The Healing System in Nepal and My Response

In the article “THE SOCIAL SYMBOLISM OF HEALING IN NEPAL” the researcher Stacy Leign Pigg describes the relation between traditional and western healing system and the development of the country. People have a deep faith on traditional treatments and healers as they believe in supernatural power, witchcraft, and ghosts. Moreover, over time the western treatment such as modern medicine, surgery, and clinics are taking place country wide. Though rural people tend to use the ancient system more than urban people, it exists both in cities and villages. However, the access of western system symbols the development of the nation.

While reading the book, I felt so connected with the topic as the image of Bangladesh is quite similar. In Bangladesh both urban and rural people have superstitious believe and they greatly depend on tradition healing system. Though those methods are not scientific, it cures people more than mentally than physically. However, people are much aware about modern treatment nowadays and they try their best to be cured scientifically and quickly. But they cannot quit the thought of traditional healing system. For example, in childhood, when I had a long term fever and it was taking time to be cured, my mother took me to a religious person called “Huzur” and I was given water, which was specialized by his chant, and amulets with religious words. That kinds of thing happened with me lots of time even though I grew up in town. I cannot abstain myself from telling two story about my two grand mothers.

First, my mother’s mom in village, who has a strange diseases and it has not been cured by any kind of medicine. She takes both modern and traditional medicine with the hope that once any of them will work for her. It happens like that she is taking modern medicine prescribed by well known doctors, but after some weeks she feds up. Then, she will go to the traditional ways. Though most of the traditional healers are rural and have very strange or unscientific ways of healing, it works for her! She feels very good and healthy, but again it does not work long time. She has to take her previous medicine or go to doctors again. It’s clear that the traditional healers increase her mental confidence, but it cannot cure anything completely. Still she is trying to be cured with both methods as she is the sufferer.

Second, my father’s mom in town, who is so healthy and strong till now and suffers from leg pain only. She usually does not believe in traditional healing system and always consult with doctors. As it is a problem of old age, she has never been cured completely. However, once a stranger woman come to our home and influenced he that she could cure my grandmother’s problem in he own way. My grandmother believed that and told the woman to come next day. As a result, next morning, she came to our house collecting grass, paddy, and some other beans. Then she asked my grandmother to give sugar, salt and seed oil. After that she asked her to give a gold ornament and a silver ornament in a glass of water. My grandmother came to ask me for a silver ornament as she had only gold chain. I felt curiosity and went to her room to see what was going on there. The woman was arranging all those things that time. Seeing me she was annoyed and asked me to leave the room. I was surprised what secret activities were going to be held there. However, I left quietly. At the noon, my grandmother cried out suddenly and we ran to her and found that the women replaced her gold chain with an imitation one. My grandmother did not understand when she did this. We all were shocked by the extraordinary healing method.


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