Pigeon and Freedom

What should be one’s limit of freedom? Can we draw a line of
limit for freedom though? Is it possible?

Consciously and subconsciously we all get freedom. Some
people can get more freedom than others, but if we abuse our level of freedom,
then what will happen?

In the chapter 15 of the autobiography Growing Up Untouchables in India, Vasant Moon metaphorically shows what
will be the consequence if one get excessive freedom. He uses pigeons as a
metaphor that when they cross their limit of flying up on the sky they have
been attacked by a falcon. Here falcon is the metaphor for destructive consequence
of getting over-freedom.

I remember one memory of mine. Once I told my father to give
me some money. He gave me some more money than what amount I actually want. I asked
my father why he gave me some more money. In reply, he just told me to keep
that money. If I needed that money later, I would spend it. I asked my father
why you trusted me whether there was a possibility to spend that money for
nothing. My father just told me that “I know. You won’t do it.” I realized that
my father draw a limit of spending the money by showing his trust toward me. However,
his trust is hidden. If I do not ask, I will never realize it in that way. However,
many friends of mine were given an unnecessary amount of allowance in daily
basis and they just waste that money to eat in restaurant or something like
that. They had freedom of spending that money, and they just did it without any
pragmatic sense. Later their parents understood the fact and decrease the
allowance. It made them angry with their parents because it was an interruption
to spend their money with freedom.

Furthermore, in our country, some parents give their
children unnecessary freedom to stay outside till late-night. They even know
what their sons are doing. After some months, they just notice that their sons
become drug-addicted. It is the destructive consequence of giving limitless

I have been deeply moved by the incident that described in
that autobiography. It just simply portrays that what consequence probably will
be if one get freedom and misuse it. This is a lesson for all of us.

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