Response to ” Gender and Religion”

Although we hear that there were matriarchal societies in the prehistoric time, now there is no existence of matriarchal societies, and most of the time women are totally dominated by men. When I read “Religion and Gender” written by Moojan Momen, I realized that as in every religion men are showed as superior to women, they do not hesitate to undermine or neglect the women. They might know but neglect the fact that all men and women are equal and science has already proved it. Men always want to dominate the women, and argue that if the women do not agree with what religion says, these women are directly going to ignore the God. It is true that sometimes what religion says about the prestige and honor of men and women, we cannot agree with these. The real thing is that the religions do not always discriminate between men and women. These are the society people who want to dominate women, and that’s why they sometimes even skip or recreate the lines of the Holy Scripture for their own advantage. For example, in the religion Islam, it is said that every woman should respect their husband, and they can go to the heaven by doing this, but Islam does not ever say that if her husband do wrong deeds with them (for example, if he beats her or demand dowry), the wife should tolerate it and not say a single word against him. No, Islam does not ever say anything like this. The husbands have created a line “A woman’s heaven lies in the feet of her husband,” which is never told Islam. The meaning of the line is if you do not make your husband pleased or happy, you will not go to the heaven which means that a woman always has to do whatever her husband wants from them, whether she want to do it or not. They formed this line like the line which our prophet Mohammad said “A child’s heaven lies on the feet of her or his mother.” Therefore, in this patriarchal society, men only use the religion for their own advantage and skip the lines to take away the rights of getting honor of the women.