Some Misinterpreted Religious Stories

Patriarchal society is one of the predominant attributes of Bangladesh. In order to subjugate women, this society misinterprets religious doctrine and concepts. There are many religious stories that are misinterpreted by the society to restrain women from their noble work. I am going to share two stories that are misinterpreted by the society.

My grandmother told me that it is written in hadith that once a woman came to Prophet Muhammad’s (s.a.a.w.) house. She complained to him that her husband had slapped her and asked Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.) what she should do in response. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.) advised her to retaliate to him. No sooner had he advised it, message came from Allah telling that girls can’t hit boys even if boys hit them. It means that Islam have prohibited girls from reciprocating boys in the same way boys do. I was skeptic about the credibility of the story. I asked my grandmother in which hadith she found it. She said she heard it from her mother. She couldn’t tell me the name of that hadith. This is may be a misinterpret message of Islam because it seems to me that some information has been omitted from the message. How far I have known Islam has given equal respect to both male and female. Hence, I think this story is changed to show that women should be dominated by men. 

Recently I have heard a story from one of my friends when I told her that I don’t believe Allah has created women to test men if they can escape women’s allurement. She told me that during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.), a man was passing the street when he looked at a certain woman and the woman at him. Then, the devil whispered to both of them that they looked at each other only because they liked one another. The man kept walking at the side of a wall, while he was looking at her. As a result, another wall hit him and his nose was split. He furiously said, “I swear, I won’t wash the blood till I tell Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.) what happened to me!” He went to him and told him his story. The prophet said in reply, “This was the punishment for your guilt.” It means that if any harm is done to men then it would be done by women. That’s why women should not be given any importance, or else they might seduce men. Thus, according to this patriarchal society, women should be confined to home. However, my friend couldn’t tell where this story is written since she heard it from her grandmother. Hence, I think this is also a deliberately misinterpreted story established to suppress women.

Therefore, I believe there isn’t actually any base of such kind of misinterpreted messages in Islam. Our ancestors had established these messages to dominate women. That’s why; such stories pass from generation to generation without containing any evidence.



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