A Protest in My Previous School

          The last few chapters of the autobiography Growing Up Untouchable in India talks about the violence and protests that happened in India. In those chapters, Moon described about the movements and fights between Hindus and Mahars. He also said that many houses were destroyed due to the riot. Moreover, very few students went to schools, so some schools were closed. While reading these chapters, I remembered a protest that happened in my previous school. The protest was very violent, and many things were destroyed. Our schools also closed in the protest. I want to share that incident with you.

          I was studying in a governmental residential school, and I was in ninth standard. At that time all senior boys of the school wanted to make some changes in the school policy. For example, they didn’t like food of dining hall, so they want better food etc. However, the changes could not happen because of some reasons and teachers’ ignorance. Therefore, in the month of August in 2007, all boys started to make plans for the strike. On an evening, few of the radical boys threw stones in windows of teacher’s residence, and broke some benches of the classrooms. As time elapsed, the number of protesters increased. Around ten p.m. at night, they all assemble at the boys’ basket ball ground and started to scream and throw stone on windows. Because my house was situated in the second floor, so they couldn’t able to do harm to the windows of that house. Still, we were really scared. At that night, not any girls went to take dinner in the dining hall; however, at midnight, our house mistress took us to dining hall. When we were going to take food, some boys tried to throw stones on us, but, fortunately, no one of us got injured. After a while, when situation reached into an absolutely unbearable condition, our principal sir called to the police. Around 400 military officers came to protect the school and to alleviate the anger of the boys. However, they couldn’t make them quiet, so one of the members of the police fired three times in air. We are watching everything from the windows. By hearing the sound of bullet, some girls of standard six started to cry, so we make them understand that nothing was going to happen. However, the boys were really very adamant, and the firing in the air didn’t work on them. Laslty, somehow, they went to their house. In the morning, media people also came to our school along with some civil officers. At that time, the school was not look like a school. A number of police and media people were roaming around the campus. Those days are really very critical days for the school. It destroyed the environment of study because all teachers were very furious and didn’t want to take classes.

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