Which One Is the Reason for the Faded Friendly Communications?

“Today, if you were to ask anyone on the streets to show you the direction they’d probably deliberately show you the wrong way” (Gardner). It is what some old Bengali migrants believed as it was reported in the “Narrating Location”. While reading the text, I started thinking about the reason of the change in their perception of the new generation. Is it their view that has changed or it is the society that has turned in a different manner? What is the reason that most people have lost their patience, passions and the sense of responsibility toward others? I came to this point that since the life styles have changed and made people hide themselves behind their text messages, their emails, their E-cards and avatar in their electronic accounts, they are not eager to show their respect and kindness directly. They are not willing to open their heart and offer their passion to others who need them. I believed that life in high buildings with glittering glasses and speedy cars have engrossed people so profoundly that they have forgotten the humanity. Well, if it was true, it could be a calamity for the society and for humanity. However, my teacher and friends’ idea about this topic was different. It alleviated my concerns. What our teacher, Ms. Fatema said was that when people get old, they naturally think the same, they would think that whatever they had in the past was better than what they have now. It means that it is not the society that has changed but the perception of individuals of the society. I agree with this idea too, because I have seen how elders complain about children’s disrespectful behavior toward elders, youths’ carelessness toward their responsibilities, parents’ evading from taking care of their children themselves and even the taste of food. In most of cases, elders claim that all of these things were better in the past, children used to respect more, youths were conscientious and food was tastier. Sometimes, the memories and description of some kinds of fruit or food explained by elders would lure me so much that I wish for some of them. I used to believe in this idea too. But until when I learnt about getting old and the easing time of senses and emotions. I understood that when humans get old, the abilities such as sight, hearing and others get weaker. Consequently, they think it is the tastes, people or others who have changed. It is a scientifically proved idea; as a result, I think I should believe in this idea too. However, still none of these ideas could convince me for accepting the diminishing friendly communications.

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