A mother is always a mother.

The chapter “Four Direction” of Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan made me confused about the actual relationship between Waverly and her mother Lindo, two main characters of this chapter.

From the beginning, Waverly was worried about her mother that she would not agree with her decision of remarrying. As her mother always found negative things or faults, which were always right, she was afraid that her mother would change her mind. She tried several times and at last was able to tell her about Rich and her affair. Then she found that her mother knew it and said that she did not hate her future husband. When she blamed her that she never agreed with her, she cried. Waverly was confused with the strength and weakness simultaneously. After that her mother said from here she came and what the significant of his. Though Waverly was confused why she was telling those things, later she understood the meaning of her mother’s word. She realized that she was fighting against herself, not against her mother. Moreover, she discovered that her mother was not completely rude; she also had love and weakness for her mother.

I think that all people and their personality are not equal in the world. Though I cannot imagine my mother’s behavior like Waverly’s mother, I think she also had the same love and adore for her, which my mother has for me. My mother thinks that she does not love her children like other mothers. I also think that sometimes she is rude. However, I feel that my mother is the best mother in the world. This realization did not come to Waverly as she always thought about the negative things about her mother. Maybe she was over rude sometimes; she did those things from her personal and cultural points of view and the thought of betterment for her daughter. A mother never cannot destroy her daughter’s life, even she cannot think of. Therefore, when her mother made her understand that she was worried about herself, not about her, it was clear that her mother did not have any intension of interrupting in her life. Constantly, Waverly was happy and had new feelings for her mother.

In conclusion, I want to say that a mother always thinks for the betterment of her children. Waverly and her mother’s relation is one of the proofs of this fact. However, it is not clear to me that why Waverly said that “I did understand finally. Not she just said. But what had been true all along.”

I think someone will help me to understand that.

Half and Half and my response.

After reading “Half and half” I was sorrow for Rose, her mother and especially for her younger brother Bing Hsu. As I read about the death of her brother in the seawater, I felt very sad and simultaneously I thought that I am lucky living on the earth until now. I know it sounds strange, but I truly had some accident in the water and every time I was saved fortunately. When I was 4- years old, one day I went to take bath in a pond near my home. After sometimes, my mother came to see what we are doing and she found that I was drowning. She rescued me and forbade me to go to the pond without any matured member of my family. I was both frightened anxious about water from that accident. Besides, I never taught how to swim, so I always afraid of water. At the age of 11-12, I went one of my relatives’ home and we went to the river near their home with other sisters and aunts. When we were taking bath, I suddenly slipped into the dipper and was about to drown. Someone noticed me and took me to the shore. After hearing this, my mother was really thoughtful that it was not good sign to occur similar things repeatedly. Whenever, I had to cross river by boat or another things, I always thought that it would sink and I would die. However, nothing happened until I was a candidate of school certificate exam. At the end of our school life, our teachers took us for n excursion. There was a beautiful pond and my friends were playing with the water. I followed them and went to wash my leg and fall down. I did not know how I returned to the bank. All my clothes and purse were wet and I could not enjoy the day. Hearing that, all of my relatives were frightened and advised me to learn swimming. As there was no suitable place to learn swimming, I did not learn that. Now, the condition is worse than past. I am living in Chittagong and I have to cross the river Carnafuli by boat. The river is so furious and that……..I cannot explain my feelings of the time when the boat is shaken by the huge current of the river. I wish I would learn swimming.

 The Voice from The Wall

When I read the chapter “The Voice from The Wall”, I had a strange feeling. As Lena thought that her mother of her neighborhood abused her daughter, I also had the similar thought. I felt very sorry for the girl that her mother did not love her. Is it possible to live in the world a daughter when her mother does not love her? However, I felt relief when I finished the chapter. Simultaneously, I remembered an event of my own life similar to Lena’s experience.

             At that time, I was in class five, when I faced the experience. As I lived in a extended family, there were lots rooms in our home. My room was besides one my cousins’ room. They were two sister lived in the room. One of them was elder than me; another one was with me in the school. As we finished our primary education, we were taking preparation for getting admission in high school. I would read until midnight. One day, I heard that someone was scolding someone with slang language. I was surprised, because the two sisters did not use such kind of nasty words whenever they quarreled. I often thought that why they could not be agree with each other and made childish arguments. By the way, that night when I heard a new voice of bitter hisses, I was frightened. Then I understood that it was her mother. It made me more surprised. How was se scolding her? Did she do any mistake or bad work? What could she do? I was asking myself. Then my aunt stopped and I heard that my cousin was crying. That sound made me so sad and I felt sorry for her. At the same time, I found myself lucky, because my mother never scolded me like that. However, next night the same thing happened. That time I called my mother that she could explain me what was going on. She also was puzzled what was wrong between my cousin and her mother. Every morning I observed my cousin that there was any sign or expression of hurt, but I was surprised that she was hundred percent normal and enjoying everything.  Our relation was not so easy that we could ask them. Therefore, we heard them and tried to understand that there was anything worse to happen. After one or two week, that mysterious event stopped and I got relief. I noticed that they were quite easy with each other. I made a decision that I would not be okay as early as my cousin could. May be she loved her mother so much, that was why she forgot everything. I also forgot, but Lena reminded me about the unsolved mater.

on self-knowledge

In our reading writing course, we are reading various kinds of reading on various topics. For example, we read short stories like Unaccustomed earth,  and Our Perfect Summer, which are related wit real life, novel like Shahbanu and The Joy Luck Club, which show us the view of women’s inner and outer lives, pomes on various theme, and scientific and non-scientific essays.

Whatever I read, I loved Khalil Gibran’s poem most wonderful. I agree with Ms Fatema that really he is a universal poet. To be candid, I found it very critical at first time, but later I read it with more carefully and I felt that I learned something from it. I realized that there is an inner massage in his poem, though I did not get the 100%.

“On self-knowledge” is such a wonderful poem of Khalil Gibran. In this poem, he said that heart is the only thing, which can connect our body and mind; others limbs cannot do this. Therefore, heart is the source of self- knowledge and understanding. According to him, to discover the reason of life or the soul is the way of being wise. However, as human’s ability is limited, it is not possible to know or measure the unlimited truth and secrecy of life. Because, soul has own path and own world, it is not bound within human world. As a result, it is difficult for human to recognize it completely. However, as human get older, lives’ unrevealed truth began to reveal itself, by the tone of Khalil Gibran’s voice “The soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals.”

Really, this poem makes me thoughtful like why we are living life, what the purpose and so on. I get a decision that, the world’s life is not the end of human life and we will meet with the soul in its world after leaving visible earth.

Relation between mother and daughter

In “joy luck club” we are reading about mothers and their daughters. Every mother has a past and a present. Though their relation is universal, mother and daughter, but there are differences among their relations. For example, Jing-Mey and Suyuan’s relation and An-mei and Rose’s relations are not equal. Similarly, Ani-mei and popo, Lindo and her mom, and Ying-Ying and her mom, all have own pattern, background and present limitation between their mother-daughter relation. When they the mothers were daughter, they also used to think about self interest, but after being mother they always think about their daughter. Moreover, they think their daughters will be mothers one day. So they are willing to teach them how to be a mother, how much patience is necessary and how to hide own pain when a daughter neglect her mother. In joy luck club, we see that every mother wants to be close to their daughters. Indeed, it’s universal that, a mother is the closest person of a daughter and a daughter is the closest person of a daughter. Though they have different life style, education, ideas, it’s the mother who gives power to her daughter to have a better life than her, and it’s the daughter who inspires her mother to live long in the world with dignity.

In our practical life, we also have different dimensions in our relations with our mothers. We all feel very close to our mothers, when they take care of us, fulfill our wish, inspire and help us to reach our goals. Sometimes we think, for my mom I’m living in the world. However, when they don’t allow us to do as our wish, give advice or force to do something, we really get angry. We daughters think that, mother’s duty is taking care of us. We don’t think they are also human being, they also have own life, own story and above all the right to express themselves. We occasionally think about their life’s struggle.

My dear friends, I talked a lot. But my purpose is to inspire you to think individually about your mother. Think that we are the future mother and we are determined to change the world. So if today we don’t care about our mothers, we won’t be cared by our children. If today we feel board to hear our mother, how can we hear from all mother and women cross earth in the future? So, we should think that everyone’s have a story which influences his/her behavior. If we remove today’s boring, we can win the future.

my thought about ‘The giving Tree’

‘The Giving Tree’ is a poem which is so simple to understand as you don’t have to use your critical thinking skill! Moreover, it has no inner meaning that you would struggle to realize it! Everything is in front you, clear like a mirror where you can see your own reflection. Really, the poem helps me to think about selfishness of human being once again. Now, I want to describe the poem from two different points of view.

First, the image come to our mind that the tree is symbolizing a parent, mother or father, and the boy is his or her child. After reading the poem we realize that how true the theme is. Every human being is like the boy. A newly born child fully depends on his parents. They raise him with great love and care. They are always ready to fulfill their child’s life until their death. They never think that they won’t be reciprocated by their child. On the other hand, the child thinks that it’s his right to get all facilities he needs from his parents. Gradually he grows up and forgets about the sacrifice of his parents. He has no time to contact with parents or hears their words. But whenever he feels any lack in his life, he will come to his parents to help him. The parents will give him everything they have to live for the sake of their child. They are never sad for an ungrateful child. Instead, they are happy that their boy again comes to them. They only wish happy life of their child. We think that it’s the nature of human life. But I don’t think so. It’s the first duty of a child to look after his parents when he is adult. Only then he can be able to enjoy his life. Otherwise, he will get the same treatment from his children.

Second, if we consider the tree as nature and the boy as a human being, we see the same greedy nature of human. For their betterment humans use the nature brutally. They don’t think that nature is like mother. If they destroy the nature, they will not have another place to survive. Though they never grateful or conscious about Mother Nature, they have to come back to her. As the nature is as great as a mother to human, she will give shelter them until she has the ability. So, we should be aware of the prevention of nature. Otherwise, we cannot be able to live long in earth.

the fury of overshoes

When I read the poem “The Fury of Overshoes” by Anne Sexton, I felt that I wasn’t different from the speaker’s childhood. I think, in childhood everyone wants to be versatile like adults as he can’t manage everything himself. Actually, I was surprised after reading about the “wolf” under the bed, because in my childhood I was also scared of ghost, thieves and so on. Especially, at night I used to think that there were something under the bed and I couldn’t sit on the reading table. I thought that if I went there, a ghost, black shadow or man would come. In the evening I always asked my mom to give me books, drinks and so on. Without my mom I never got down from the bed. Sometime I wanted to be sure that there was anything or not under the bed, but I hadn’t had the dear to check under the bed. I hardly went to the toilet at night as from someone I heard that ghost stayed there. To be candid, in my childhood I was fond of ghost stories and my father was a great storyteller. Not only I but also other kids used to come to my father to hear stories. Once my father told such a frightening story that I couldn’t sleep 2 week. Then my mother took me to a pious person who gave me ‘tabij” to remove frighten. Another day I saw thief and cried for help. My mother came and found that there was nothing. One day I watched horror movie with my cousin and when I went to bed, I was watching ghosts’ images in the dark. Then I used to keep on light whole night and sleep. My parents were upset about me. That I thought, when I would be adult, I would check under the bed and bathroom and fight with the evil things. When I grew up, I started to think logically that in the world, there is nothing like ghost. I am much stronger than the childhood to underestimate the “ghost” gossip, and I think why people are frightened of those thinks. How smart I am!! (shssss… I’m telling only you that till now I’m afraid of ghosts, black shadows, thieves, black magic, wizard and…….) do you want to listen more?

When I started reading “Little Prince” I thought that it’ll be a funny story. However, when I finished it, I felt sad for the narrator pilot and for little prince. I think I could feel the pain of the narrator when  the little prince left him. I also understand that there was no way for little prince to stay in earth with his friends. This story reminds me one of my saddest memories. When I was in 2nd grade, one day a new girl got admitted in my class. She sat beside me and we were friend from the first day. After some days we were so close that we couldn’t pass a single moment without each other. We read, played, sang, and roamed together. I really loved her as she was so polite, understanding and patient. I used to go her home every day and share my sorrows and happiness with her. Like little prince she didn’t express herself much. As I was immature, I couldn’t understand that she also had deep pain in her heart. I didn’t know that her father would not live anymore and without him she, her siblings and her mother had no support to maintain their family. Also I didn’t know that her mother would live in her father’s home, she would go  her uncle’s home and her other two sisters would live in aunts house in separate places. When her father died, she told me that she and family were leaving. I couldn’t believe myself! I started crying and asked her how I could contact with her. Then she told that she didn’t’ know where she would be because everything was uncertain in their life after her father’s death. Then she left her friends, school, and me. After that I try to remember the greatest moments we passed, but I remember everything and can’t help myself but crying. I don’t know where is she, how is she, and how does she look like. The pilot also doesn’t know about the little prince. Actually, we have nothing to do, but wait, if one day our beloved person will come again. I am also waiting if my best friend come back…….


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