Islam and Women Rights

The reading “Religion and Gender” points some important discrimination regarding religion and gender.  However, I would like to point out some right that Islam has given to women.  I am not going to mention about the other religions because I don’t know much about them regarding this issue.

Firstly, the religion Islam was given to the human kind in situation where people in the Arab countries were burying their new born baby girls alive or dead.  Islam strongly opposed this habit, and it encouraged the parents who give  birth to baby girls and nurture then by saying who ever parents give birth to three or more girls and nurture then properly will deserver heaven.

Secondly, Islam has given the right to a girl to choose her own husband.  She does not have to obey with the wedding proposal that her parents brought if she does not like that.  She has the right to say frankly whom she likes to marry and whom not to.

Thirdly, although divorce is the thing that Allah hates the most among the ones he accepted to do, he has given equal right for women similar to men.  Therefore, if a woman does not like her husband, then she is free to divorce him.  She neither deserves any bad treatments from her husband nor does she deserver dishonors from her society. 

Finally, I would like to mention the priority that Islam has given to education and no matter whether that’s a girl or a boy.  Both of them deserve education.  Islam says that education is a lost property of a Muslim and hence, we have to search for that.  It does not show any discrimination in any of these regards.

To sum up, these are some important issues that I thought of mentioning in the blog.  However, there are some superstitions like girl should not study and they should not go to mosque are not in the religious rules.  I don’t say we must go to mosque, but I can say that we can go to mosque, I go.  I think the rights that are given in my religion, Islam, is more than enough for me and perhaps to anybody else to lead a peaceful and trouble less life.

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