A Letter to All of You!!!

 Dear All,

An academic year is reaching its end. During this year, we have experienced and shared happy and unhappy memories with each other. It is high time to look back to the past and reminisce about these beautiful days so that we can understand our luck and have more zeal and stamina to overcome obstacles that are awaiting us in the future.

In the first days in the Asian University for Women, everything was new and strange to almost all of us. At that time, we were like small birds that flew to the sky with innocent eyes and weak wings. We found it difficult to adapt to the new environment. Sometimes, we felt upset to encounter with different people about whom we hadn’t thought before, hear different languages about which we hadn’t known before, and taste different kinds of food that we imagined before. Sometimes, the nostalgia was so strong that we felt remorseful and endeavored to escape. However, like Vasant Moon’s community, everything has changed as time elapses. If today Moon’s community is named after Anandnagar, “Happy City” (176), in AUW’s community we are named after “AUW’s students.” If today fields in Moon’s vasti disappear, the segregation and gaps between nations, complexion, and knowledge in AUW’s community are also dispelled. If today concrete houses in Moon’s community are built everywhere (Ibid.), friendship and solidarity are spread in every corner in AUW’s environment. And if Moon’s community is the crackle of notable people such as Devidas Khaparde, Jogendra Kavade (175), AUW is the garden for leaders in the future by preparing for us knowledge about various aspects.

Maybe, Vasant Moon’s community can be forgotten as time passes, but hope that memories in this year will never be obscured in our minds. Hope that the images of pigeons that are the symbol of loyalty and peace will still be in our minds so that we will be responsible for friends whom we have “tamed.” Lastly, hope that friends who will go back your countries will have a nice vacation with your loved ones. Besides, hope that friends who will stay in AUW can savor a wonderful holiday in this foreign country. And remember the fact that we are still friends whether we see each other again.


Tram Pham

2 Responses to A Letter to All of You!!!

  1. iratahmid says:

    Dear Tram,
    Your experience is like my experience. After coming here I get lots of new friends from different countries that I had never imagined before. I learn new thing from different countries’ cultures. Like you I am very happy to come here.

  2. auwpriyanka says:

    Dear Tram,
    It is a wonderful response. Yes, you are very true. It has been almost one year that we have been together in AUW. Leaving everything behind, we came in this strange place , hoping to make our niche. Hence, now we are like a family and ofcourse, we are feeling really bad to leave our AUW and return to our homes.

    Similar to Moon, we have gone through many changes here in terms of our lifestyles as well as perceptions. However, all these beautiful memories that we have shared will always remain in our hearts, no matter where will we be the next year.

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