What Religion Means For Me

Why do you pray to someone whose existence itself is a question of doubt? Once, one of my uncles had asked that questions to me.  For many nights I thought about that question. Thinking about the answer, many other questions also came into my mind. What is the purpose of religion? What benefit do I get from it? As I read the article “The Anthropological View of Religion,” I have found that the answers I came up with for those questions are quite similar to that article. Therefore, in this last blog entry, I want to share my views towards religion.

For me religion is a ray of hope. Through religion I always get hope to think for a better future. Doesn’t matter how bad the situation is, I always think that there is someone up there who will eventually pull me out from that problem. When all the hopes are shattered, it is only religion and my believe that hold me strong.

It helps me to keep faith: faith that purifies my senses and consciousness, faith that pacifies the feeling of vengeance inside me. For example, whenever I find out that somebody has done something wrong to me or I have been betrayed, I keep calm and tell myself that Allah always punishes wrong doers. Then, I no more feel any anger or hatred.

Religion is a process for me to learn to be a good human. It teaches me all the good attributes of a ideal human being. It motives me to be a better person. It restricts me from doing any wrong thing since I believe I will be punished for my wrong deeds in my afterlife. At the same time, it also motivates me to do good things so that I will get heaven in my afterlife.

Religion teaches me the method of having control on myself and on my surroundings. When I pray, I feel as if Allah is watching me and blessing me. Therefore, I feel a certain sense of peace inside me that tells me that I can control my destiny and fate as long as I am under the bless of Allah. So, I no more feel worried or confused or concern about my present or future.

Therefore, for me religion is the bright light that shows me my way in the middle of a dark obscure jungle. As long as I am under the brightness of that light, I can find my way and I feel safe, sound, and peaceful.


2 Responses to What Religion Means For Me

  1. ansadhikari says:

    Hey Rokshana,
    I am really glad to hear such beautiful things about your religion. My exposure to Islam religion has been very little, and after reading your blog post, I have found many important aspects of Muslim religion. I mostly like the methods and strategies that you have mention that was taught by your religion. Each and every religion has the same view points just their interpretation is different. However, your thorough writing has increased the richness of your religion.
    Once again, I feel very good to read all about your religion and the things it has taught to Islam community.
    Good night,

  2. tausifa says:

    Dear Roksana,
    Thanks for your nice rationale for supporting your religion. I also feel same elation when I pray to Allah. My religion Islam is the only thing that helps me to dream and to do good for the mankind. It is religion that helps us to live in spite of extreme sufferings. I sometimes think, if there were no religion I would commit suicide. Therefore, my religious belief is the best thing that pacifies my burning heart.

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