My Favorite Character from Vasant Moon’s autobiography, Growing Up Untouchables in India

While reading Vasant Moon’s autobiography Growing Up Untouchables In India, I really admired Vasant Moon’s mother’s character. Moon portrayed his mother as a very determined, dedicated, and diligently working woman.

Although, her husband ruined her married life, she didn’t waive her hope to live a better life. She left her husband taking full responsibilities to look after two children. At first, she relied on her father; however, her life was shattered after his death. Her father’s property was all conquered by her ruthless half brother. Many women suggested her to go back to her husband’s house. However, she didn’t listen to anyone; instead she started to wonder around many different places in quest of job. She knew that she, a mahar woman, will not get a job in Brahamans’ houses located around her house due to caste system in Hindu religion, which considers Brahaman as highest caste and “Dalit,” untouchables as lowest (22). Still then she didn’t alter her mind. She was confident enough to feed her children by herself no matter whatever circumstances she face. She persevered looking for a job even though she earned only one or two rupees per day. Moreover, she didn’t deter her son from continuing his education. Moon tends to divulge about his mother’s hope and determination when he say “Our economic situation was very bad because mother has no regular work. But she never left the vasti….” (52). I thought that in a society, where there is caste discrimination, It’s very hard for a woman especially from a poor background to look after her children due to many reasons. However, Moon’s mother changed my thoughts.

I also really appreciated her good attributes when she said “…I will go hungry, but I will not steal. I may die of hunger but not lay my hands on anyone else’s goods…” (75). It’s because this few lines clearly portrays her honesty, and purity.  Over all, I liked the way Moon has described his mother and I like her characters the most from his autobiography.


One Response to My Favorite Character from Vasant Moon’s autobiography, Growing Up Untouchables in India

  1. phamtram says:

    Hey Dorji Om,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. I understand that for everyone, his or her mother is the best. However, do you think Vasant Moon was biased when talking about his mother? Moreover, do you think that she was easy to find a job because of her determination, not her father’s glory, ? Besides, was it good to lose her job just because she wanted to show her good attributes? Was she really concerned about her children? It was inevitable that if she lost her job, she wouldn’t have money. If she wouldn’t have money, her children would suffer from hunger. What do you think?

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