If You Cannot Choose One

When you make a choice means you have been able to give up some options to pick one. Making a choice never leaves humans alone. Children start making decision when they are small. In a shop, they pick a chocolate, they choose one doll among several, they do not eat some food or they sing one of the songs that they know. Later, when they grow up, they come to make choices more important and more difficult. They choose their friends, the clubs and groups to join, and the field they like to study in high school. The more they grow up, the more the situations and conditions get serious. When they are young enough, they have to choose their jobs, their houses, and their partners.

However, making a good choice is not so easy. Choosing one option means giving up the others. As a result, there should be something to evaluate the options. Children usually evaluate thing based on their emotions. They choose what is more attractive and beautiful. Later, they learn to add a little logic to their criteria. The more they get old the more they think reasonably and logically about the available options.

Emotion or logic both can be a good power to push someone for making a choice; however, it is not always the same. Sometimes, they might be in a situation that they cannot put the priority on one option. In their ideas, all options might have the same value, they cannot sacrifice any of them for the other one. Therefore, some people may ask others’ help and opinion. For example, they ask their parents, friends, a counselor or someone who has experience in that case. Some others may choose another way to get rid of this dilemma.

Here, I will tell you one way of asking opinion that some people in my society believe in, Tafaol, or Faal gereftan. When someone is unsure about something and does not know what to do, he or she can try Hafiz’s, the Persian poet, help. First, he or she is required to pray for Hafiz and then open his book of poetry, Divaan-e-Hafiz randomly. Any piece of poem, which was at the beginning of page, will imply the answer. He or she will understand which way to choose or what to do. However, this way might seem very silly for some people, some others strongly believe in that.

In conclusion, despite that making a decision has a strong relationship with our feelings or reasons, sometimes neither of them can help us. We cannot always rely on ourselves and it is better to share it with others and benefit from their helpful experiences.