Conversation between Dream and Happiness!

Dream: I don’t want to be hidden! Let me free!

Happiness: If anyone let you free, then I will come!

Dream: Why? What’s the connection between you and me?

Happiness: I am feeling surprised! Do you not really know what the connection between us is?

Dream: To be candid, my answer is ‘no’. I only know that I live in people’s minds. They desire for me…aspire for me….I’m the light which guides them to go ahead in their ways of life. They want to fulfill me.

Happiness: Yes, that’s the point. What’ll be the result if they fulfill their dreams? Do you not think so that they will get happiness?

Dream: Oh! Yeah! I got the point what is the connection between you and me!

Happiness: Yes. People always want to be happy. They can do anything for that. In this way, is there anyone who does not want to be a dreamer? Sometimes a dreamer is a happy person because she or he has a dream which leads her or him to live for something. If anyone has no dream in life, I think she or he is dead.

Dream: Okay. I have a question. What will be the result if anyone is not able to fulfill his or dream? Breaking of dreams is one of the worst parts in human’s life.

Happiness: I agree with you. Sometimes reality makes people to postpone their dreams. They do not want to do that. However, they are compelled to do because of sacrificing for other, or family. There is no scope for them to accomplish their dreams in a fruitful way. I think they become unhappy, but sacrificing for other is a good thing. They can be happy by reminding that I am doing it for the sake of one’s smile which I want to see. They can pacify their pain of breaking their dreams in that way.

Dream: Yes, it is a matter of not to be selfish. It is so important in this world because people are unhappy as they are selfish and self-centered. However, one has to try his or her best to fulfill their dreams and desire. If they don’t, they can give condolence their own selves by telling that ‘Okay, I tried my best to do that, but I never give up my hope of fulfilling my dreams.’

Happiness: Definitely! Thus we both can make this world happier with a smile in everyone’s face!