The Story of a Bengali Settler

It was thirty-five years back when Momin Ali started for England to ensure the financial security of his family. Then there was pain of leaving his beloved family in Bangladesh, but hope for doing something for the sake of that family. There were lots of dreams in his mind when he left his country. He had a beautiful picture in his eyes of his green country, and he was crying……….
In England, Momin Ali got a work in a garments factory. He worked hard every day. Sometimes he did overtime to earn more money to send to his family because his family was dependent on his earning. There was no entertainment for him but chitchatting with his fellow roommates in the lodging house where he lived. His twenty-four hours were passed by working at daytime and missing his family at night time. He wanted to expand his income level. For that he intended to save some money. After two years he saved a satisfying amount of money to start a new business in his own. He planned to start an “Indian” restaurant where he served the sub-continental spicy dishes. His restaurant soon got huge popularity among the community and he became rich. That time he wanted to bring his family in the England. He requested his whole family to come there. However, his mother did not want to come in a foreign country. She just wanted to live and die in her own country. With all respect to his mother’s decision, Momin Ali brought his wife in England.
After thirty-five years……………………
Momin Ali returned his country after his mother’s death. His mother was the only root that connected him with his country intangibly. It was his mother’s death which made him back in his country after thirty-five years. He noticed a lot of changes in his village. People gathered to see him. They told him their sufferings. Momin Ali missed the sweet dish payesh which his mother cooked very well. He became nostalgic. He thought that there was no one who cared him from far away where he lived now. The root was cut. It was after thirty-five years when Momin Ali was crying again………………

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