Without Women, Men are Also Nothing

After reading “Religion and Gender”, I really felt bad. To be candid, it was really depressing to know all sorts of discrimination against women. The contemporary society, laws, our family has been giving importance to male than female. Now that I knew, religion has played a vital role in discriminating women, I feel somewhat bad. I am sad thinking that the religion on which I have this
much faith and the religion that I have been following by accepting its every rule, itself has been discriminating me. People’s tendency to discriminate based on sex and gender is somewhat understandable, but knowing that this predominant patriarchic society was in existence from the era of gods and goddesses is really frustrating. Even knowing that women are the creator, how can they be considered inferior? Is it because the male partners are needed to fertilize any woman? Then if men are asked to give birth to a child themselves, would it be possible? The prominent answer would be “NO!”  If men and women both need each other to continue the mankind then why should only women be underestimated?

I felt indignant after learning that women are considered as a sinful body, whereas men are taken as pure soul. Its right that body needs soul to be alive then what is the identity of soul that has no body? Can soul be seen? If so then why would we all human beings are associated with this physical body even though we have soul? Moreover, only body is seen, there is a proof of existence of body but where is the proof of existence of any soul? Have anyone seen it? If looking from this point of view then body should be ranked at higher position than soul. It’s really not justice to female when the creators are female, those nurturing are women and those who teach men how to live socially are female. Atleast females should be given the respect they deserve. In absence of one, either male or female, mankind can’t be possible. They both need to cooperate with each other and should have due respect for each other.

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