What does a Hairstyle tell about a Person.

Everyone of us has our own way of keeping our hair. Some have their hair tightly pulled back, whereas some have their hair untangled. No matter in which style people keep their hair, we always presume certain notion about that person.

Firstly, if a person has highlighted or colored hair, we have the blatant thought that the person belonged to a rich family. This is because hair cosmetics are usually expensive in all the places I know so far. Also, we tend to assume that the person is very stylish. This is because most people dye their hair with different colors in order to make themselves look punk or look attractive. Secondly, if a person keeps her hair tightly tangled, we believe that she is a very well- organized person. This is because most girls are being distracted by our hair while working. Sometimes while doing any kind of work, our hair falls over our face and distracts our concentration. In order to prevent from being diverted from their work because of their hair, they tie it. Also, having their hair tightly pulled back symbolises cleanliness. They look very neat and hygenic when their hair is tied. For this reason, girls student in Bhutan are made compulsory to tie their hair while going to school. Thirdly, if a peron changes her hairstyle daily, then we speculate that she is a inconsistent person. Just like her changing hairstyle, her character and behavior also chages. I don’t know how far it is true, but I heard from my friends that when a person changes her hairstyle, her behavior ,way of thinking, and personality also changes.

In Bhutan, people in the past had certain culture of keeping their hair. Men kept short hair no matter whether he is a farmer or an officer. However, for women, some office goers kept long hair, whereas farm workers kept their hair short. Nontheless, with changing time, people leave behind the culture and tend to cross the boundaries. Presently, both men and women, in order to live updated with fashion, keep their hairstyles in different designs. For example, some boys keep their hair long, which was not practiced in the past. Conversly, some women keep their hair short no matter wether she is a farmer, a student,or office goers. Some curl their hair while some straighten their hair. Therefore, I would say that no matter in which style or design we keep our hair, it always symbolizes something like the hairstyles that symbolised wealth, gender, sex, and marital status in the article “Symbolism of Hairslyle in Korea and Japan” by Na-Young Choi.

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