A Letter from Bangladesh

Dear Nazneen,

My dear wife, I hope you are doing well in your work and having a good time with my daughters. Finally, I reach in my own village and I am well. I can’t explain how I am feeling after returning my mother land. Everything has been changed. Streets, cities and people are totally amended. However, one thing doesn’t change which is love of my relatives. Here everyone welcome me warmly. For them, I am a man of esteem. You know, they all are asking me about you, Shahana and Bibi. Today I have lots of fun. I walk through the paddy fields, gossip with my old friends and swim in the river with little children as I did in my childhood.

I want to tell you that I know you love Karim. I didn’t tell you, but I noticed pleasure in your eyes when you look at Karim. Your love for him makes you indifferent about me. At first I think I’ll bring you in Bangladesh, so you can forget him. However, then I think that is not fair. Till now I never let you speak up your own hopes; only throw my decisions on you which is not right. It is time to live your own life.

I think, I am not a good husband and never express my love to you. I understand that because of our age gap, a wall creates between us. Therefore, even though we live together, we never come closer to each other. This experience teaches me a good lesson. Now, I have decided not to marry off my daughters at an early age. They will choose their own husbands.

Nazneen, you need to know that you are not an ordinary village girl; you are a gift of god. I apologize for realizing it so lately. Your heart has strength to take your own decisions and your eyes have confidence to accomplish your desires accurately. Now I am an old man and done with my life, but you have your whole life. Nazneen, you are free from all pressure. You can do whatever you wish for. Even you can marry Karim if you want.

ALastly, give my love to my daughters and no need of coming here. If you would like to stay there, you can. I will visit you when I get time.

Your Chanu


About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

2 Responses to A Letter from Bangladesh

  1. My Dear Husband, Chanu:
    How are you?
    I am really sorry about the fact that I betrayed you. However, I am happy that at last you understand me. Since I came from the villlage, you have never given me any chance to express my wishes and desire, but as I respect your ideas and decisions, I have never said anything about my desire to you. I won’t marry to Karim because you are still my husband and I love you. It doesn’t matter how old you are. I wish you best of luck for your life in Bangladesh. I hope that you will come soon. Shahana and Bibi always ask about you.
    eagerly waiting for your letters

  2. vythai says:

    Dear Iffat,
    Your blog is so great, so creative. You open a brighter future for a world without discrimination against women, early and arranged marriage. How good your intention is! I love and hope that all people will realize this in the near future. Then, the importance of freedom will escalate soon. Really, I love the character Chanu who is a good father and husband. Hope that all men in the world would follow his manners,

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