Traditional Healers in Nepal

In the article, “The Social Symbolism of Healing in Nepal” we learned that Nepalese in rural parts believe in the traditional methods of healing in order to cure certain diseases. As far as I know, it is still prevalent at this period of time in many parts of Nepal. When I read this chapter, I reminisced about the time when I too went to visit one of the traditional healers with my grandmother.

It was around a year back when I was in Kathmandu. I was having a hard time with the pain in my stomach. I had to go for a regular check up and colonoscopy every three months. Nevertheless, the treatment in the finest hospitals even could not find out the reason for my stomach ache. As none of the prescribed medicines helped help me get away from the pain, my grandmother decided to take me to a traditional healer near the town for a check up. I was not in favor to see her because I never believed in such beliefs. However, I had to go anyway to please my grandmother.

In Nepal, people who have faith in those healers believe that the healers are granted with a special power by God. They say that certain Gods incarnate in these people and therefore, they respect and worship those people. It is also believed that Gods assemble in those healers only in special days of the week such as Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Therefore, one Saturday, I went to visit a healer near our town. The room where she lived was dark and the aroma of incense and the posters of Gods over the wall made me feel curious to see how the actual healer looked like. There inside the room was a small throne where a woman with a red dress was sitting. I was very excited as it was my first experience in a place like that.

As advised by my grandmother, I handed her with three grains of rice. Then, she enchanted some chants and asked me my name. The most mysterious thing was that the woman described what kind of pain I was going through by observing the grains of rice in her hand. She told me that someone had curse me with a bad spell and therefore, she provided me an amulet and advised me to wear it for about ten years. Even though I didn’t believe whatever she had said, I did not say a word in front of her because of her scary eyes. However, no matter what she did, my stomach ache did not heal even after counseling her.

Therefore, it was an amazing experience to get to meet the traditional healer, but I feel sorry that my grandmother had to squander a lot of money in order to help me get rid of my pain. Talking about the amulet, I never wore it because I never believed in it.

Thus, there are many people who are still practicing traditional healing in Nepal. It is surprising that these types of healings help some people get rid of their diseases.