Religion is Patriarchy

      After reading the article “Religion and Gender,” I didn’t find any difference between religion and patriarchy. The main perception of a patriarchal belief is to make women submissive to men; similarly, all of the world’s major religions including Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism are based on patriarchal beliefs where women are considered to be inferior to men, and where women are symbolized by a body with no spirit.

     This article makes me think, is god really biased? Sometimes, I also think, is god a male? Why do god’s rules always try to suppress women? In Islam, a perfect woman has to obey her husband and perform household chores; in Hinduism, women can never be the owner of their father’s property; in Buddhism, women are considered as impure than men, and in Christianity, women’s have no voice even in the church. How ridiculous it is! All these religious doctrines are designed to dominant women. I become very frustrated thinking all of these things. Religious is a sensitive part of a culture. Personally, I have a strong faith in my religion, but reading and thinking of all these things, my mind fills with confusion. I am afraid thinking that women are not even considered as human beings; it seems that humanness is only associated with men.

       However, I’ve got my answer from the feminist study of religion. How can it be possible that every religion undermines women’s positions? Yes, it’s possible because years after years only the men have interpreted the religious doctrines. No woman has ever tried to analyze about religions, but they have only been practicing religious rituals without even thinking what they are doing. Therefore, the men misinterpreted the religious principles to establish their patriarchal beliefs. Thus, women are being dominant by men in the society. Today, we see in every step of life, patriarchy tries to constrict women development giving references from religions. Therefore, god is not biased nor a male, but the men interpreters are biased who make women gullible. It’s the time to come forward to analyze our own religions, thereby establishing them as the epitomes of equality in the world. All educated women should study their own religious doctrines to delete the lies and establish the truths in the society.






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