My dear classmates from  True Blue and my new friends from  Mellow Yellow,

Hi. I am really happy that still I am able to share my ideas and hear from yours through internet. I am exited to start this new, exciting experience. Welcome to the AUW Academic Reading and Writing blog. Share your brilliant ideas with the world and show what is in your mind.

Good Luck all,




Hi friends,

Ecstatic to share and recieve ideas. It’s a good opportunity. Isn’t it? Off course! it is.

Hello Friends

I am Munna Dahal from Nepal. I have been studying together with you all for six months. Hope this blog will bind us in a web of friendship more stronger than before. I am excited to read your entries and post mine where we can widen our horizon of knowledge. Good luck for you all and warm wishes.

Hi friends!!

It’s me, Jyoti Pokharel, one of your friends. I am from Nepal. Till now, we were just limited to yellow group or blue group. But, I am really happy and excited to share our work with each other as a whole group now. I am looking forward to do well and to see my friends’ work aswel. Hope to have fun and learn together. Goodluck to you all.


Hello dear friends,

                  I am so excited to share our ideas amid us through this bolg. Good luck!

Kalpana (Yellow)


Hello everyone!!!!

I am Priyanka Shrestha from yellow group. I want to welcome you all to  our blog. Hope, we will have great fun experiencing a new way of  doing assignments.


Hi, everyone. I’m Tram Pham in Yellow. Hope that we can learn more about each other by sharing our opinions.


Hello, girls! I’m Mei Hui, one of your classmates~Hope everything is going well with you!  I’m so excited that we will be able to share many things on this blog. Good luck to you! ^_^


I am Savitri Kumari. I am from Bokaro, Jharkhand, India. I am reading in Asian University for Women.



 Hello! This is Tausifa. I am from Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. I love my friends and  teachers at Asian University for Women. I wish you good luck!