Mother’s wish

The story “Two kinds” by Jing Mei Woo reminded me my mother’s wish.

From my childhood, there was a strong wish of my mother was to see me as a successful singer. But unfortunately I had no interest in singing. Although I used to like to hear songs, I felt hesitation to sing. It seemed to me that I could not sing nicely like the singers. Actually, lack of confidence made me apart from singing, but my mother was totally determined that she would try her level best to plant the seed of singing in me. The most important thing to me that my mother’s voice was very sweet and nice to hear. She used to sing very well and I could not sleep without hearing her songs before sleeping. She had a great passion and fascination for singing from her childhood. The background of my mother’s family was not solvent. She could not get a chance to learn singing from any song masters because of poverty. That’s why she always wanted that her wish would be reflected through me, but it was a matter of regret that I could not try to understand her feelings. One day, she took me to a famous song teacher and introduced me and requested him so that I could be able to learn singing from my heart. The teacher was not so young and his thoughts and ideas were obsolete although his singing was tremendously impressive. Really speaking, I did not like the teacher and I would not give attention. Even I would miss the teacher’s class.

I felt very happy when I saw that my mother bought a harmonium for me. I used to try to play harmonium but I did not sing. It made my mother unhappy and she inspired me to give attention to sing. What was my problem? Why was I so inattentive in singing? –I could not love singing in spite of getting mother’s inspiration and guidance of my teacher, but my mother did not irritate me so much like Jing Mei’s mother

The deplorable occurrence in my life was my mother’s illness. Suddenly I heard of my mother’s throat infection. For her treatment, she had to go India and stay there for two and half months. She told me to keep up singing at the time of departure. At that time I deeply realized the importance of my mother’s desire. From that moment, I determined that I would learn singing properly. I missed my mother as well as her singing so much. I paid attention and practiced singing regularly every morning. I became more confident.

My mother became so delighted listening my songs after coming from India. Now I feel interesting and become more attentive in singing. My mother’s illness has changed me.


The Joy Luck Club reminded me the struggle of my grandmother. In the first chapter Jing-mei Woo’s mother Suyuan Woo had to face many difficulties at the time of war. When I was reading this story, I had to compare my grandmother to her mother, because my grandmother passed a difficult time at the time of our liberation war in 1976. One day,She told me her life’s struggle.

My grandmother was a good wife and a responsible mother of four children. She got married at the age of twelve, like many other women in her time, but did not give birth until twenty. As a mother and a wife, her day usually starts very early in the morning by milking the cattle. She described “everything was green and the air so fresh”. Actually, she was explaining the beautiful nature of my homeland. She started to talk about the point that would change her life forever.

One morning, of March 1971, something unusual happened. It was the time of liberation war. Before that day, she heard about the Pakistani Army attacked our region and forced people to move. My grandfather and her brothers went to fight for our country. They were freedom fighters. My grandmother and her four children had to cross the river to seek refuge. They only got a boat to cross the river, but they had to pass the other way on feet, no carts or any other way of transportation could be used because she was afraid of dropping bombs or any kind of attack on them. During her journey, she could only walk at night and hide behind trees or rocks. After that night, she sought a refuge in a relative’s house, but it was not safe for her because there was a camp of Pakistani Army near that house. As a result, she had to go out with some food but it was very difficult for her to continue walking carrying four children. Her youngest child died because of staying without food. What a painful seen for a mother to see dying child in front of her! It was a true devastation and heart-breaking. She was telling with her tears in her eyes. The tragedy did not end here. She said that she lost her sight on the following day. As they continue their journey a bomb was dropped before them. The ashes got in her eyes and she lost her sight for ever. At last some freedom fighters took her in a refugee campus and she got the message of her husband’s death.

The woman with no sight had to take care of her three children in such kind of bad condition. For me, she is the example of courage and just struggle.


When I was reading the story “Rules of game” by Waverly Jong, I became thoughtful comparing Jong’s passion to my passion. Though Waverly Jong has passion for chess, she could not get the enough chance to practice. Her mother was indifferent to her fascination. Her brothers did not encourage her enough to continue her practice. In my case, from my childhood I was strongly fascinated with painting. I wished to be a famous painter, but I was not well-supported by my family. I used to paint from my own wish without learning. I expressed my passion to my parents so that they could admit me into an art school, but they were not willing to admit myself. They said that if I had been admitted into an art school, I would not give more time in study. Although I was not getting any support, I did not lose my heart.

Waverly Jong got inspiration from an old man and the old man taught her the secrets of chess. On the other hand, I got inspiration from my intimate friend, and my friend used to teach me, because she was in a famous art school. At the time of break I used to learn from her. I did not play like other girls in school. I spent my leisure time in painting. One day, there was a competition which was organized by city-corporation on Independence Day. I wanted to take part in the competition, but no one in my family wanted that. Yet I did not lose heart. I took part in the competition with my friend and the most surprising matter to me that I stood first. When I heard that, my joys knew no bound. I became very delighted. Although, I did not inform anything to my parents, they came to know about it the day after competition, when a journalist of a local newspaper came to know about the history of my art-fascination to report. When my parents knew about it, they became very astonished and happy. They decided to admit myself into an art school. They encouraged me a lot to continue my practice.

If someone has strong passion for something, she can be able to achieve it.

Significance of “self-Knowledge”

The poem “self-knowledge” by Khalil Zibran gave me a new inspiration to develop real knowledge in our soul. When I understood the poem I could realize the power of self-knowledge. The best time to enrich self-knowledge is youth. From my point of view, I think that power, in the true sense of the term lies in self-knowledge. Self-knowledge can be evaluated in mental and social terms. At the time of youth, we have an extreme thirst for self-knowledge. We generally think that power belongs to the strength. When two wrestlers fight, we think that the stronger will win. And in a battle the country with the larger army expects that it will be victorious. But strength without self-knowledge is blind. A blind giant cannot cope with a man who has sharp eyes. Self-knowledge is the secret of success in all fields. In ancient times, men had no knowledge of nature and they thought that the trees and the hills were inhabited by spirits and fairies. But along with the passing of days many unknown things were invented by the attempt of their self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge develops the conscience by which man can judge good or bad and right or wrong. It helps a man to guide himself in a proper way and cultivate all the virtues to become a complete man. Actually, it is related to humanity, morality. It is such a rational power that it grows naturally in human behavior which cannot ignore logic and reason. But nowadays moral erosion is increasing. We are losing the invaluable virtue of morality lack of self-knowledge Most of the people prefer riches but not the knowledge. Our moral character is getting destroyed.

If we do not gain self-knowledge from our childhood, we shall fail in every aspect of life. We will have to open the door of mind. If we do not allow ourselves to know the false, we will not be able to have the taste of truth. In the world, there are many bad events but we have to choose the good one among bad. It is self-knowledge.

Response to “The Giving Tree”

The poem “Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein made me very sad and thoughtful. From my point of view, the loving tree represents our parents and the young boy represents the youth (young generation).

In the poem, when the young boy was kid, his playing mate was the “tree” just like friend. They loved each other. The kid passed most of his time with the tree. There is a sweet relationship between the tree and the young boy, but gradually the young boy grew older, he forgot the tree. He only came to the tree for satisfying tree his desire. He became selfish. The tree sacrificed his leaves, apples, trunk for the boy’s happiness, but the boy did not give the value of the feelings of the tree. He only thought about his happiness and business. He did not care the happiness of the tree.

This poem concerned me about the responsibilities to my parents and made me thoughtful about their loneliness when our parents are aged. Actually parents and children constitute a family. They are connected with one another by blood, love and affection. The children cannot live through the days of infancy without the loving care of their parents. It is the parents who bring up them, nourish them in sickness, take care of their health, give them proper education and help them to get settled in life. In fact, the parents are the best friends, philosopher, and protectors of their children. They sacrifice whole life, all their happiness to their children. Thus, the children owe a great duty to their parents, but it is a matter of great regret that we are indifferent to our responsibilities to our parents. Being older the Youngs became selfish and busier than before. They do not care about what their parents want. The parents want to pass the last days of their life with their children. Although, they want companionship, the Youngs do not give importance to them. The nature of parents is always “sacrificing”. On the other hand, the nature of Youngs is always “wanting”. We ignore our parents at the old age when they are dependant like child. We do not share our happiness with them, but our parents share all their happiness with us. We forget them in our happy moment and go to them if we are in distress. Even, we send them to old home. Why we do not think about us? We will also have to face this time one day. We will be old one day. Our children will also behave with us in this way. We should take proper care of our parents in their old age.


`When I was reading the essay “Greek Mythology” by Clare B. Dunkle, I recalled about my religious beliefs which are not always true but considered as The Hindu Myth. Actually, mythology is a collection of stories written by a culture or a religion over the years and passed down from generation to generation. Most of the myths concern the creation of the world and the human race and people believe most of them as traditional truth.

The Hinduism is such kind of religion in which multitude  gods are believed and there are many interesting mythologies which are still now alive. Mainly, we believe three gods in our culture. Brahman, Vishnu, and Shiva. It is believed that Brahman is the lord of whole of universe and he creates everything in the universe. Vishnu is the second lord who dominates the earth and takes care of his children(people). Shiva is the third lord who destroys all the devil things in the universe.We consider Brahman as most powerful lord. It is knowned to us that our heaven is in the sky. The lord Indra dominates the heaven. As he can create the clouds and thunders, he is considered as the lord of  the sky.

Once upon a time, there was a drastic conflict between the angels and devils. The devils lived in the hell. But they did not want to live any more in the hell. They started killing the angels. The angels became disappointed and left the heaven. The lord Indra noticed all the misdeeds happening against the angels. The lord of devil is Ashure. He got a wish of immortality from Shiva for his strong worship. Nobody could not be able to kill him. Hearing this, Indra became tensed and went to discuss the matter with Brahman. But Brahman said that it was impossible for him to do anything because Ashure got a wish of immortality. He suggested that if they wanted to save the heaven they had to go such an honest person who has to sacrifice his bones to make the weapon by which the devil would be killed. After a lots of searching, at last they found Dadhichi Muni, a great saint. He accepted the proposal of Indra and sacrificed his life. After that, happiness came to the heaven. They killed all the devils associated with Ashure.

For that reason, we worship Dadhichi Muni for honesty.


When I was reading the definition essay “What is poverty” I became emotional with my tears. In this essay the poverty is defined in an obvious way which is very heart-touching. Poverty is such kind of curse which grasps every dreams and happiness from human life. It represents the lack of basic human needs, such as clean water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing and shelter, because of the inability to provide them. I live in Jamal Khan and there is a slum little bit far away from my house. When I used to go school, on that way, I had to see the pathetic seen and unbearable condition of the poor people .Most of the people live in the street; they have to live in the dirty, foul place. This essay has changed my outlook towards the poor people .Before reading this essay I thought myself men can be poor but why are they dirty? Now, I have found my answer that it is not easy for a poor family to keep themselves neat and tidy. They require money to buy soap and washing powder to clean their body and surroundings. Also, poor people always have to wear old dresses that have gone out of use and these clothing generally look ugly. As they have no money to buy new clothes. Before reading this essay I felt hatred to the poor girls who become engaged in prostitution to earn money. Now, this is obvious to me that a prostitute is a victim of poverty. A girl who has been experiencing extreme poverty all her life, she has to see her dying father struggling against death for want of medicine. Seeing her brother addicted because of poverty which causes depression compels her to be engaged in prostitution. For want of money, her mother works outside as a servant. The family cannot provide money to marry off her sister. Facing all these difficulties the poor girl selects the profession as a prostitute to make her family happy.

Poverty is a serious problem facing Bangladesh but there is no doubt about it that this is the consequence of our own activities, though it has not been created in overnight. We are a nation averse to industry. Many of us do not try to improve their lot by means of industry. They only sit idle, cursing their fate. They do not try to realize that idleness is a deadly sin. So, all of us should work in a body for the development of the country and nation.