Abortion means the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnency. According to the Muslim religion aborting a baby is equivalent with thirteen murders. Though abortion means killing a baby, it is logical in some certain reasons. Additionally, woman has the right to choose what happens to her own body is markedly flawed; on the other words she has the right to decide whether she wants a baby or not and. According the law before 20 weeks abortion is legal. Abortion has both advantages and disadvantages. Actually, it depends how people use it. Moreover, sometimes it helps people to control some bad situations.

         Firstly, if a girl, who is teenager, is raped by a man or cheated by her boyfriend and become pregnant. Then what will she does? Does she give birth to the baby? Does she give the baby a life without a father or give a bad future? A society like ours in Bangladesh doesn’t accept an unmarried girl with a baby. They always consider the baby illegal. In this regard, for saving that teenage girl’s life aborting this unwanted pregnancy is logical.

          Secondly, one woman already has four children. Her husband is the only person who earns money and he is facing hard time to fulfill all the basic needs of their children. Therefore, now her husband is economically unable to afford another child. But unfortunately she became pregnant again. In this situation abortion is logical.

           Thirdly, abortion is rational for preventing the birth of a child with birth defects or severe medical problems. Such defects are often unknown until routine second-trimester tests are done

            Lastly, if the mother is not physically prepared to have a baby and this pregnancy can be caused for her death, than abortion is necessary.

             Unfortunately, people often use abortion in bad reasons. However, young generation often have sex before marriage and try to get rid of their unwanted pregnancy by doing abortion. Sometimes people take decision to abort baby only because the baby is a girl. In those cases, abortion is not logical and is similar to murder.

Making Own Aim

            Why should parents through their decisions to their children? Parents can give them choice, but should not through their decisions. It is not good for mental growth of their children. They have their own choice what he or she want to be. After reading “Two Kinds”, I understand Jing-mei was forced by her mother. As a result, she could not learn anything. In that case, I feel how lucky am I. My parents gave me the chance to chose my future. Since my childhood I had a great affection for vocation of doctor. In my childhood days, when I played doctor-patient with my dolls, I usually acted as if I were a doctor. One of my uncles was doctor and he worked in a government hospital. I usually went to his hospital and I felt sad for those ill people who were suffering in the hospital. That time I could feel my real desire for helping those poor and ill people. However, my parents always thought me to help others specially distress people and I believe only a doctor can save human life, so that being a doctor is the best way to help people. Additionally, it was my Grandfather desire to see me as a doctor. So, I started  believing that my aim is to become a doctor. As far as I know my mother comes from a family where education doesn’t belongs for women because they believed girls were born only for taking care of her husband’s house. Though she could not continue her studies, she wanted me to do that. On the other hand, although my father got the chance to study medicine, he did not complete his studies whereas his brother did; so he wanted me to see as a doctor. I wanted to fulfill my parent’s desire. In order that, I started nurturing my dreams see me as a doctor.  In my dream I always thought I was wearing costumes of a doctor and giving treatment to the patients. Unfortunately, even though I tried hard, I could not acquire the chance to get myself admitted into the medical college. After listening my story, you may think that my desire for being a doctor is forced, but I tell you it isn’t. Actually my parents gave me the plot to make my choice and I choose my aim. In this way, I learn how to make my own decisions.

My Giving Trees

            After watching the video of “Giving Tree”, I closed my eyes and compared my life with that boy. I found myself between two giving trees: one of whom is my father and another is my mother. I felt I was so lucky than that boy because the giving tree only give everything the boy demanded without judgment. Actually, my parents are my giving forest, but they always considered whether that thing is good or bad for me.

           First of all, if I thought my father as a tree, I could classify him a big banyan tree. He is the eldest and toughest person in my family. He is a very honest teacher who works in a small school in my village and leaves a simple life. Even though he is very tough in his laws, he has a big heart; he loves his daughters very much. Our family is a middle class one. Every month, my father faces hard time to bear our necessary things, but he never lets us feel the pain of poverty. Whatever we ask him to give us, he somehow manages those things and give them to us. One day at the end of the month while his salary was about to finish, I asked him to give me one thousand taka for my school picnic. All of my friends had already submitted their money other than me. That time I felt I would not be able to join the picnic, but my father gave me money to join the picnic just before the picnic day. I was so happy. A few days later, I heard that his shoes were gone for last 2 months, and he saved money to buy new shoes. Nevertheless, he didn’t buy them because he gave me his money to fulfill my enjoyment.

            Secondly, I can categorize my mother as a fruit bearing tree. She is well-mannered, soft and loving. She sacrifices her whole life for taking care of her daughters. In fact, she dropped her studies after my elder sister was born. Though she is polite she always punish us whenever we do something wrong, but never yield at us. She gives me the lesson of morality and teaches me how to differentiate between right or wrong. Actually she is my ideal and an inspiration for my future life. Finally, I want to say, I love my giving trees a lot.

Voice of the Wall

Can you hear me? I know nobody can hear me. Even nobody know who am I? I am the voice of an old wall.  You can recognize me specifically if I introduce myself by telling you that I am the wall, which Lena used to put her ears and try to hear the sound that comes from my opposite side. My standing position is at the horizon point of two apartments. In this same place, I have been standing for several years. In this apartment, many families came to live and went.  I am the only bystander of those families’ joy and sorrow.

Among all those people, a girl grasps my attention most: Lena – a little girl- who came to live here with her parents. Though she was little, she was very thoughtful.  She could understand despite her age. She always tried to make her mother feel that her mother wasn’t lost; she was not alone because still her daughter could understand her. After the death of Lena’s new born sibling, her mother lost her all hopes for living. I saw Lena crying at night, while she felt remorse for not interacting with her mother. I cannot express, but I can feel what Lena felt. Lena had her own world where she was alone. Though, I am not transparent, she couldn’t see the life of my opposite side. She imagined stories by hearing the sounds that came from the other side of me.

On my opposite side, I glimpse another picture of mother – daughter relationship. I have met another girl. First, I hated that girl most. She was totally contrary of Lena. She never obeyed her mother. Her mother always scolded and yelled at her. For several nights, I couldn’t sleep for their quarrelling. That night, I became so scared while she came to Lena’s room. I was dubious that what will she do? Will she commit suicide? If she did then what happen to Lena? Too many questions raised on my mind. I felt relived, when I saw her go back to her room instead of committing suicide. I was happy to know that she knew her mother love’s her.

Comparing these two girls; eventually I knew that one thing was similar between them and that was they both loved their mothers. I think mother – daughter relationship is the most mysterious association in the world.

Work without love

Love makes everything perfect. Working with love means love your own work. Whatever you do, but do it with love that will help you to make your work inclusive. Everyone should love their work. Its consequences will remain during their whole life time. Similar to this, working without love also has an awful lifetime consequences. By giving a short anecdote this can be explained more specifically.

It is an anecdote about a boy who suffers most for not loving his works.

In childhood,

There was a boy who didn’t love studying. As a student, his first and foremost work was studying. He always procrastinated his homework. By doing this, he became lazy. Before the examination he never prepared his studies well. For this reason he always got poor marks. After that, he passed his school with poor grades.

In youth,

When the boy became a young man he needed to work. He did not want to work and didn’t appreciate all works. Though he had to support his livelihood, he started searching for jobs. For getting a job, he had to face a hard time; due to his preference and poor grades, he didn’t get a good job. After a long time he started working with a low salary and bed condition. Every day he went to work unwillingly. He didn’t love his work because it seemed tedious to him and during his work time he felt it doesn’t pass. Every day when he went to the job he starts counting minutes and hours for finishing his work time. He felt pressure on doing his works; therefore, his life became massy. Eventually, he can’t terminate his work properly and most probably every day his boss scolded him.

In age,

When he was in the age of sixties, he didn’t have the ability to work. He had to spend his time by remising what he should have done or shouldn’t have done in the past. He wished he would love his work and could make his live more meaningful.

According to the eminent writer Khalil Gibran, everyone should love their work. If anyone can love their work, then they can recognize love and know the meaning of time. They can enjoy their work time. However, no work is dire and all work should be appreciated. Moreover, working with love can help then to live a happy life and have nothing to remorse. So, I think work makes life meaningful, and everyone should love their work.

An-mei Hsu’s Diary

An-mei Hsu,

I don’t know what the definition of family is. Does it mean two little children living without parents? Or does it mean to hate mother and to be scared of father? For me family is a group of people living under a roof with sorrows. No love, hating mother and escaping from own emotions. I think the only reason for living those people together is by birth they belong to that family.

I am the girl who doesn’t have reminisced about her mother. I am not familiar with this relationship. I love my mother, but I am prohibited to show my love. My grandmother used to compare my mother with ghost. My childhood was different than others. Others Wake up in the morning by hearing their mothers voice, but I woke up by hearing my aunt’s scold. When I cried nobody comes to stop my crying, I hide my face in my pillow and cried. Indeed, I searched  my family and friends in my dolls. I played and shared my feelings with them while others share their emotions, feelings ,and secretes with their mothers. From the childhood everyone are taught to love their mother, but my lesson was different. I was taught that my mother is the worse person in the world. I don’t know why she get married, but I know she love me because I could remember her red eyes. I met her in my dreams. Indeed, my memory for my mother is only my scar. Honestly speaking, I am happy to have this scar; otherwise, I don’t have anything to remember my mother.

Now the definition of family has been changed for me and I am happy being a part of my “own” family. My children’s are happy because they have both a mother and a father. Looking at my children I feel relax that they don’t have childhood as like me. I can understand what my children feel when they don’t see me. When they feel hunger, I feed them; when they feel lonely, I become their friend; when they are injured I cure them and when they make mistake I punish them. I don’t know whether I am a good mother or not, but I know I am a mother and I am always beside my children. I love my children and they also love me. We are a loving and happy family.

On Aging

Isa is a little girl and lives in a join family. She is very close to her grandfather. Her parents are very busy with their works. They don’t have time to take care of their children. She loves and misses her parents too much, but she never be upset because she has an old friend (her grandfather). She plays and spends her times with him. One day Isa return from school and don’t find her grandfather at home. After that she has come to know that her parents send her grandfather to old home. Her parents are unknown about the love between the grandchild and grandfather. Now she became alone and doesn’t talk to anyone. A few days later she got fever and became sick. Although doctors tried their best, but their medicine doesn’t work. Her parents become worried. Then doctor advised her parents to get back her grandfather. Doctor’s advice works faster than medicine and Isa recovers.

This anecdote is a common event in most families. Children want love and care. Sometimes parents become so busy with their work that they don’t try to understand their children, but grandparents do. Although they are old people, they can read their grandchild’s mind. Furthermore, they can solve the misunderstanding between children and parents. When people become old it does not mean they are useless for the family. Actually they are the asset for our family as well as our society, because they are experienced. They had passed their life by observing the truth of living. Moreover, their valuable advice can help us to solve several problems. In western countries, it becomes a culture that people often send their parents to old homes when they crossed sixty. They equivocate old with child. Sometimes they forget that age changes, but relations don’t change. When they were child they (old parents) cared them, when they were hungry they fed them, when they were afraid they hold their hand and when they cried they sang lullaby.

Maya Angelou, one of the esteemed voices of literature. According to her poem “On Aging”, she wants to tell everyone that old is not useless. It is true that age losses their ability to work, but they are not burden; they want care not sympathy. Though they are old still they are our near ones, so Instead of sending those to old homes take care of them.


“What is Poverty?” is written by a well- known writer Jo Goodwin Parker. I found Parker’s writing very touchy. It explains the sentiment which kills a man every day gradually. I want to focus on paragraph nine which seems most touchy part of this reading to me. According to the writer, poverty is one kind of invisible cord that grab people all the time. When people try to walk two steps forward poverty will pull them three steps backward. Moreover, whatever they do they will remain in the same position; theycannot change their situation. In this paragraph she talked about a significant effect of poverty. Poverty becomes acute when people don’t have a job; they overlook embarrassment and beg help to someone else; hide the truth for getting job. She also explains that poverty is stereotype. Some people inherited poverty by born; brings a black future them as well as their children. At times, they have to overlook their wishes and sometimes they have to sacrifice their beloved even they loved them most. I have seen this problem in my society. It reflects the stereotype practice of lower section of our society. In developing countries like Bangladesh about seventy five percent people live under the poverty line. Due to poverty people often married off their daughters before they reach at the age of marriage. Initially everything seems fine, but condition becomes severe when they give birth to their children. They cannot give their children nutritious food, required cloth, proper medical care and well education. On the other hand, society discriminate them in many ways.In school they are discriminated by teachers and classmates; often rich parents don’t want their child make friendship with poor children. They are also discriminated in job sectors; people prefer those who came from wealthy family. Not only lower class people suffer from this problem, but also middle class people suffer from it. Therefore, poverty become a curse for people and stays in every steps of their life. This curse passes to their children and then theirs children. In this way it goes on. Finally, i could say poverty diminishes all hopes of people. when there is a little light of hope and people walk close to that light theycan understand it was not true. Indeed it was a figment of their imagination.