile, I too filled out an application and gave a try for a scholarship in a completely new subject, Liberal Arts, when I was at home. After staying some days at home and revitalizing myself with the evocative and inspiring speeches from my family, I went back to the capital city for tossing my luck one more time. However, who knew that my decision to go back home would be fruitful until I luckily got a scholarship to study in AUW. That was a difficult decision to make; nevertheless, it was a good one.

As described in the poem, in the future, the speaker would be relieved that he had possibly made a decision that has changed his life. Like the poet, now I am flipping over the pages of my past and reassuring myself that the decision I had made once was a good one because it has led me here, in AUW, where I am sharing my experiences among the talented people from all around Asia.

To live is to choose.

In the poem, “The Road Not Taken,” Robert Frost stated clearly the thoughts, feelings, and anxieties of a person who is facing a dilemma. After looking at and analyzing two roads representing two choices, the speaker chose the one that seemed to be eccentric and strange to him or her. In fact, with the interest in exploring and learning, he or she preferred the one that was “less travelled by” although it might be more difficult and dangerous than the other. Moreover, understood that when a decision was made, it couldn’t be made again, the speaker always endeavored to be satisfied with and responsible for what he or she had chose.

Like the speaker, we human beings also cannot escape from making decisions in our lives. Indeed, our lives are chess matches, and we are players of these matches; therefore, we always have to decide which pawns will go next. Also, we cannot stop the matches until their ends, the ends of our lives.  We may be confused, frustrated, or worried about the advantages and disadvantages of each pawn, but we cannot choose more than one. In addition, we have to make our own decisions; others can only give us advice and suggestions. We can make the right choices, or we cannot. However, at the ends of our lives, we can sigh because at least we have the abilities to decide the road of our lives.

Regarding the old, young, girls, or boys

No one can be exempted from choices.

Zeus even has to make his own voice

To support his wife or the mother of the boy

Who has saved him from his dead-point.


Therefore, don’t find ways to ignore or hide,

However try to show our strength and pride

So that every last decision often might

Be the one that makes us satisfied

Though we can’t say its results will be nice.


And after choosing one in the dilemma,

Never look back and hope we can be able

To return in the past and make another

But endeavor to become responsible

For what we have chosen forever.


Also, learn that to live is to choose

So try to pick the right one through

Considering bad and good between two

So that our lives will be sewed

In cloth and fabric that are cute.