Another Ending of the Play

Willy – I am going to commit suicide (holding seed packets in his hand).

Ben – What?? What are you saying?

Willy – Oh Ben, I am kidding. Actually I am frustrated that Biff didn’t get money from Oliver. Therefore, I have a clever plan to give him money to start his business. I am going to crash my car over the bridge. Then, I will jump on the water of the river, and escape from there. In this way, Biff will get the money of the car insurance and my personal insurance to start a business.

Ben – No, you are not going to do anything like this. You know that you may lose your life.

Willy – Ben, I know that nothing bad will happen to me. I have already made all arrangements.

Ben – Do, whatever you like, but I am not with you. I have to go. If you do so, I will never come back. Good-bye. (Ben exits.)

Willy (In very loud voice) – Ben, please listen to me.

(Hearing the voice, Linda comes out to the home.)

Linda – What’s the matter Willy? Why are you shouting?

Willy – Nothing…, I have to go. One of my friends called me for dinner.

Linda – OK, but please come soon after taking your dinner. I will be waiting for you.

Willy – OK. Bye. (Linda goes inside.)

Willy (Starting his car)(in very law voice) Sorry Linda, I am not going to come back. This was our last meeting.

(After a few days, the police report to Linda that her husband had a car accident over the bridge, and they found the evidence of his car in the river, but can’t able to find her husband’s dead body in the river. In addition, she also gets the insurance money of her husband.)

Biff – (in a sad, crying voice) Due to me, he died. Now, I will work hard to fulfill his dream. Mom, I will open a food restaurant, and achieve material success.

Happy – I will also help you.

Biff – Mom, Please give me the insurance money of the car. Today, I will start the business.

(After five years)

(Willy and the woman, Miss Francis, enters into a restaurant)

Willy – It looks like a big restaurant.

The woman – It is the best restaurant in the city.

(Mistakenly, a waiter pours cold drink on the cloth of the women, and the woman becomes very angry at him. When she shouts at him, the owner of the restaurant, Biff, comes there, and apologizes for the waiter’s mistake. Suddenly, Biff s sees his father sitting beside her.)

Biff – Pop!!! You are alive! Why did you leave us? Why haven’t you come home? Let’s go home. Mom is still waiting for you.

Willy – No, Now, It’s too late. I am leaving with Miss. Francis since five years. Now, it’s not possible to go back home.

Biff — Pop, Don’t take tension. She will also go with us.

(Biff compels his father to come back home then Willy with the woman goes to his home. When he enters in his home, Linda became very happy, but suddenly her happiness demises by seeing the woman with him. Lastly, she can’t tolerate his husband with another woman, so she commits suicide.)