A Tragedy Named Religion

This week we read a lot about women in the eyes of religion. As it was stated in The Phenomenon of Religion: A Thematic Approach written by Momen Moojan, religion have had both positive and negative effects on women’s lives. On one hand, religion has given women the right of ownership and good association with wisdom (442). On the other side, religion has suppressed women morally and socially (436-9).
It was one of my great concerns that why Islam, has given women less freedom or to say it better, less value. Since I have started to think of having a religion or thinking of a pattern for my lifestyle, I have been wondering about Islam, the religion, which is famous for its strictness and ignoring human rights. I used to hear it all the time that in Islam, it is discouraged to counsel with women or that women cannot hold the position of leadership since their logic and wisdom is less than men’s logic. I had heard a lot of disappointing ideas about Islam and the position of women from its point of view until I read Moojan’s book and his saying that one of the reasons for negative connotation of religion and women is men. According to Moojan, it was the selfishness of some men, who changed the concepts of some religions or twisted the texts as they wanted (433-4). Similarly, some Quran interpreters and their old and prejudiced viewpoints have played an important role to taint the face of Islam in front of humans.
Today that I was surfing on the internet looking for more information about the role of women in Islam that I found an article that made me more hopeful about religion, that here is Islam.MUhammad Fazlullah, in his article “Islam and Women’s Role” says that it is the misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the Quran and Islam that has deprived women from their rights in society and family.
In this article, Muhammad Fazlullah, had written about the surah 27:33 and 34 that God says about the land whose ruler is a woman. In this part, God not only doesn’t blame men for counseling with women but also he describes her cleverness and logical way of doing her work. Moreover, God has named one of the surahs by the name of Mary, Jesus’ Mother. Islam had been the religion of supporting women and not suppressing them. What Islam has stated in the Quran and what Muslims are following as the Quran’s orders are so confusing.

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