Patriarchy is a society ruled by men and they have the sole power in making decisions. So far, I have experienced the control of patriarchy neither in my family nor in my school. My blog is mainly focused on the comparison of patriarchal experience between my friend Tasnia Symoon and myself. When I interviewed her last time, she said that she experienced patriarchy in several aspects of her life. In her family, her father is the one who made the decisions. Moreover, in her schools, most of her teachers were males especially the headmasters. Conversely, in my family, both my mother and father have equal right to make the right decision. Both provide suggestions and take whichever is more beneficial to our family. Also, from my elementary schools to high schools, I had studied under both male and female teachers. We have equal proportion of male and female teachers as well.
In Bhutan, no such thing called patriarchy and matriarchy exists. As long as we have the ability, a woman can become a leader, and if she doesn’t have the ability, she can land up somewhere else. Also, the same goes with men. Our entire accomplishment depends upon our qualifications, academic marks, and other necessary attributes. In the schools, I didn’t face any inequality as a girl. None of the boys dominated the environment. We had free access to every corners of the territory. However, Tasnia said that she can go outside her home, but it is not always secure.
Tasnia asserted that although she lives in a patriarchal society, she doesn’t feel any sense of inferiority. Also, she believes that it is good to have her father as the head of her family. Her father treats the children and her mother lovingly and affectionately, so she doesn’t have any negative notion about it. However, she is not happy with the fact that most schools were controlled by male principals. She raised the question why can’t a woman be the headmistress of the school? She said that woman can also do like men.
Tasnia concluded my interview by saying that both men and women are human beings, we share the same community, and we all are special in our own ways. So let us all broaden our minds leaving behind those stereotypical views about the distinctions between men and women. She ended saying all women are capable to participate in the society.


One Response to Patriarchy

  1. tasnia says:

    Dear Dankar, I did not know before discussing and taking your interview that there can be any society or family where both men and women are equal. In our country, males are dominant as they are the only earning members of the families. In your country, are all female and male are self-dependent? and that’s why do they both prule in the society and family?

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