In the chapter “Wrath” of the autobiography of Vasant Moon, we get to know that Ambedkar and his followers somehow tried to oppose the Quit India movement against British headed by Mahatma Ghandi by telling Hindus to enter the British army, demanding an independent country, and many others (102).

I believe that Ambedkar and his followers were right to demand for their rights. They had right to fight for their position in society, but as soon as I read about their opposition to the Quit India movement, I felt that it was wrong time to fight for their position. I think it was the time when they need to be together so that they first could get freedom from British government. It was fortunate that they got freedom from the British government at that time. I think it was quite possible that British government could trick on their politics, and let them fight with each other rather than setting them free from their control. I am not a politician to interfere in the decision of great politicians, but I think they should have been together when Congress party was fighting for the freedom of India.

Some may think that if Ambedkar and his followers had accompanied Congress that time, they would not have gained their own country as Pakistan. It is true that they gained separate country in which they made their own policy. However, we can’t forget the terrible war between two countries which lasted for several years, some may believe that the war was certain even they had not demand for the separate country at that time, but I believe if they had worked together for certain period of time, they would have solved their problem through negotiation rather than breaking up into the war.

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